Mark Goffeney - The Big Toe Band.

Mark Goffeney was born in 1969, without arms,
he plays guitar with his feet. He is lead guitarist and vocalist for the ‘Big Toe’ band and played the principal role on Fox Television’s Emmy-nominated commercial ‘Feet’.

Born in San Diego, Goffeney was raised in a musical family. By age nine he was attempting to create his own music despite his handicap, but choosing an instrument proved to be a challenge. For a while he played trombone in the school band, and then his father brought home an old guitar he had found on a work site. Goffeney asked a guitar-playing neighborhood friend for instruction. The guitar had only four strings.

With his friend’s help, Goffeney developed his own technique, learning guitar and bass. He would lay the guitar on the ground, supporting the neck with whatever he could get his feet on. He would strum with his left foot and make chords with his right. … =rec-fresh

This man,Or should i say,Superman is Amazing.

Holy cow! I’ve already seen that one before a long time ago, but it just reminds me of how much I love the guitar!

I’m learning to play the guitar myself now actually (but with my hands, mind you :razz:). But that guy is an inspiration. He plays better with his feet than I can with my hands lol. I can’t even begin to imagine how much control he must have in his toes. The kind of motor skills it takes to be able to “finger” chords and accurately pluck strings etc…

Simply amazing. And one of my favorite songs too :happy:

Truly inspirational. Nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for this guy.


Ya I’ve seen him before, he’s amazing.

Saw this video before… He did a good job of it.