Lucidity Challenge 49 - winner: drd!

i really just know words in japanese from anime but i dont know how to converse properly, i will keep that in mind as one of my LD to do list, sounds great!
does your line says “are you dreaming?”/ “do you see a dream?” (had google translate for the last word)

wow, i take it you werent lucid, i really hope you do get there. how did the houses look like?

Strange… I seem to recall you saying in LC 48 that you were leaving the LCs to work on more important things, but I see you’re back because nothing’s more important than beating up on somebody you barely know. It’s always a pleasure talking to you too! :tongue:

About time! I’ve been sitting on a nice, constant lucid pattern with no LC to apply it to, and I’m itching to earn some points. Also, how’s that tabletop campaign going?
/me flees!

Yeah it means “Am I dreaming?” but the verb is ‘to see’ so I guess literally it translates as “I see a dream”

Started and in progress, but not ready for human consumption. Guess I’d better quickly write some ’ host-self-insert fanfic’ instead :razz:

Suddenly, a lightning bolt falls from the sky, and makes a loud crash. A large dust cloud lingers in the air. After about 30 seconds, the dust clears, and there is a large crater in the ground, with a man standing in the middle. Oh look it’s drd! Drd announces as loud as he can “AS YOU ALL HAVE EXPECTED, I WISH TO JOIN THE LC AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE!”

  1. Thorn—NIGHT DRUID—Visibly and tangibly increase in musculature
  2. Oleg — Sky Ranger — Establish consistency and recurring elements… (And if not that, how about I just go to space, or something?)
  3. Mew151 —SPACE MAGE—Play DDR Dream Mix
  4. James_UK2008—NIGHT DRUID— Transform self into Predator
  5. Letaali—SKY RANGER—Visit the frozen planet
  6. Koal44—SPACE MAGE—Open a dimension door and go through it
  7. Jer - Sky Ranger - Fly out into outer space.
  8. Scipio Xaos - SPACE MAGE - Say hello to Cardia again. It’s been a while.
  9. footballfreak - Space Mage - Talk to an animal or plant about their life experience
  10. CornBrick(Coast) - Space Mage - Conjure a suit of armor and a sword
  11. drd - Space Mage - Fire a mouth laser

Welcome drd!

(just fixing signups)

  1. Thorn—NIGHT DRUID—Visibly and tangibly increase in musculature
  2. Oleg — Sky Ranger — Establish consistency and recurring elements… (And if not that, how about I just go to space, or something?)
  3. Mew151 —SPACE MAGE—Play DDR Dream Mix
  4. James_UK2008—NIGHT DRUID— Transform self into Predator
  5. Letaali—SKY RANGER—Visit the frozen planet
  6. Koal44—SPACE MAGE—Open a dimension door and go through it
  7. Jer - Sky Ranger - Fly out into outer space.
  8. Scipio Xaos - SPACE MAGE - Say hello to Cardia again. It’s been a while.
  9. footballfreak - Space Mage - Talk to an animal or plant about their life experience
  10. CornBrick(Coast) - Space Mage - Conjure a suit of armor and a sword
  11. AWE - Space Mage - effect the physical body through a lucid dream.
  12. drd - Space Mage - Fire a mouth laser

[center]Task 1: A Dream of Thrones[/center]

You know what I look forward to every April? The new series of Game of Thrones! A Song of Ice and Fire is an epic-proportioned adventure written by George RR Martin. It’s got everything: Battles, magic, dragons, heroes, villains, political games, secret love affairs, assassinations. You don’t need to know anything about the books or the show to complete these tasks.

Apparently we do stories and roleplay type stuff in these challenges now… Gratuitous host-insert fiction below.

[spoiler]You find yourself lying on a cold stone floor. Pale sunlight pours into the room from several large stained glass windows. High overhead are stone archways and a painted ceiling that seems to shift and swirl with images too fleeting to comprehend. The large room is dominated by a raised section at one end of the hall. Up the three small steps your eyes fall upon an impressive looking chair. It’s form is hard to describe, like the ceiling it continually shifts and swirls, the memory of it slipping away like half remembered dreams.

You are not alone. There are others lying on the floor, looking around as confused as you.
“Where are we?” Someone asks.

One figure is already standing. Tall, slim, dressed in jeans and a black armored motorbike jacket. His face is obscured by a high-tech looking metal mask. Above the mask is a mop of short dark brown hair but no distinguishing features can be observed. He climbs the steps and with a shrug, takes a seat on the shifting dream throne. Slouching, one leg hooked over the arm of the chair, Obfusc8 proceeds to rest his head back in his hands as if preparing for a nap.

While you get to your feet the entire room starts to dematerialise. The walls phase in and out of existence, the floor alarmingly disappears, leaving you looking down over a large map. Towns and cities rise and fall as if made from clockwork. Dramatic instrumental music begins, drowning out the rhythmic sound of the figure now sleeping on the throne. The northern lands are locked in ice and snow. Great armies clash on the battlefields below.

You realise this is a dream and you are lucid. Welcome to a Dream of Thrones.[/spoiler]

SNOW: Play in the snow. Winter is coming! Find snow and throw a snowball or two, sledge or make snow angels. Have fun. Chill out for a while. If you can’t find a suitable snow covered land, then make it snow! Do you want to build a snowman? (Dancing across snowy mountain tops in a princess outfit while singing is entirely optional and not worth any additional points, just so you know, but feel free.) 20pts

BRAVE: Show your bravery in battle. Specifically; participate in a large battle, fight overwhelming odds (i.e. more than one opponent) or survive against an opponent much bigger than you. You don’t have to be big or strong to be brave. ‘Participate’ in this instance does not require any violence or killing on your part, but you cannot simply observe a battle: You must be in it and defend yourself as necessary. 30pts

CROWN: See a King/Queen/Ruler or a throne. You could explore a palace to find a throne room. Better yet, take your rightful place and sit on the dream throne! Rulers often have a crown or badge of office, so if you can’t find a king or queen, simply appoint a DC by giving them (or yourself) a crown. 30pts


CLIMB: Climb something tall. At the start of the books, Bran Stark loves to climb the towers of Winterfell, and he inspired this task. Ideally I mean free climb a large tree, the outside of a building or mountain or other large structure. Climbing regular stairs doesn’t count… unless they are giant sized or you find yourself hanging off the side of a bizarre Escher-type impossible construct, or the wrong side of the safety handrail… you know, something out of the ordinary. 30pts

DRAGON: Ride a dragon/mythical beast. Daenerys is the called the mother of dragons, maybe you can command mighty beasts too? Dragons are obviously the most awesome, but any other large/impressive/mythical beast like a dinosaur, a pegasus, a griffon, a unicorn, will do. I may allow other beasts if they are exotic or magical in some way, so post your dream if you ride something extraordinary. 40pts

GROW: Grow in size. Have you heard of ‘The Mountain That Rides’? He’s a giant of a man. This task is about seeing life from a taller perspective. Transform yourself into a large human/giant or something greater… Dragon? Dinosaur? Anything big! The bigger the better, right?30pts

METAL: Shape or create metal. Lost your best sword-fightin’ hand? No problem: Get a new one made from gold. To complete this task you just need to find something made from metal and bend/shape it into something else. Alternatively you can change any item, object or person you wish into metal - and this being the transformation team then yes you could turn part (or all) of your body to metal. If you’re looking for inspiration, how about Colossus from the X-Men, or becoming a liquid metal Terminator. 40pts

DISGUISE: Change your appearance. Using willpower to change your clothes is one way, or you could put on a mask/wig/disguise. You could cast a spell to change your appearance, whip up some polyjuice potion, do a full body swap or transformation (limited to standard human forms only to avoid task crossover with the Druid team tasks). Arya Stark often pretends to be a boy, so if you’re feeling experimental, try a dream disguised as someone of the opposite gender. (Combo restrictions: Wearing a crown, growing in size or turning yourself to metal doesn’t count as a disguise.) 30pts

SHADOW: Manipulate shadows with magic - make shadows grow or shrink, make them dance or attack people or defend you. For the truly powerful, how about turning night into day or vice versa? Take inspiration from the Red Priests and Shadowbinders of Asshai: They can send assassins made from shadow to hunt their enemies. 40pts


SPOILER - Click to view

…hey, obfusc8, where are the bleep are the team designed tasks?
After participating in several of these challenges I’ve noted a high amount of interest in creating the DIY team tasks, but not many completions of said tasks. The ‘TEAM-UP’ weekly bonus is designed to replace the team tasks with an option of summoning other LC participants for additional points. You’ve got 9 tasks, a personal goal and monthly quests to do. Focus on them.

This time the team which completes the most tasks-per-member each week wins the team advantage and gets to create a task of their own, based around the current week’s theme. So essentially the winning team get to design a task with (hopefully) like-minded team mates that can fit their own lucid dreaming goals and desires. These DIY tasks cannot overlap existing tasks, but other than that are pretty open and are an opportunity to accomplish other personal goals… as long as the majority of the team agrees.

…hey, obfusc8, can I combo with ?
Sure. That’s the idea. If I haven’t stated specifically that it cannot be combined with something, then that’s either by design or it’s something I didn’t think of. Exploit any loopholes you spot, but as soon as you point them out, others will doubtless try the same thing.

…hey, obfusc8, can I combine with my personal goal?
Sure. That’s the idea. These tasks were dreamed up long before signups were even posted. If they happen to link nicely to your personal goal, feel free to combine task and goal attempts for big points! When you complete your personal goal, remember you can pick a second goal worth another 25pts.

…but obfusc8, wah! wah! Somebody’s personal goal is just like ! Favouritism! Conspiracy! You’re so unfair!
Personal goals can only be completed while lucid, the other tasks can be completed in normal dreams.

Most people’s personal goals are much more specific than these tasks. E.g. Letaali needs to travel to a specific planet from a previous dream and then play in the snow to complete both his goal and the SNOW task, and given that he’s been trying to go there for over two years, I think we can give him a little extra incentive to finally get there…

And just before you /ragequit, who knows, next week might have a task which assists your own goal. I want you all to complete your personal goals. If everyone manages their goal before the end of the challenge, I’ll be really really really really happy. Really. :yay:

Dream of Thrones!! xD thanks god! finally! Rhewin didnt think of that, i wanted to point it out for him… ahh… i wish he was here with us…

im going to say this once though NO SPOILERS!!!
not all of us read the books… ahm (me)… and maybe some of us arent even watching the last season… be warned… people will DIE if they fuck things up!

all in all, looks great! cant wait to try it =D

Aw, I was getting my hopes up. Finish it! I may have a bit of a craving because my weekly group is becoming not-so-weekly anymore. :tongue:

In any case, I love every one of these tasks and I would give you a hug if your significant other wouldn’t want me dead (and if you wouldn’t think it weird, but apparently hugs are the go-to interaction for liking things on LD4all so I’m just rolling with it). I’m looking forward to the next four weeks now!

To flaunt my druidness, I have immediately resumed my LC 48 habit of replacing my avatar with what the TM tells me to become each week. :smile: You could have picked a task that didn’t require me to break LD4all’s avatar rules, though! :razz:

So is your preference for Pathfinder? I’ve not played/run that system before and will have to do some research!

Gah… that is so open to abuse! You can’t say stuff like that to me, I’m the bad guy remember!.. Must resist… Must not abuse power… :ebil:

Seconded. If you have an ‘on topic’ dream that is from the current series that may contain spoilers for others, please clearly mark it as such and hide it using the spoiler tags in the post.

I’ve read all the books and nothing short of national disaster could drag me away from my TV when it is first aired in the UK, so rest assured I will still read any posted dreams, spoilers and all.

Here I had a short LD that came absolutely out of nowhere. How convenient that it so happened to happen. Anyhow, I hadn’t known about the tasks yet, so none of that in there.

wait, whats going on here? thorn how come you could put an extremely big avatar icon? its way past the restrictions in the profile management page!

what… kind… of powers… does this one… possess?

ah yes, had an extremely short very unstable unrelated lucid dream, forgot we get points for things like that, in which i was trying to develop a conversation with a chest of drawers :content:

what is this weekly group you guys talk about?
TM - team master?

I was brave in a dream. We stole from a mafia and had to fight them while getting the money. Dream

TM = task master = current lucid challenge host = me :content:

Congratulations Oleg on claiming the first lucid dream of the challenge, and AWE for a close second. (Lol what did the chest of drawers have to say for itself? :lol:)

But we have our first task completion! Grats Letaali that seemed like an action packed dream.

The score sheet is up so you can bask in glory.


Last night I had 2 LDs. The first was a short one, and the second was a long one in which I gain and lost lucidity for a long period of time. I saw snow, but I didn’t play in it, and I manipulated a shadow.

Damn I almost did it! Last night I was making shadows moving all around me in a dream. I was very Lucid but I think I wasn’t totally asleep as I could still feel my legs and arms lying in my bed… I guess I was only in the hypnagogic state so I won’t claim any point here… :neutral:

@Koal44 - so close! If only you’d done an RC… I bet you were lucid. Some of the ‘false awakenings’ style dreams where you’re in bed are so deceptively realistic…

And drd is back on form! Nice. :content:


Oh, I’m not telling you to run a specific system or anything, although I admit to knowing D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder (D&D 3.75) best with some knowledge of D&D 4. No matter what, you’d have to teach most of the people playing how to do so and would have to start the game at a character level at which the players have access to LC-like abilities, so I’d say to pick the system that’s best for you. I’m just legitimately surprised that LC Tabletop RPG is even being considered! I mean, I posted a topic asking what people play online with other people and didn’t get a response for a few days, so I assumed we were all loners. :tongue:

How do I know you’re the bad guy? Nothing’s indicated as much. Besides, I’ve befriended people in the Sonic fandom, furries, and bronies, and people have depicted me as characters in all three fandoms. There’s nothing you could make me become that would inhibit me; just don’t make me use an avatar that’ll get me banned. :tongue:

Sadly, I can’t follow up this conversation with points; I had low recall today. :sad: I’ll get something soon, though!

Close calls which I’m posting anyway because it can’t hurt. In an ND I climbed a tall thing, but I used a ladder. I did find myself on “the wrong side of the safety handrail”, and jumped off the tall thing. :wink:

So I guess even though it’s not the best way to start off the LC a fragment of a lucid is still pretty good. I had a short LD and I regained lucidity in said dream… even though if it’s just a fragment of a dream.

Lucid Fragment ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Regained Lucidity

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 1
Continuances: 1

Task 1: ~ none ~

it didnt say anything back /=

i had that too in my lucid, i wanted to move my hand in front of my face for a RC but i was afraid that if i would i would move my actual physical hand and wake up so i didnt. not an excuse though |:

Thorn! how come your avatar is so big ??