Lucidity database?

Im wondering if its possible to make a page where everyone can put in what methods(main, secondary…) they use to gain lucidity, how many lucid dreams they have on average, how long they last and so on.

Then this list could for instance be sorted on how many LD’s a person have, or how long the average length is. Might be able to correlate the information to learn something new.

If this is something PasQuale or someone else could fix, would be nice to hear what other things this database should contain.

out of curiosity…what method do u use dagger? 10 ld in august…thats impressive to me…i havnt even had 10 in my life :cry:

Well, like 8 years ago I did work on getting LD for about half a year. My best month had about 12 LD’s.

Started up again about a week before august started. Got my first one 1. August :smile:

Then it`s been pretty regular after that. Think it just have to do with how much you think about it and how much you want/expect it to happen. I do alot of reality checks, nose jobs usually, and try to keep in mind to just be aware of the possibility that its a dream. I also try to remind myself that Im going to remember that im dreaming. Napping also works great.

In the start most of my LD’s were from false awakenings, now most are from me noticing that im flying and thinking this can`t be for real.

Today I flew down onto a beach, then I landed and talked to some people. I asked them why I could fly, and wondered if the air was very thick or something. Then I thought, hey this must be a dream, after all I was flying! Then I went out flying along the beach :smile:

Have to work on making them longer though :sad:

thankyou :content: i think im going to try the reality checks again and try and make them a habbit. as for your not being in a dream for too long…u may know this or not…but rub your eyes, spin, or rub your hands together. one of those will work and makes your dream longer, makes the settings different, and makes u happy :smile: ive only used the spinning method when i rarely have a LD. thankyou so much for the info!

Dagger, that’s kinda complicated because

  1. Need to define some levels of lucidity
  2. People’s skewed memories as of what lucidity they “usually” have
  3. Differing names for stuff between sites, etc
  4. Skewed towards people still interested in LDs, therefore skewed towards people interested for a long time
  5. Not taking into account sleep conditions, etc, etc however much you try

If you wish to formulate a questionaire fixing As Many As Possible of these issues, I will host it if you want, putting it into proper HTML forms and making it save the results in a database. I will let people download the database and mess with it, etc. Perhaps I will also try to find a few correlations, etc.

I think we should implement it. It allows for research and specific guides for people.

Don`t think it has to be 100% accurate, just give a general outline.

Would think an extra button on top of the page, or in the profile area would do. Like, Personal LD Data or something. Will have to think through what needs to be in it though.

general statistics could be compiled about methods, and success rates. It could take some time, but it would be well worth it.

This sounds like a cool Idea, has anyone talked to Q yet about it?

Like a survey type thing. I shall try to find a mod at

Q would have to use her test board first though, to make sure it would work.

EDIT: I couldn’t fidn a mod for it. Q woudl have to request one.

Why must it be connected so to the forum?

Anyway, I’ll look into making a mod of some sort.

Dagger, the more of those problems you have, the less accurate your results will be. We need to think about solving as many of them as possible.

Just thought it best to connect it to the forum, or else it will just fade into oblivion. Could be something people could look into to see if they could learn something from the “pros”. In the forums you hear all the time, whats the best technique, what should I do and so on.

Could also make a little Lucid Biography for each person connected to the database to fill in details.

So… anybody else got comments? Dagger, would you like to begin to draft the questionaire yourself?

Different techniques work for different people, but I’m sure you could set up a poll about which technique is best for a person. For example, I would choose “MILD/WBTB combination” on the poll…

infection0, but then you will want to weight experienced lucid dreamers against those who’ve only had 2 LDs, and then you’ll want to lighten (i.e. consider less) people who say they have “beginner’s luck”, and then

Remember, once you collect a lot of data you can analyze it down to what you want, but when you collect a little bit of data with a single poll you can never increase that data’s usefulness or reliability.

While cleaning up the “August Competitions” I noticed more ideas for this database.

It would be good to have an average number of LDs the average LD’er has a month. It’s also interesting what months or time of year has the most LDs.

r3m0t, I never trust any statistics and they can be annoying … but that doesn’t mean they are not useful. If an odd statistic jumps out at you from the database, you analyze it farther to find the reason why. It’s not totally reliable, but it’s a start on noticing anything peculiar.

DA, if people have the database and the form which was used to input stuff and information about how the survey was publicised, it isn’t too hard to make some good guesses at the biases and skews of the data. :smile:

Statistics by themselves can be pretty awful indeed. :sad:

i made a B in Statistics.

great since i never did homework and the best grade i made on a quiz was a 70, with the occasional 30, 0, 50, etc.

but… i think this is a neat idea.