Working out

^,^ I’m also interested in hearing how everyone here exercises routine. Ya’know? I would like to know what is effective and what are good ways to keep going. I’ve heard and tried many different things, and I would like to see what routine works best ^,^ Understand?

.< Trung of Wu’s workout as of late:

I would like to change that! Also, I wanna know what kinda stuff you do. Indeed!

You may be like :eh: , but I assure you it can be quite interesting and make you go :happy: !

Thank you very much!

[color=darkblue]I share your problem! I really wanted to gain a bit more muscle and I’ve stopped and started so many times you wouldn’t believe!

I have some small weights at home and a few more odds and sods but I’ll tell you what is the best way to start your motivation: Pay for a gym subscription- just go out and do it at your local gym, that way you won’t be able to back out (since you will have already paid and will not want to lose out on your investment!)

Then, I personally am going to plan that I will go on my only two free days (Monday and Tuesday and Sunday). That way I have a routine to stick to and once you get into a routine it is much easier to get motivated. I also suggest possibly buying some health supplements as taking them will not only help your fitness and diet but get you motivated because you will be doing things properly.

Make it an enjoyable and social thing as well by trying to get as many of your friends to join as you can and try and go at a time that suits you all.

Finally, just remember to not work too hard and get plenty of sleep, because this is your rebuild time and is just as important as the workout itself.

I know how you feel though. Getting motivated can be a pain…[/color]

Depends what you want to achieve.

So, let me know what you want to achieve, body building…huge muscles… etc?
being generally toned, some muscle, trim body… ?
being an athlete…able to run long distances?

If its just general working out then ide advise going for jogs, bike riding, and some light weight work, theres haeps of things you can do with weights and depends what u have (or if u go to a gym)

I used to go to the gym twice a week at least, but I couldn’t affoard to keep my membership, so now, I just go for bike rides whenever I get the chance.

i use to train with grippers few times a week (i always have em on desk so whenever im bored -> grip work), i also do chinups and push-ups daily and train with dumbbells and girya now and then…

oh, and ofcourse i do lumberjacking and such “easy” stuff normally on weekends :slight_smile:

/me agrees.

Although walking around uni campus with heavy books in a bag is a bit of a workout, I suppose, not to mention walking to and from the busstop every day. Normally, however, when I want to lose weight I just cut down on meal sizes.

Before may this year I had done no workout for the previous uhm… 7 years or so… Started lifting weights since I’ve always liked it and since I hate to run anything longer than 100 meters

And as usual when I do something I read up alot on it first so I’ll do it properly. So I spent a lot of time reading about bodybuilding/weightlifting. I’m too cheap to go to a gym and I already had some weights/dumbell/barbells at home so I’m doing all my training at home and it works very well too. I only do compound exercises so I don’t have to do that many different ones. My workout it split up so legs/abs/back on monday and arms/upper body on tuesday. And then repeat on thursday/friday.

One thing I’ve found is that it’s not necessary to do lots of exercise and sets. I do 1 or 2 sets for every excercise and I can increase the weight I use every week and still do the same amount of reps.

During the past 5 months I’ve gained about 5kg of muscle and lost about 3kg of fat :grin: though not at the same time… And I’ve gained lots of strength too. So if you need any advice about lifting weights you can ask me or stranger. Although I might be slow to answer since I don’t really come here any more. It’s moogle’s fault that I came here this time :wink:

I should be working out more.

LAtely me and a mate started kickboxing, but we both work on thursdays and 1 out of 2 exercises is on tuesday.

Im thinking of taking 1 kickboxing and 1 karate per week.

But im having so bad time lately :sad:

Hey Jarod, great to see your working out is… working out for you :happy:

Yeah I still work out myself, at the gym 3-4 times a week (although working out at home can be just as good or better at times, for different reasons),

I totally agree with you about not doing too many sets… I usually do 2-3 sets, but it depends on what I do.

Seems you have a good technique and process going Jarod.
Anyway, yeah, im happy to help anyone with their workout/diet, ive been training for over 5 years.

I have been trying to gain muscle mass lately so I have been eating tons of protien and have been doing pushups, chin ups, diamands, sit ups, and squats.

I’ve been working out for quite a while…

to begin try doing a longer workout like 2 hours with decent intensity (Basicly doing all the stuff almost to faliure with max weight but not hitting it and no dropsets or static holds after it)
because you are a beginner and you can hardly recuit only 60% of your muscle to a given excersise at will and only send weak signals (if you really want to get into how the nerves work or anythign else PM me or something I dont want to write too much about it)
so you need to work otu mroe time and probably the first year do full body workouts and not splits …

Suppose you work with BW excersises and have no acess to a gym which is fine if you got soem dicent equipment try to do the following (max intensity you can muster for 10 reps)

5 sets of ten reps per excersise with any rest time you are comfortable with to lift max weight again while not doing all the 5 sets one after another but switching excersises (I could explain why but it takes too much time to write it)

You should probably not do any isolated movement since it’s as beneficial to you as working out while asleep XD

instead work out thoose movements:
Leg pull (Lunges with soem weight prolly)
Leg press ( Squats one leg squats )
rowing (Chinups pulups vertical chinups)
Pressing foreward (Pushups dips etc)
pressing up (Bent pushups handstand pushups)
and I don’t reccomend to work out your abs unless they are really small underneath , many people work thier abs too much and end up having oversized abs especialy with girls who htink it willl make thier stomach flat

and oviously you need some cardio it has much more benefits then fat burn and stuff like health benefits and faster recovery… I reccomend jump rope swimming and rowing

threadmills and elipticals are evil

anyway read this for any information about the excersises I mentioned:
link removed, since the website had an online store
oviously you can jsut sign up to a gym(Try to find a good one many gyms really waste your time by reccomendign crappy workouts) and not work otu with bodyweight excersises , and oviously don’t stay on a caloric deflict to get lean or anythign since you will end up in a worse shape then some people who don’t work out at all.

:cool_laugh: I have the same exact routine as you! :woot: Other than the list of none, at least I go for the occasional walk. :shrug:

I don’t even watch my weight all that much to begin with; at least I still somehow manage to look good. :confused:

I only check mine when I can visibly see myself getting fatter. :razz: I love my food, so I eat a lot, but I have a “panic” weight of 57 kilograms (normally I weigh 54 or 55) - whenever I hit that, I cut down on meals until I lose the weight. I figure it’s better to prevent getting fat than to wait until it’s actually there.

Speaking of which, I just hit 57 again today, so it looks like it’s diet time! :content:

Eat minimal amounts of eat, minimal amounts of cheese and dairy, drink low fat milk and take out things like ham and salami from your sandwiches

eat more vegetablse and greens, pasta is OK but be careful as it often has lots of fatty ingrediants, Rice is GREAT,

And do some excercise,… it works :smile:

Ah thanks for all the replies! The all came in a matter of like; a day and a half?

I suppose I didn’t clarify huh?
I am thin; But I also lack alot of muscle. I want to work on definition, and gaining some muscle, but not a whole lot. Just enough to hold my body weight very well in many different positions.

Thanks for all the replies!

54 ? :eek:

Thats 1/2 of what i weigh :help:

My exercise is Le Parkour.

In fact, parkour is the reason I haven’t been on the internet much in the last few months. Instead, I’ve been climbing on monkey bars and leaping over picnic tables.

Fun :tongue:

I find that eating rice regularly actually puts on the weight. It’s all carbohydrates. I gained four kilos in Japan in four months (pretty drastic weight gain for me), and I mostly blame it on all the rice I ate. I had rice for lunch and dinner every day, and rice in my snacks - sometimes even rice for breakfast! Japanese food is so healthy that there was little else it could have been! (It was so good, though, that rice. Mmmm!)

PS: Day one of diet went well - I’ve already lost 800 grams so far!

You really need to eat healthy fats (most people panic from fats including healthy oils like fish oils and olive oils etc and as a result ahve eevn mroe unbalanced nutrition and put on mroe fat)
Also eat more protein , protein is great because usually if your body doesn’t need it it will flush it out for protein to become fat it can take up to 50% of the calories in it , and ovioualy the body is madeo ut of protein therefore the more you eat the better (That myth about kidnes is yet another false roumor)Untrained people should eat about 0.5-8 g per pound and trainees should eat anything from a pound per pound a day to three pounds depends on what are thier activities , bodybuilding and other high intensity activities need oviously bigger protein boost.
also meal timing amount of calories , vitamins , minerals , fiber and even types of protein and carbs the person doing it (You can only give harmfull presice deiting guideliens on the internet because of this)

therefore that dude who gave the advice about not eating dairy and eating grains etc this advice is really invalid and should not be practiced ,

also about rice… uhh rice is pure carbonhydrate with medium GI , eating lots of it can fatten you up but you can add it to any meal that you want to eat carbs on like breakfast till anythign you eat before 6pm

(By the way for any person 6 meals is a recomended medium 4 meals is the minumum and people looking to either gain muscle and even leand down and take effort into it 10 meals are reccomended by some oviously or proportionate size for most people that means what they already eat since I see many people eating as if they liev in a 3rd world nation and eblivign that eating anything more then 2000 calories is what going to make them fat)

also a very valid advice here sicne it’s a lucid dreaing forum eat you heaviest meals on dinner , ever heard of the word food coma? well that’sa very good way to induce good sleep basicly you eat 0 carb fat+protein meal like fish a salad with olive oil and some dairy(by the day dairy is excelent at night because it’s made of casein protein)
will make you sleepy very fast and will not make you hyper active with mood swings like carbonhydrates do.

oh and also NEVER EVER workout at night or 4~ hours before sleep if you want good sleep

wah that was long… anyawy I hope people find soem usefull advice here although diet should have it’s own thread.

Go treeplanting… although this will probably ruin your body.