Martial Arts

Anybody here into Martial Arts? Anybody? No? Dust…
Seriously, I started Aikido - Japanese martial arts - in early November, and am absolutely loving it! So I’m interested to know which dreamers out there are also into the more physical side of nature ie body building, martial etc, general fitness etc to complement our somewhat lightheaded past-time of lucid dreaming :content:

there is already a Working out topic so it would be best to keep this one to Martial Arts :thumbs: :moogle:

er, I used to do judo and was crap at it, pretty much.

I could summon a judo master in my LDs and ask him to teach me, so basically I could be teaching myself!

(Oops, I turned the thread onto LDing!)

I have been training kung fu for… hm lets se… about 4 years. I have Practiced mostly Shaolin and some Xhanchu but now im training Jeet Kune Do which is Bruce Lees way of fighting and the only thing i can say is that JKD is… somehow… perfect in the way that there is nothing which is problematic for the system itself due to its adaptive nature.

That’s awesome Snape! I’ve been taking Aikido for two years and a few months now, and I’m still loving it. The way of harmony is the best way in my opinion!

I’ve been doing Tae Kwon Do for about 3 years…I’m getting close to getting my black belt. :colgate:

Two of my friends do Ishunryu (Don’t know if I spelled that right…) One is good, and he’s fun to spar…as for the other, she lacks balance and coordination…

It’s interesting to see how different people have different styles in Aikido, it seems to really match the personality.

Or the teacher…hehe. I went from a fourth dan who focused on the less tangible ki idea of aikido and always stressed being comfortable to the other end of the spectrum with my current teacher who stresses practicality.

But you’re right, even in the style under the teacher, there are subsets for the student.For example, I found myself using shi ho nage a lot when we did randori (multiple attackers) last thursday. My freind did a lot of ichyo and another student kept doing kotagashi based defenses. Funny how that happens.

Reviving an old thread I know - but I have just come back from an Aikido Gasshuku was absolutely fantastic! :yes:
I’m interested to read others experiences with Gasshuku’s (martial arts camps) etc, especially those of you who are or have trained in Aikido. So if anyone has a blog related to Martial Arts, it would be great if you shared the link :content:

For fellow Aikidoka who may be interested to read about my Aikido training, Gasshuku, and related experiences, feel free to visit: My Aikido blog.


i do judo, ive been doing it for… 6 years
(yay judo) im a green belt and its one of my few talents :content:

I do Tae Kwon Do and love it! Only a yellow belt (been doing it for only one year and a bit), though, but working hard. In fact, I’ve got a class this very afternoon. Woohoo!

Little britain is just so frigging awesome! :rofl:

I’m doing a little kickboxing :smile: Got an orange belt atm :smile:

I tried doing Tae Bo, which is more of a workout then martial arts…

I was out of breath and couldn’t do much of it! But it was fun! LOL. :happy: If no one else was there XD

i studied muy thia for a while then just adapted it to a form of street fighting(yeah dirty i know) but as for traditional studying i did karate when i was younger but i want to get into a muy thai camp and study as much as possible.

I’ve been in taekwondo since i was 6. I’ve done some teaching for my instructor and i go back to train every now and then. I stopped when i hit 3rd degree black belt, because i had been at it for so long i wanted a break. I plan to go back and get my 4th degree black in a year or so and maybe open my own place up but that will depend on what the future throws at me.

i was in hapkido for about a year, and then got tired of it. It wasn’t the right style for me.

I just started ken po, And i LOVE IT. It is more what i have been looking for.

I’ve been practicing White Crane Kung Fu for little more than a year and I am actually off due to knee problem…

Fun thing, I once had a dream about a combination of two movements, and when I tried it IRL, it was feel exactly as in the dream and worked very well. Even if it was a ND, it had some “impact” or influence on Real Life.

I guess practicing any sport or activity while Lucid Dreaming would have greater direct impact on Real Life technique / method.

I’ve been practicing Taekwondo for about 10 years now, I just recieved my 4th degree black belt last october, man that was a grueling test! :cry: I absolutely love it, competing in tournaments is a blast. I could open my own dojo, if only I had the money :grrr: Oh well guess I’ll focus on becoming a metal guitar legend!! :cool:

Wow, I’m hoping to be a famous guitarist too! Hopefully I don’t screw it up like some people…

But I did Karate when I was 7, and I hated it. I’ve been trying to find a martial art for me, but no luck so far.

i TOTALLY want to do that crazy Japanese martial arts with the deadly fans

that is awesome!

*TRJR read about it in a book of random facts :wink:

Hmmm well have you ever heard of Capoeira? It’s a brazilian martial art that is unlike any other martial art in the world, extremely entertaining but requires a lot of agility.