Lucidity Challenge 49 - winner: drd!

Had two lucid dreams last night, no tasks completed.
In the first my lucidity wasn’t very stable, I remember two clear and lucid moments during this long dream. The dream actually changed scenery the second time I gained lucidity. Anyways, I’ll claim a short lucid dream here.
The other one was just before my alarm went off. Such a shame! I was about to go fly in this dream when the sound of my phone woke me up. Short lucid dream here as well.

Oh and I remember 4 “Am I dreaming?” moments, thanks for letting me know @obfusc8!

It’s mindblowing for me to see how much more likely I will become lucid when the last few hours before sleep are spent in a mindful, calm way!

I was lucid for a couple of seconds (“short” duration) - I was having a sleigh ride through the snow (more Frozen. sorry :smile:) when I realised it was an incubated dream and couldn’t possibly be real. No points scored apart from the lucid, because I’ve already done the “snow” subtask.

score sheet looked bleak…
my competitive self started boiling, i told myself i better up my game! but no no, im not here to compete, im just using the LC as a motivator to complete my personal goal.

decided to look at the scores before going to bed and write down my dreams during the LC so maybe id have some NLDs that will keep some of my dignity while i continue to go after my own goals.
also had a lucid dream conversation with a friend yesterday at night.

not sure about some of them, check out the DJ

@footballfreak - If you gained and lost lucidity in that first long dream, then you get an additional 5pts for ‘regaining lucidity’. It sounds like that’s what you did, so I’ve added those points in.

@Susan_Y - I’ve added points for the lucid dream and for re-doing the snow task while lucid you gain the 30pt ‘while lucid’ bonus from week 1.

@Awe - grats on the long lucid. I’m not sure about the PARLEY task attempt, since he wasn’t really stopping you from getting somewhere or threatening you/danger, etc, but the other tasks were done and done well. Awesome sand tower creation! That rocked.


You guys and girls completed an epic 29 tasks last week! The scores are very close. Here are the scores so far:

  1. drd 535
  2. Scipio Xaos 400
  3. Thorn 385
  4. Awe 340
  5. Susan_Y 265
  6. Jer 170
  7. footballfreak 160
  8. Letaali 150
  9. Mew151 100
  10. sea-dove 80
  11. Oleg, James_uk2008 20
  12. Koal44, CornBrick 0 (both are now considered inactive for the team advantage calculation, as they are yet to post points)

Team Advantage
SKY RANGER: 3 task completions / (5 team members * 10 tasks) = 0.06
NIGHT DRUID: 4 task completions / (2 team members * 10 tasks) = 0.2
SPACE MAGE: 8 task completions / (5 team members * 10 tasks) = 0.16

The NIGHT DRUID team wins again this week and get to design a task related to this week’s theme. As Thorn and James_uk2008 frequent the chat room, once again I haven’t provided an online document. They have 48 hours to discuss and then PM me their choice. Their task must not overlap directly with any of the existing tasks. This task is worth 40pts to Thorn and James_uk2008 and 20pts to everyone else.

[center]Task 3: Nights of Future Past[/center]

So you were expecting a space themed week were you? Well, you were close, but not spot on… This week is all about TIME and exploring beyond the modern age into a future amongst the stars whilst also looking back to the past at where we came from.

The story continues…

[spoiler]It feels like you’ve been stuck on this desert island for a whole week. Despite attempts to sail away or escape on the pirate ship by masquerading as a pirate, you always find yourself back on the island near the sleeping masked man. Someone has dragged obfusc8 under a palm tree. So far, all attempts to wake obfusc8 from slumber have failed. All attempts to wake yourself or get out of this dream have also been unsuccessful.

Jer starts digging a hole on the beach, searching for an artifact to bring an end to your exile. In a moment of zen enlightenment he declares that dirt is what he was searching for all along and walks away. Looking into the hole you spot something shimmering at the bottom. Jumping down and scraping away the loose earth reveals a small glowing orb.

Focusing your will on the orb you concentrate on escaping from the dream. The world around you blurs and shifts. Nope, you are still on the island, but standing on the shore watching the pirate ship sailing in. Wait… wasn’t this the start of last week? You focus on the orb again.

Instantly you are back on a ship in the dream of thrones, the naval battle raging all around you, obfusc8 slumped over the wheel. The other contestants gather around.
“It’s a time travel device!”
“Take us back to the throne room, before obfusc8 started this whole mess!”
You nod, and then you think, well, while we’re all lucid, why not have a time travelling adventure first?
RUINS: Explore an ancient/primitive civilisation or ruins. Okay I’m thinking Vikings, the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, see the Pharaohs of Egypt, Mayan temples, the construction of the Great Wall of China. Ancient/Primitive in this case means lacking Industrial Revolution age technology -automated machinery, steam power. Now as this is supposed to be one of the easier tasks, either you can go back in time and experience it, or you could visit the modern day ruins/surviving structures of a historical empire. I will also accept alien civilisations if they are suitably lacking in technology. 20pts

QUANTUM LEAP: Meet a time traveller or ghost. Doesn’t need to be someone famous from a film or TV show, you might meet a man down the pub who claims to be from the future. Alternatively, meet someone from the past who has already passed on from this world. 30pts

ORBIT: Attempt to fly around a planet. If you go fast enough you might turn back time?! Now I’m not saying you have to complete a full orbit, just make a reasonable attempt at it. You can make this attempt by flying (like superman, the inspiration for this task) or using a space ship, or maybe just clinging to a satellite. 30pts.


ZERO G: Experience zero gravity. Prep for the future by living like an astronaut. Turn off gravity and just float, fly into space and just hang out amongst the stars, or if you find yourself on a spaceship, turn off the anti gravity for a few moments. Unlike the orbit task this requires you to stop flying/propelling yourself and just float in space. 30pts

OUTATIME: Experience time travel. You could use a time travel machine vessel or device. If flying faster than light around Earth to turn back time isn’t your style, then hop into the TARDIS or a modded Delorean and head off to the time of your choosing. You can use any sort of time travel device or machine you like, or create your own. I’m interested in how you travel from one time period to another, i.e. you must experience travelling through time, not simply dream about another time period. 40pts

DINOSAURS: Transform yourself or another DC into a dinosaur. It’s time for a prehistoric dinosaur party! (Personally I want to see Thorn’s famed T-Rex transformation.) Go big if you still need the grow task, go sea based if you missed out on last week’s aquatic points, go small and combo with last weeks druid team advantage task, or go flying just cause… pterodactyls! 30pts

AGE: Adjust your own or a DC’s age. Age is just a number after all - adjust your own or a DCs age, make them younger or older, turn back into a kid or see how you’d look at age 100. 40pts

STARS: Mess with the stars. Let’s put the space in the space mage team! The sky is your canvas, mess with it, shoot the moon, make the sun go supernova, shrink, expand, even explode a planet or pop it like a balloon. Add, erase or rearrange the stars, make a black hole and watch it consume everything. 30pts

PAUSE: Perform time magic. Pause, rewind or fast forward time. Ok so I’m thinking Prince of Persia Sands of Time style ‘ooops I just fell off a ledge let’s rewind that’, but you can do whatever you like. Turn the clock forwards or back, or just pause everyone else and explore a world where time has stopped. You could also attempt to create a time loop ‘Groundhog Day’ style by repeating the same dream twice. 40pts

May I also draw your attention to this monthly quest (due to the current ‘Unfinished Business’ monthly quest, old quests that were never completed are available), completion of which would count for the STARS task: Create a constellation monthly quest. This is assuming the monthly quest doesn’t get changed/updated this week.

NIGHT DRUID team - you have 48 hours to discuss and PM me your choice for the team advantage task based on this week’s theme of Time.

I love this week’s tasks. I hope I get something done :razz:

Well, if any transformation of mine was famed in #ld4all, I figured it’d be how I become a dragon in dreams, but I suppose I accept this. Why are you encouraging me to become something that doesn’t combo easily, though, while everybody else is urged to get combo points? I sense TM favoritism! Or, since he’s British, favouritism! :tongue:

In this ND from after looking at the task (yay for WBTB), I time traveled (only one “l” in that word because I’m American :smile:) when I was pulled into a past version of my city through a television screen.

The druid team have been super speedy again. Here is the team advantage task:

ORIGINS: Handle primordial soup. What better fit for a time-based task from a team focused on transformation than to handle the supposed source of life itself? Perhaps touching it will shed your genes into it, causing all life on Earth to resemble you. Perhaps touching or drinking the source of all life will cause you to mutate or gain the ability to become anything you desire. Perhaps you’ll handle it negligently and destroy all life as we know it! 40pts

@Thorn - wbtb for the win! Im not near a computer at the moment but will update that quick task completion tomorrow. Oh and please become any type of dino you want, I just thought that one should be easy for you? :wink:

Had a short LD here this morning which at under a minute long makes it a short one for me. Although it was short, I briefly turned myself into a fish as per Task 2s Adaptation task and tried to do the Night Druids Task Advantage for Task 2 which was to shrink myself into a body of water. I didn’t quite get to the point of being able to explore it so I dont know weather this is applicable.

time play, ghosts, space, this really is a fun and interesting week, im looking forward on reading the time dreams.

i had a ND about a time machine, i didnt use it myself so i dont know if it counts, if it does let me know and ill write down the dream.
the time machine itself was a musical instrument, in the dream it made perfect sense but when i woke up i realized its a none existent instrument, a combination of a harp and a violin, played with a very large bow on small pieces attached to the part more alike to a harp.
there were a lot like it but a certain one had that ability of time travel, one would play that certain harp/violin and would vanish as he plays, it would send him through time and i was left to see it standing without the man, strings still moving.

“you must not stop someone from approaching the harp/violin for it advises for the next person” (as in it chooses who to send) so i was told.

just for the fun of it, i had a dream about Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones.
she was a Centaur, half Brienne half… horse i think it was, quite big, fighting other people… Brienne, Centaur… imagine that ^^

I did QUANTUM LEAP, UNDERWATER, FINDING NEMO, SURF and maybe RUINS and PAUSE. For the RUINS I was in the far future and followed a Wolverine looking dude back in time to a city in ruins. We were in an abandoned building, but it felt like we were still in the future (but not as far in the future as before the time travel). For PAUSE I rewinded the actions a DC made. Might not be what you are looking for, but my SC tried :happy: Dreams

There was a black hole looking thing as well, but I didn’t create it. It sent Wolverine back in time.

@Letaali - Wow, that was some night! Nice combos in there, the only thing I’m not counting points wise is RUINS since that is about exploring the past rather than the future. The civilisation or ruins you find need to be considered ‘primitive’ technology wise (pre Industrial Revolution), but it sounds like you were in the ruins of a modern day or futuristic city. Still, very impressive point dump. :happy:

@Awe - Two close calls there. Yes you need to experience time travel, so if only you had used that wondrous device! Also, if you had gotten Centaur Brienne to give you a lift, that would have been the ride a mystic beast task… so close. Very cool dreams though.

@Thorn - You’ve just edged past Mr Xaos again with that WBTB task completion.

@James_Uk2008 - Cool transformation. :content: Since you felt and experienced swimming as a fish, I will count it for the druid team advantage task from last week. You also get the FINDING NEMO points for seeing the other fish.

never even thought about riding on Brienne the Centaur to complete the task lol

Somehow thought that task-completion only counts before next week’s tasks are announced. Just read that it’s only about the team advantage, for which it doesn’t count anymore.
In that case I am claiming points for playing in the snow as I went skiing several times in my dreams. In my most recent LD, which I already claimed points for, I also jumped onto - and a bit into - the snow (just in case skiing doesn’t count as interaction :razz: ).
In another dream I was pulled into the ocean by some big waves/underlying currents, I was underwater with my head, didn’t consciously explore though, so not sure whether that counts.

After spending plenty of time playing Splatoon yesterday, I had an ND (the first one here) in which I became the game’s signature Inkling character, complete with squid transformation for Week 2. The ND that followed it was nothing but near misses with this week’s tasks.

By the way, the scoreboard still says the Team Advantage task for the week is TBC. I was also wondering if we could perhaps get faint top and bottom cell borders now that you have the backgrounds colored or perhaps have freeze panes set for cell D3, as it’s a bit harder to read without the horizontal lines showing.

@footballfreak - yup all tasks are still worth points, but only the current week’s tasks count for earning the team advantage. Skiiing definitely counts as a fun snow activity, so you’ve got those points plus the ‘while lucid’ bonus for week 1.

@Thorn - Alright, alright, I’ve put some lines on the scoreboard, happy now?? :tongue: Nice inkling TF :content:


^ Happy? I said faint borders! What kind of LC are you running here with those dark things? I mean, really! :razz: But in all seriousness, it is a bit easier to see what points are in what row now.

I had a short LD this morning (posted here) with no tasks done.

I’m not going to win this one, am I? Some folk are just never satisfied. :tongue:

Another lucid, Thorn? You’re on a roll. And you’ve almost, almost caught up with drd! :happy:

Scores (Warning, contains dark lines!)