Lucidity Challenge 45 - Winner - Thorn!

^ Well, I may have secretly been wanting a 10 point “honesty bonus” that’ll never come. :smile:

Had a long LD last night. I raged and smashed something, picked a lock, and defended a DC.

Drd is leading the pack once more… will he win three lucid challenges in a row?
Latest Scores

You have a little extra time as I’m going to be late back from work this evening. New tasks and team advantage will be calculated at 7pm GMT, so post any current task completions now for them to be included in the calculation.

Probably, but he never wants to host, so the LC’s just become a competition for second place. :tongue:

Here is a medium-length LD I had this morning with no tasks accomplished, although throughout all of my dreams I kept brushing up against task concepts and personal goals without actually completing them.

The action team wins this week and gets an extra sub-task.

Action 5 tasks / 4 members = 1.25 completions per member
Adventure 2 tasks / 4 members = 0.5 completions per member
Puzzle 1 tasks / 1 member = 1 completions per member
Current Standings

  1. drd (370)
  2. Thorn (280)
  3. Letaali (220)
  4. Mew151, Scipio Xaos (200)
  5. James_uk2008 (80)
  6. Stari_maga, Hodge_Podge (50)
  7. squoak, Loah 0 (INACTIVE)

Week 3 - Superhuman

Ah comics. If you’ve ever daydreamed about which mutant power you’d love to have, raise your hand… How many school lessons did I idle away imaging stopping time, teleporting, flying? How many exams did I sit through wishing I could read the smart kid’s thoughts? The answer, as you probably guessed, is a lot. I’m sure everyone has had these kind of dreams before, but that doesn’t make them any less fun.

THE FLASH: Run superhumanly fast. On foot. No vehicles for this one. 20 points.
SHADOWCAT: Phase through a solid object. Why bother opening a door when you can walk through it? 30 points.

HULK: Throw a car or large vehicle. This is about strength not psychokinesis/telekinesis. It doesn’t have to be a vehicle - anything of that size and weight, or bigger. Impress me. Because HULK IS STRONGEST THERE IS! 30 points.
ICEMAN: Freeze the ground and skate on it. Are you too cool for school? Prove it. 40 points.

PROFESSOR X: Use telepathy on a DC. Find out what they’re thinking, send them a message or warn them about something. If you’re feeling evil, you could implant a suggestion. 30 points.
BLACK WIDOW: Go undercover to infiltrate a gang or organisation. Pretend to be a member of an evil organisation or gang. Earn their trust and then destroy them from inside their own ranks. 40 points.

IRON MAN: Fly with technological assistance. Iron Man’s suit or repulsors, jet pack, rocket boots, Falcon’s metal wings. Standard airplane or fighter jet. 30 points.
ANT MAN: Shrink yourself to the size of an insect. Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? Now is the time! 40 points.

Team Dreams

SUPERHERO - Choose an evil comic book supervillain or organisation to fight. Need help to take the bad guy down? Summon a team mate for the fight to earn double points. Here’s a list of supervillains to get you thinking. (No, ‘the LC Host’ is not a valid choice of supervillain! :tongue:)

SECRET BASE - Choose a comic book themed city, location or secret base to visit. Go there with a team mate for double points. E.g. Gotham City, Metropolis, Avengers Tower, The Triskellion, Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning.

BATMAN - Choose one of Batman’s gadgets or vehicles to test out (with/on a team mate for double points). cough Batcycle! cough Here’s a list of his common utility belt items for ideas
Batman’s utility belt

Action Team Advantage
SUPERHERO TEAM UP: Complete any task with any LC participant for extra points. Yes that means completing a team dream with the appropriate team mate is now worth even more points - and if you mess up and summon the wrong person, you still get a bonus! (Action team 40 points, Puzzle/Adventure: 20 points)

Best of luck everyone.

So… yep. Not only did I complete the task before the deadline, but I also could have posted it before the “new” deadline… Oh well. :razz: Just thought this was funny enough to mention. I’ll just have to take the advantage for the final week. :ebil:

Anyways, this morning I used a lasergun! Points!.. but where are those LDs off to? :angry:

Mech Combat Shard - [ND]Non-Lucid Dream[/ND] - [ND]Task II Part 3[/ND]

Stats so far:

[spoiler][color=violet]Lucid Moments:[/color] 2
[ND]Non-Lucids:[/ND] 3
[LD]Short LDs:[/LD] 0
[LD]Medium LDs:[/LD] 0
[LD]Long LDs:[/LD] 1

Task I:[color=green]-E[/color] [ND]WIZARD[/ND] | [LD]DRUID[/LD]
Task 2:[color=green]-E[/color] [ND]Teleported using a (magical) device.[/ND] | [ND]Fired a lasergun.[/ND]
Task 3: ~ none ~

Had a very nice LD here this morning which around 3-5 minutes long makes it a medium LD for me. Don’t think any tasks were completed.

I’m not sure how long a medium LD would be for me, so I’m just going to say I had a short lucid dream last night.

Congratulations on the lucid dreams, James_uk2008 and Letaali. Scipio - unlucky! Sounds like you scraped painfully close to a few other tasks in that dream too.

If anyone is having trouble accessing the one drive pages to discuss team dreams, you can PM me your thoughts and I’ll collate the votes. You have until 8pm tomorrow night. P.S. When I say comic book themed, anything from comic inspired games, films, TV shows, etc, is also fine, and it’s not limited to Marvel or DC either, as long as I can find what you mean on google. :smile:

Scores are updated.

Last night I had a medium length LD. I also completed my personal goal, and the Hulk subtask. My DJ post [

Here are some points. The first ND has some stargazing, although I didn’t have to look “up” as in the task description nor can I guarantee it was nighttime on Earth, so if this isn’t acceptable, I understand. The second ND has me breaking somebody’s nose in a fearful rage. The third dream is a short LD with no tasks accomplished.

Also, I’m jealous of the people with super wide columns on the score sheet. Can I change my sign-up name to “Thorn the Magnificent” or something? :tongue:
/me is trouted

Thorn - According to the popular idiom, the size of your column is not as important as what you do with it. :content:
The stargazing task doesn’t require you to be on Earth, only that it is night and you look at the stars, so that’s fine.

Edit: Forgot to mention - sounded like you were ‘beamed up’ Star Trek style, which would count for the Teleportation Device task. If you want to claim those points, let me know.

Drd - grats on the personal goal. Did you want to pick something else as a new goal, for the further 25 points?

Scores are updated.

Regarding your edit, I thought about it but was unsure if it counted because the dream made no mention of a device for the teleportation. No worries, though, because today’s ND has it. That said, I see the scoring in the first post uses the word “subtask”, which no longer exists in this LC. If the change of wording somehow means that doing two Week 2 tasks yesterday would get me combo points (which I doubt), then by all means, count it! Else, I’ve done it today anyway and get the same amount of points.

Ahhh nuts… knew I forgot something yesterday. The team dreams will count as ‘Early’ for an additional 24 hours due to late posting. Sorry about that.

So team dreams are as follows -

Action Team have picked a fight with the master of magnetism - Magneto

Adventure Team will be exploring the Avenger’s base of operations - Avenger’s Tower

Puzzle Team will be throwing Batarangs around

Regarding Combos - I realise the wording change, which was an attempt to clarify things, possibly made this confusing.

You get 20 “Early” or “Combo” points, applicable once per week, for completing a subtask while it is part of the most recent week’s tasks or for completing a subtask alongside a subtask from another week, respectively. You can earn only one of these two 20 point bonuses per week.


But yea… short lucid dream! :biggrin: I did a current task (assisted flight) and an old task (wear a piece of armor). Yay!

A Scales Flight - Short Lucid Dream - Task I Part 2 & Task III Part 7 LUCID EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Lucid Moments: 2
Non-Lucids: 3
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 1

Task II:-E Teleported using a (magical) device. | Fired a lasergun.

Questioned my dreaming state in a dream last night.

Nice combo Scipio! You already had early points for week 1 though! :tongue:

Mew… so close… were you talking or typing those IRC commands? Talking to an IRC ‘bot’ would count for the week 2 ‘Talk to a robot or AI’ task!

Scores are updated

obfusc8: I was typing those commands, so it wouldn’t count.

I still have not received the Week 2 teleportation device points from my last post, and it’s affecting my placement on the scoreboard. :o

I earned points in today’s dreams as well. The first dream has me running superhumanly fast and talking to a robot, and while I protect a DC from getting hurt by a moving car, the car wasn’t deliberately aiming for the child, so I am unsure if this counts as an “attack” and leave it to your discretion. The second dream also has me running fast and has me phase through an object, much to my chagrin.