Lucidity Challenge 47 - Winner Rhewin

^Added. No points for the fireball though because you already did pyrokinesis. :tongue:

Two medium LD’s last night.

Short LDlast night. No tasks.

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LDs: Short 3, Medium 2, Long 1

Week 1
Pyrokinesis, breathing fire.
Elemental weapon
Mew at a party.

Short LD last night

Alright, got all those points added.

Task 1 has been up for a week! You know what that means? It’s time for Task 2! But before we do that, let’s get some official score stuff out of the way. In case you were not aware of the rule change, Team Advantage subtasks have been removed from the LC. Instead, the winners of the team advantage will get bonus points based on the number of subtasks they complete.

Here are the average number of subtasks completed by each team:
Fire team: 10 subtasks / 6 members = 1.667 subtasks/member
Water team: 13 subtasks / 3 members = 4.333 subtasks/member
Grass team: 3 subtasks / 6 members = 0.500 subtasks/member

The Water Team wins the advantage for this week! As a result, each team member received 5 points for each subtask they completed! Woo! If your team didn’t win this week, just make sure to try harder this week! Woo! Anyway, here are the current standings for all you people who don’t want to view the scoreboard or want to be official or something:

  1. Wyvern (395)
  2. obfusc8 (300)
  3. Rhewin (245)
  4. Koharo, Tggtt (170)
  5. prose42 (140)
  6. Siiw, drd (130)
  7. eMander (105)
  8. Scipio Xaos, Thorn (80)
  9. Dragoon (75)
  10. Letaali (65)
  11. Eilatan, james_uk2008 (0)

And… for myself, I got no points :sad:

  • Mew151 (0)

And with that out of the way, stay tuned for Task 2, coming as soon as the forum stops yelling at me for making a post so soon after the other!

I’d like to remind all the new participants that Task 1 subtasks are still eligible for points, just not early points, and the Team Advantage bonus is only based on the most recent subtask’s completion. Also, there will not be Team Dreams this week. I was going to make them alternate with each task, but I changed some stuff at the last minute. As a result, the next Team Dreams will pop up during Task 4. Also it’ll take a few minutes to add Task 2 data to the score pages. Well, with that out of the way, let’s get Task 2 started!

Task 2: Town!

ONWARD, to ADVENTURE! PREVIOUSLY in the LC, we powered up our elemental abilities in preparation for a grand adventure towards elemental mastery! So… now would be a good time to explain that, much like the team descriptions, the whole “grand adventure” thing also wasn’t just a silly little metaphor. I… should have used language less indicative of metaphor… :shy: Anyway, it’s time to go on an adventure! The rest of the LC will be focused on an overarching Quest to become an Elemental Master! In most games, your adventure is full of towns to visit! And they are usually where adventures start! So, before we go off exploring any dangerous dungeons, we should start off in a town! We all have to start somewhere, right?

Explore an RPG-esque town30 points: Start off your adventure right by wandering around a town for a bit. I’ll accept any kind of town to explore as long as it isn’t a location that exists in waking life. One from an existing fictional work will work just fine. Perhaps some LD4allers may feel comfortable visiting the village of Calla?

Note: The remaining tasks don’t have to be done in a town, but if you want to combine points, why not?

Save a DC in distress20 points: If you wander around a town for long enough, you’ll run into some character that’ll need your help. For this subtask, you need to save a DC in some kind of distress, whether it be a princess kidnapped by a giant turtle beast in a fantasy land, or a business man being mugged on the street. They should be pretty distressed too-- helping the elderly cross the street won’t count.

Visit a tavern20 points: Every town has to have a tavern! The tavern is a place to get food, drinks, and listen to rumors spread around. It’s the best place to hang out in town! To complete this subtask, you must visit a tavern and interact with your environment somehow. Grab a drink and talk with some DC’s! A modern bar or pub will also count.

Heal a DC20 points: In every town, there’s got to be some place to heal up, whether it be a hospital of some sorts, or just an inn that magically heals your whole party over night. For this subtask, you’ll be playing the role of a medic and heal up an injured DC. Or maybe someone has a terminal illness and you found the rare antidote for it?

Visit an inn20 points: Every town has to have an inn! The inn is a place to let weary travelers rest. It’s sure to house some interesting characters. To complete this subtask, you must visit an inn and interact with your environment somehow. Talk with some DC’s or maybe just take a rest before going off an adventure! A modern hotel will work just as well!

Trade with a DC20 points: For this task you’ll be learning the tricks of the trade and getting some goodies in the process. When it comes to RPG’s, trading is usually part of a fetch quest or a long chain of trades for an annoying side quest needed for 100% completion. To complete this subtask, you just need to trade with a DC. Who knows what kind of interesting items your brain will come up with?

Buy RPG items at a store20 points: Every town has to have a store! The store is a place to buy items to aid you on your adventure! Better stock up while we’re in town! To complete this subtask, you must visit a store and buy some items! No stealing, unless you want to deal with an angry attacking shopkeeper. :razz: A modern store will also work, but the items you have to buy must be items you’d use in an RPG. Potions, weapons, scrolls, whatever. As long as it isn’t just normal groceries, I’ll probably count it.

Host Subtask: Find Mew151’s house in an RPG-esque town30 points: Hey, more host insert stuff! Don’t worry, I promise there won’t be any for the next few tasks! :razz: Anyway, to get points, just try to find a house that I live in! I should be home, but if I’m not, don’t to steal my stuff! :tongue: Fun times!

On an additional note, a little story will be preceding each task post. This isn’t a story-oriented LC by any means… I just think it’ll be fun and go with the whole “Adventure! RPG!” theme. I am by no means a professional writer, and the story will be full of cliche… that’s kind of the point. :razz: The team that gets the team advantage this week will have a small impact on next week’s story, so have fun trying your hardest with each task! And speaking of the story, we have some coming up in the next post!

You don’t remember how you became lucid, but you are now. You are standing on a dirt path twisting through a pleasant landscape and leading straight to a quaint village. You follow the path, keeping your eyes fixed on the different buildings in the approaching town when a strange old man sitting under a tree gets your attention. “Hey… hey, traveler…”, his odd voice calls out to you. He wears a dark hood, covering his long dirty gray hair. He has long and sharp-looking finger nails which he constantly rubs against each other idly. He wears clean, formal looking shoes which look brand new. His eyes either twinkle with deep wisdom or pure madness-- you’re not sure exactly which. “My, my… You seem to be going on… an adventure…” You back away slowly but he gets up and approaches you. “Do not fear me, traveler, for I am just here to play a little game. I mean you no harm… I am unarmed, don’t you see?” He raises his arms slowly and smiles coldly at you. While he does appear unarmed, you’re not sure if you can trust him fully yet. “Traveler… as you probably know, adventures are full of gambles, risks, and sacrifice… In any Quest as grand as the one you appear to be partaking in, you will eventually have to choose between risking something important in order to reap rewards, or playing it safe without taking great loss…” He smiles eerily as he reaches for something in his bag… you take caution and start to slowly back away as he pulls out a scroll. “If you take this scroll… it may alter your destiny forever…” he whispers. He pauses dramatically for a moment before opening the scroll… “So why don’t you step right up and gamble a little bit right now, with The Lucid Bingo Extravaganza!™

Oh boy, it’s Extended Task time!

That’s right, it’s time for a super fun Extended Task! Woo! For you new participants out there (or those who have never been in one of Thorn’s LCs :razz:), the extended task is a fun task which requires multiple dreams to fully complete! And we’re going to be playing some good old American Bingo! For those of you who don’t know how to play, it’s easy. In normal bingo, you receive a 5x5 card filled with random numbers. Random numbers get picked by a caller, and if you get that number, you mark it on your card! If you manage to make a horizontal, vertical, or a diagonal line of 5 marks, you win! And that is Bingo as she is played.

For this extended task, we’re going to be playing bingo! Not normal bingo obviously. There are going to be no random numbers… instead, you’ll be getting a randomly generated bingo sheet filled with tasks! Once you complete a bingo task, a mark will be placed on your sheet. Form a line of 5 marks, and you’ll get 30 points! If you completely fill the sheet, you’ll form 12 lines for a chance at 360 points! That sounds amazing… right? Well, in order to participate in this amazing offer, you’ll have to give up 60 points! You’ll probably want to see one of these Bingo sheets for yourself before making the decisision, right? …Well, TOO BAD! You’ll have to decide for yourself whether you want to risk 60 points on this. You’ll have to decide whether you’re confident in your abilities and how much you value your own points. You have 48 hours after this task is posted (Sunday, January 18th at 09:00 GMT-7) to confirm whether or not you want to participate in this extended task. After that time, all bingo cards will be generated and be viewable on the stats and scores page.

If you have less than 60 points, you can still participate, but you’ll have a negative number of points. The score pages cap the displayed points at zero, but you’ll still technically have a negative point value.

Anyway, just notify me that you want to participate before the time is up to have some fun!

Man… I went on an RPG’'esque adventure last night. I guess I’ll have to go back!
Later on in the dream, I completed the Quest and went down a rabbit hole (Home of Jazz Jackrabbit). There was a big party down below, but I didn’t do any of the lava drinking or ambrosia stuff, so no points for that. Still! Quest!

Also, I’d like to do the extended task. :razz:

EDIT: Quest was done in long LD.

EDIT2: Sorry to overcomplicate stuff but I don’t want to claim any LD points for the future Bingo subtasks, if that’s alright.

I added it, Wyvern.

So far we already have Wyvern and Letaali (who confirmed in IRC) who are going to participate in the extended task! Fun stuff!

Gambling us fun. :cool: I’m in!

Honestly, I don’t like gambling… :shy:

I didn’t achieve any tasks despite having a great opportunity… No regrets, because I had something much better to do… :peek:

[spoiler]Wednesday entry:
1 shorter than usual short LD. I did attempt my personal task there based on opportunity. It started as an ND but I got lucid in the last few seconds.
Thursday entry:
Another dream that I don’t want to count as a real LD. I was lucid but I didn’t want to spoil the dream. It was about visiting Turkey and watching a Rally race.
Friday entry:
I had a shorter than usual short LD again. I got a FA and was worried about typing dreams and I got lucid in the end.
I had a very long LD (DILD), I wanted to attempt a task but then I met my deceased dog that I missed so much, then I didn’t want to go for points anymore, it was probably my best LD of the month.

Note: I count my shorter than short LDs are counted as HLDs, therefore I consider them as failed RCs.
Note 2: I didn’t know that Saturday one could be worth points, nevermind about it.[/spoiler]

I’d have to be absolutely stupid or crazy to take the bingo board. Assuming there’s no free space, the first row would have each task worth a mere 6 points and that value wouldn’t increase significantly until after many tasks were done, and the average difficulty of each task would have to stay below that of a 15-point task to pay off mathematically… and that’s not even considering that the time spent here likely pulls away from actual tasks and hurts the team advantage! That, and considering turning into a tree is worth only 20 points when other LCs would peg that at 30 or 40, the difficulty of the tasks in this LC is set higher. I don’t like the odds for this bingo game unless the tasks are simple and easily combo-able, which I doubt.

Luckily for you, Mew, I am at least one of stupid and crazy. Give me the board; I’m too far behind for the points to mean much, so I may as well just go for sheer task completion numbers. :happy:

Had an LD here which was short at around 30 seconds long. No tasks completed.

Long LDlast night. Did some tasks! -Traded my watch for a DC’s coat. Made it rain. Did some waterbending. Grew an oak tree and then erhem, ‘interacted’ with a DC in an inn. :cool:

EDIT: Oh and hopefully that was a suitable town for the main task? It wasn’t a town I recognised, and it had RPG features like cobbled streets and old fashioned medieval/wattle & daub style houses. [size=59](Just ignore the motorbikes :grin: [/size]

Lol… so I’m not the only sad muppet to work out the maths! :content: I have extra long shifts for the next two weeks at work, so I’m probably not going to join the extended task. Simply won’t have the brain power or sleep time to memorise/complete 25 more tasks… although if the bingo boards are publicly visible, might just poach any tasks that interest me for my personal goals list… best of luck to the bingo fans, I’ll sit this one out.

So in a medium LD, I went an rpg-like town, cobble stone floors, medieval housing, the whole works. Pretty much had to visit a dream I had the night before and find a town.
I went to an Inn and despite being a dream, found that I had to use the washroom… >.> Inside, I found a DC who was indeed in distress. The toilet was broken and he was trying desperately to fix it before anyone found out. I found myself no longer having to go and decided to help the guy out.
(I was reminded of this )
Dream logic said all I had to do was stick the plunger in the toilet and voila. The toilet glowed and was fixed! Some kind of achievement appeared before my eyes and that was that.

So uh… is this interacting with a DC in an Inn? Helping a DC in distressed? :razz:

A few people on LD4all are aware that I teach classes in many places but am often in conference rooms such as those in hotels. It was only a matter of time before I dreamed of doing this, which counts for the Inn task (as the description allows modern hotels). I do so in the second dream here.

Had some dreams last night that might be task pertaining. They can be read here. In the first I save an Old Lady who may be a damsel but not in so much distress, and in the second I wake in an Inn. I’ll leave it up to Mew whether either is task worthy.

Siiw: Gambling is fun! Added you to the list of bingo participants. :grin:

Tggtt: Of course the mathy statistics guy wouldn’t like gambling. :tongue: Anyway, added up all those points.

Thorn: Woo! Finally, you will be able to participate in one of these stupid and/or crazy extended task things that only you seem to do. :tongue: Also, points added.

james_uk2008: Yay! Points on the board! Keep at it! :happy:

obfusc8: Nice! I hope that you still get plenty of awesome dreams despite the fact that you’ll be busy the next few weeks!

Wyvern: Sweet. It got both things done. Added the points, though I’m not sure if you need them. :tongue:

Eilatan: I counted the DC in distress subtask, but it seems like the “Inn” was just a house you are familiar with? Maybe I just read it wrong? Regardless, you now have points! Yaaay!

And in a ND from this morning, I grew plants with my MIND POWERS. So I finally get points! :tongue:

Scores are updated

Mew, I wasn’t in a house I was familiar with. It was an Inn in Tortall’s capital of Corus. Which is the town that contains the palace… I just realised how nerdy this stuff sounds. X_x

Oh, I misread the post. (Which is weird because I read it multiple times :eh: ) Awarded points.