Lucidity Challenge 52 winner Obfusc8!

Something worth claiming. Long LD, no tasks.

Inadvertently did a task last night… had forgotten all about the meet-a-DC-more-than-once subtask: Long LD Met my persistent DC M (who I also spoke to while lucid on Monday).

One Medium LD.
No Tasks eventhough I could see a corridor, it wasn’t long enough to be a Task…

Koal44’s Journal

And here’s one more LD in the old DJ!

Survival Games, Robots, and Telepathy - Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 3
LDs: 3

Task 1:-E Met a DC
Task 2:-E Piloted a Spaceship

Met a new DC, got his name.

Week 3 - Pirates!

The last time we did pirates was so much fun I thought we should do it again.

Wear a pirate costume - 30 points

Drink some rum - 20 points

Yo ho ho, etc. Rum is a product of the Caribbean, the location of many piratical adventures.

Find a treasure map - 20 points

Visit a Caribbean island - 20 points

See a palm tree - 20 points

The easy way for a cartoonist to indicate “this is a desert island” is to throw in a palm tree. They grow anywhere from the Caribbean to Cornwall in the UK. Finding a palm tree anywhere will count for this task.

Be out in a storm - 20 points

This could be a storm at sea, or on the Caribbean island, or anywhere at all to claim the points.

Fire a cannon - 30 points

It doesn’t have to be in a sea battle; cannons can also be used for signalling, etc.

See the sea from a lookout - 30 points

Seeing the sea from anywhere high up counts for this task. It could be from the “crow’s nest” on a ship, or from a mountaintop on an island, or from a high cliff.

Sorry I haven’t posted a score sheet - I’ve been ill this week.

Claiming 2 LDs: One Short and One Medium.

I was in the middle of water and looked at a kind of ocean landscape, but nothing comparable to what you said so no Tasks for tonight… I really have to focus on doing tasks :smile:

Dream Journal

Finally recalled some tasks. :happy:

Long LD in which I meet Cornelia, En’enra, Jer and Kiefer Sutherland and attempt several tasks, some of which were actual tasks and some that weren’t! :tongue:

(Cornelia) - Visit a Caribbean island.
(En’enra) - See a palm tree. (Even though we were doing the ‘stare at the stars’ imaginary task, it was while standing at the tropical beach…)
(Jer) - Drink rum.

The highlight was Cornelia singing the ‘Sunny’ song to change the weather. :content:

Two short lucid dreams No tasks, I think.

Last night I had a LD where I was sitting on the floor, in my bathroom drinking a bottle of rum… I even remember feeling very “dizzy” when I stood up and tried to walk around. heh.

Haha, It’s interesting that I had that dream the same night that Obfusc8 had his Long Lucid about me drinking rum with him. What a coincidence.

I am just not getting any tasks done this LC… but at least I helped obfusc8 out! (The “Sunny” song sounds hilariously awesome. :razz: ) And sorry I wasn’t more cooperative with the teleporting… it almost never works for me in dreams and I must have been afraid I’d wake you up. :razz: (Fun fact: my hair is kinda chestnut brown! :happy: In the sunlight, anyways.)

Japanese Song and I’m a “Cat” Girl - Long Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 3
Short LDs: 3
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 1

Task 1:-E Met a DC
Task 2:-E Piloted a Spaceship
Task 3: ~ none ~

Had an LD here this morning which at around 5 mins long makes it a medium one for me.

God I was on fire tonight! Claiming some LDs and tasks:

1 Medium and 1 Short LD.


  1. Look down a long corridor
  2. Subtask: The corridor is curved (well it was directly going left by the end, but I couldn t see the end.)
  3. Look out of a window into the blackness of space
  4. Wear an unusual hairstyle yourself
  5. See someone with an unusual hairstyle (well I looked at myself in the mirror so I have seen “someone”)
  • Combo?
    Completing one or more of a week’s tasks in the same dream as a task from a different week - 20 points

See the sea from a lookout (went up to the lookout but forgot to look at the sea…)
Visit a futuristic bar (tried but failed)
Subtask: The corridor has doors, pillars or bulkheads at intervals. ( I thought windows did count too so I guess it s a fail right?)

Koal Dreams Journal

Sorry for the delay in posting this week’s tasks - I’ll try to post them tomorrow.

Week 4 - Magic!

For this week, the tasks are magical/element manipulation.

I’m open to negotiation on what exactly the elements are: Paracelus in the European tradition had Fire, Air, Earth and Water; the Japanese “five greats” add The Void as a fifth element; the Chinese elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Transform into a creature associated with an element - 50 points

According to Paracelus, the creatures associated with the 4 elements were gnomes, undines (water nymph kind of thing), sylphs and salamanders. This later made its way into the AD&D Monster Manual…

You can only claim this task once: transforming into (e.g.) a gnome and then a salamander only gets you one lot of 50 points.

Air: Fly in the air - 30 points.

This one should be easy; most of you do it regularly.

Water: Swim in water - 30 points

Earth: Enter a cave or other underground space - 30 points

Another AD&D trope…

Fire: Set something on fire - 30 points

This could either be by means of magic, or some mundane means, such as a box of matches.

Smell something - 50 points

This doesn’t really fit the elements theme, but as a lot of people found this one difficult in the last LC I thought we’d give it another try,

This task will run for one week from today (Tuesday). This will be the last week of this LC.

One short LD to claim again :content:
Didn’t work out that well and had only time to fly for a few seconds before waking up…

One Task: Flying

Edit: oh right I also did the Early Combo this week :smile:

Koal44’s Dream Journal

A lucid task! OMG! :biggrin:

EDIT: Aaand I just read Task 4… So I’m claiming flying points. :razz:

Cornelia is a Pirate - Long Lucid Dream - Wore a Pirate Costume, Flew in the Air, Task 3 COMBO Task 4 EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 3
Short LDs: 3
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 2

Task 1:-E Met a DC
Task 2:-E Piloted a Spaceship
Task 3:-C Wore a Pirate Costume
Task 4:-E Flew in the Air

Had a Long LD in which I summoned James_uk2008 and did the elemental creature transformation task. I also flew and breathed fire by spitting and igniting vodka - didn’t really set anything else on fire though, so not sure if that counts for the fire task or not.

-Fly in the air.
(James_uk2008) - Transform into a creature associated with an element.

This is what I turned into (Ifrit, the Fire summon monster from the Final Fantasy series)

Don’t have a picture of what James_uk2008 became, but it looked friggin’ awesome! :cool:

Just a short lucid… nothing else… move along… move along… :razz:

Yet Another Lucid Snip - Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 3
Short LDs: 4
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 2

Task 1:-E Met a DC
Task 2:-E Piloted a Spaceship
Task 3:-C Wore a Pirate Costume
Task 4:-E Flew in the Air