Lucidity Challenge 47 - Winner Rhewin

Pooooiiiiint! Duuuuuump!!!

In a short LD I saved a DC from an angry bartender in a tavern who was trying to pull out their organs. I also healed said DC. I also gave the bartender a shiny stone in exchange for the DC’s life.

In addition to that short LD, two medium LDs where I did things I shan’t repeat here.

Had a medium length LD when I took a nap today.

Well, second attempt at an RPG-Town like place: It was a ND. The streets and buildings were sort of futuristic cyberpunk-ish. I tried to hack a computerised vending machine. There was a parade in the street which had armoured guards like stormtroopers, who chased me. In the town square people were being terrorised by a two headed (one fire, one ice) dragon, which I fought/distracted while they killed it.

After a badly slept night and an exhausting day at uni, I took a nap and got lucid in less than 20 minutes… but woke up. It was too short to count as short lucid dream so I’m fine with “wondered if I was dreaming”-points. All I recall:

SPOILER - Click to view

I was in a game world: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The map was Dust and I was defending bombsite B. Suddenly a portal appeared to the bombsite and terrorists came through. They had not spotted me and I though I could kill them with a knife. Visuals went funky. It looked like an old tv with that white noise and what not. Everything looked gray and grainy now. The terrorist closest to me turned around and started coming towards me with a knife. This made a new loud noise that became louder as he came closer. That noise made me lucid, the situation was too weird and that noise had no explanation. I couldn’t control my body anymore, I had no idea how to stay in the dream that was so unstable already that I’m not even controlling a physical body anymore. I woke up.

Last night, I had a normal dream in which I visited a flying city from some new Bioshock game. It was supposed to be a separate city from Columbia, though, with a different ideology and a different villainous leader. Though I was playing a game at first, I soon ended up physically inside the game. I don’t remember running afoul of the leadership there, as tends to happen in the games, but I did explore a bit and was made to watch some sort of propaganda film. The town definitely doesn’t exist in real-life and is a fantastical setting, so I’m pretty sure I get points for the non-team-specific subtask.

So I did things this morning! All in all, I turned invisible, grew a plant, and made it rain… I also wonder if the fact that I rejuvenated a dying plant counts for caring for plants? I claim that tentatively. :razz:

A Momentary Lucid - Short Lucid Dream - Task I Parts 5 & 6 and ET C2 & L3

Stats so Far:

[spoiler][b]Short LDs: 2[/b]
[b]Medium LDs: 0[/b]
[b]Long LDs: 0[/b]

Task 1:-E U̶s̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶n̶ ̶e̶l̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶a̶l̶ ̶w̶e̶a̶p̶o̶n̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ Breathed fire. | Grew a plant and summoned rain.
Extended Task: C2 & L3

EDIT: :happy:

Rhewin: Way to combine all them subtasks! :tongue: I was hoping someone would try to combine them all in one dream. :happy:

drd: I never understand how people get lucid dreams while napping… I just pass out and wake up an hour or two later, sleepier than before. Anyway, congrats on the LD! :grin:

obfusc8: I’m sorry… but you actually already had points for the last RPG town that you dreamt of… there was just a problem in adding them. :tongue: I don’t know whether it was just me forgetting to add the points or if it was me forgetting to “save” the points after I added them. Regardless, you got points! Yay! :razz:

Letaali: Congrats on the lucid moment, even if it was rather brief. :happy: Hopefully you’ll get a longer LD soon!

eMander: Nice. Counted. Flying cities are always really cool to visit in dreams. :smile:

Scipio Xaos: Woo! Congrats! :woo: I’ll count that one thing as both caring for plants and growing a plant with your mind. Partly because there are ways that you can grow plants without necessarily “caring” for them, and also because I’m a bit more lenient with comboing the Bingo subtasks. :razz:

Scores be updated, including some grading errors I fixed from last night. I should really remember to click the “save” button. :neutral:

I watered plants :cool:

This DJ entry has plenty of LC things in it. The first dream has me meeting a team member. The second dream has me doing a bit of parkour to navigate a video game-styled factory complex and jumping from a tall object before I have a short LD in which I run in a very quick sprint. The third dream has two lucid parts that combine to make a long LD in which I grow a plant with my mind and care for it, grow in size, and shrink in size. Both of these LDs were preceded by SSILD cycles, and I did feel they had an effect (particularly on the second LD’s quick realization of the dream state), so I’m claiming new technique points as well.

I’m acting in the true spirit of bingo and completely ignoring the team advantage stuff! Yay bingo, boo teamwork! :tongue:

I hope these don’t spoil the fun (pun not intended).

[spoiler]Well, at first, every time I see drd’s avatar I am like:

[spoiler]I just wanted to be the first to complete the monthly quest!!
Well, things got more twisted than expected.

1 Short LD, tried to grow plants but things got blurry and dark.
1 Very Long LD: I got into a hole to complete the monthly quest (monthly quest post here)
Then I executed my personal task
By getting into some sort of secret place where I could experience collective consciousness. I peaked at 10 “DCs”. It got concrete and abstract at the same time. Things went too deep. Memories, thoughts and perspectives shared… Maybe they were real? THIS STUFF IS TOO CRAZY, I am afraid my brain could bleeeeed. I had never experienced such a heightened vividness like that. I got mind blown and I am also a bit scared, I was asking them if it was really only a dream they said it was more than that. I woke up in shock. I couldn’t do much today, I had lots of stuff and I cannot stop thinking about it. :nuu:
This thing could actually be dangerous :eek: never trying again I think…
To be honest, I didn’t expect to complete this at all. I don’t even know what I expected.

1 Medium LD: I was completely lucid but I couldn’t stop thinking about the previous LD, I was mind blown and couldn’t complete a task.
1 Short LD: I was at some amphitheatre, it was so cool that I was thinking about watching my dream music in it… so I thought… it would be a perfect new task. But I also need a challenge… then…

[spoiler]My new planned personal quest is to conduct my own symphony there (the previously mentioned amphitheatre). It has to feature a composition/dream music of my own. I am really bad at writing music IRL but dream soundtracks are so good. :eh: So… it would be awesome… :yes:
Since I am not good with it IRL it should be an actual challenge.

[spoiler]<Scipio|Other> And it sounds like it “counts”.

  • Scipio|Other pokes mewee
    <Scipio|Other> Oh.
    <Scipio|Other> That’s why he asked me. XD
    and also something else at the same time
    <Scipio|Other> No, tggtt!
  • mewee gets poked
    <Scipio|Other> NO YOU HAVEN"T!
    <Scipio|Other> NO POINTS FOR YOU!
    <Scipio|Other> :razz:

Siiw: Noted. I knew you’d complete that bingo subtask pretty easily. :razz:

Thorn: Woooooo! You did it! :happy: Counted everything. I’m rather lenient with the Bingo subtasks because of their quantity. Also gave you new technique points. :tongue: Anyway, congrats on breaking the dry spell after all the hard work and ~DESPERATE MEASURES~ you went through. :tongue:

Tggtt: :eek: Those are some points! Added, and congrats on doing your personal goal, among other things!

Scores are updated.

Oops, I missed the fact that Wyvern beat me about the Monthly quest…
This means I wasn’t the first one… But I was the first one to find it scary, I see.

[spoiler]I am over it.

[spoiler]I know some would be mad, but I think that the bingo subtasks are actually subsubtasks!
A subtask of bingo would be completing a line!
The task would be it as a whole!
You mad, subsubtask haters?[/spoiler]


[color=olive]I’ve been pretty busy lately, and it’ll be like that for the duration of the LC. I’ll still compete, but I don’t believe I’ll be able to post on a regular basis. I should be able to update tomorrow.

In regard to exploring the towns, buying, and trading; would you count it if its done by proxy/through another DC and/or manipulating a videogame character from outside the game?

[i]Town Scenario:
Manipulating a character from outside the game via controller or will. Having your character walk through a town or play a stage in that setting.

Trade Scenario:
(In my case) I did the talking/bargaining and my friends physically handled the goods and cash.

Shop Scenario:
Buying an item while manipulating a character outside the game via controller or will.[/i][/color]

*Overlooked a short LD

[spoiler]I’ll claim the points when I update. So far I’ve done the following:
-Saved a life
-Visited a Tavern/Bar
-Visited an Inn/hotel
-(Trade is being questioned)

None accomplished while lucid.

Had two short LDs and a medium LD, nothing task related.

i made a magical tree branch into a powerful staff amd fought a dragon with it…in a medium LD!

Koharo: I won’t count anything that’s framed as a video game if you aren’t inside the game itself. Sorry. Also, I haven’t added any of the points you listed in that post since it seems you’re still gathering everything together.

Siiw: Neat! I counted that as an elemental weapon.

Scores are semi-updated, as they don’t include Koharo’s points yet.

The first dream here has me visiting a location in the past, as required for my bingo board.

In this dream today I purchased water from a store, it was definitely weird and RPG like :meh:. I also looked around a town, but I don’t know if that counts because it was a Western town, despite the other weird fantasy like under-story going on.

A few things NLD’d here. I was briefly in an RPG-like town and I jumped off a cliff.

Shards of RPG - Non-Lucid Dream - Task II Part 1 and ET I3 EARLY

Stats so Far:

[spoiler][b]NLDs: 1[/b]
[b]Short LDs: 2[/b]
[b]Medium LDs: 0[/b]
[b]Long LDs: 0[/b]

Task 1:-E U̶s̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶n̶ ̶e̶l̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶a̶l̶ ̶w̶e̶a̶p̶o̶n̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ Breathed fire. | Grew a plant and summoned rain.
Task 2:-E Briefly visited an RPG town.
Extended Task: C2 & L3 | I3

In a long LD I visited an RPG-esque town. Well, in the dream it was supposedly a reconstruction of a town that Captain Picard grew up in? But it had all of the sorts of houses and shops you might see in something like Chrono Trigger. But then it got all smokey and foggy for some reason. I drove up a road and noticed an oil refinery on fire… which exploded in a giant fire ball. I woke up but chained back in to all the destruction. It was… impressive. Also, I’m pretty sure DC me died in the first part. The car I was in rolled pretty bad and I remember being knocked out of my dream body.

Additionally, I had another long LD where I kept losing and regaining lucidity. Spoilers since it’s a bit long.

[spoiler]I saved some DCs who had been enslaved as servants on some millionaire’s island (I know I have points for it, but I thought I should record just in case). I was there on mission, and after I became lucid I decided it might be for the Dream Police. To save them, I acted like a guest using psychic paper like from Doctor Who. I used some dream powers to create a storm on the island. I remember the people were pretty nervous about their boats, but I lost lucidity at this points.

When I got it back, I was leading the people in an area behind the main mansion. An older guy, who sort of looked like a cross between Jackie Chan and George Takei, was with them. In the dream story I was an ally of his, and he had been a top scientist before his capture. We got to a gate which I used dream powers to hover over, but realized the others couldn’t follow. A guard showed up along the roof running at them. I noticed a puddle underneath and caused the water to flow up and freeze into a spike (I believe that counts as water bending and making an elemental weapon).

I woke up and chained back in. We were on a beach behind the mansion. There was debris from my storm everywhere and some broken up crabs (which were strangely cooked and delicious). The scientist realized he needed to get some important keys that lead to his research (and was the main reason I needed to rescue him according to some random dream knowledge I had). I had a random vision of the future and knew he would be killed going back. Even though the mission would be a success as long as I got the keys, I decided to go back instead.

The rest of the dream was non-lucid mixed with FAs. I did get the keys and made it back. I’d like to think we escaped :razz:.

Like said, I know I helped a DC before, but that felt much more like a quest XD. Also, points for the elemental stuff.[/spoiler]

Finally, one extra medium LD.

Thorn: Counted! Looks like this bingo thing might start paying off! :wink:

Eilatan: Counted as all the stuff you claimed. Western town counts. As long as it isn’t just a cluster of buildings that you barely interact with, it’ll probably count.

Scipio Xaos: Yep, those are definitely points this time around! Looks like you’re close to clearing a Bingo line! :happy:

Rhewin: And there is another point dump! I didn’t count the waterbending and elemental weapon as the same thing, since it was just one action that seemed to resemble waterbending more. I had to do the same thing to Letaali as well. :neutral: :tongue:

Scores are updated