me and melatonin

Woohoo :cool_laugh: I finally found some melatonin. I was always looking under sleeping pills for the stuff but couldnt find it at any stores. I had asked numerous people where it was before but all I got was blank stares. If you can’t find it try looking under vitamins plus or vitamins section or whatever. Does anyone know what the advantages of taking thi stuff sublingually are? Is that the method where u just put it under your tounge?
Anyone have recommended doses? Im probably gonna take more than just the 3 mg’s that it suggests. Any thing that you people like to mix it with?..Post any extra info you got on taking the stuff.
J05h :shy:

Please don’t take more than 3mg.

1mg sublingually is enough to get the full effects. More is bad. Really bad. Melatonin is a hormone, not an herb. Taking too much is REALLY a VERY BAD IDEA. Did I mention taking too much is bad?

Sublingual melatonin is better because it is more rapidly absorbed by the salivary glands, instead of just passing through the digestive system. Such is the case for many herbs.

The body’s melatonin cycle can be damaged by:

1.) an electrical outlet near your bed.
2.) an alarm clock by your head.
3.) other electromagnetic devices near where you sleep.

To offset such damaging environmentals, simply take off your shoes and socks once a day and have a stroll in the grass. I’m not joking.

Oh, and if your melatonin production is upset, then so if your seratonin production, which keeps you a happy person.

This is funny, I own a Clarus Q-Link Pendant, and I must say when you first start wearing it, it makes you really, and I mean “noticeably” more relaxed. If you are in contact with alot of electromagnetic devices you may want to check them out! Hey, they do work. And they could help you sleep better also not disturbing your hormones, interesting. Your brain, specifically your limbic system are highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Go to the site and check it out, they work but they are expensive.

uhhh oops i took 6 mg of melatonin last night…uhhh then i read on here dont take more than 1mg…damn uhhh what should i do? the 6 mg i injested were done with a capsule. i took 2 3 mg capsules. I didnt do them sublingually so will i still be ok? should i go walk in the grass without any shoes on?..if so for how long? i feel ok right now its 7 pm and about 20 hours after i took em…uhh i also took 500 mg of valerian root extract…effects last night…well i dont remember very much ummm i woke up a lot…like 7 times but thats all i remember…lol oh well im feeling ok right now so hopefully i didnt screw anything up to bad
Should I take some seratonin?
Th4nks f0r inf0,
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I found some info on a website about doses so I think I am gonna be OK. : Dosage
The appropriate dose can vary enormously from person to person. Dr. Pierpaoli, a leading melatonin researcher, has successfully used dosages ranging from 0.1 to 200 mg. That’s a 2000-fold difference between the lowest dose and the highest! Several intelligent melatonin users we know started by taking 3 mg at 11 p.m., and then adjusted the dose from there. If they found that they slept well but were drowsy in the morning, they cut the dose in half. If they found the dose had little or no sleep-inducing effect, they increased the dose by 3 mg each night until they got the desired effect. We have received reports from one person who gets good results from less than one milligram, and several from people who use in the vicinity of 20 mg. Most people get good results with doses between 3 and 10 mg.

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Lets pray now:)


I took 1mg sublingually last night and had one of the most reallistic dreams ever, and although I woke up twice or so, the dreams all took place in the same setting and basically carried on from earlier.

Wow Davion, where do you get all of your stuff? You seem knowledgable about many things, what is your profession? … or do you just use very well. :smile:

What do you know about this? It’s absurdly strange! but I completely believe you. :content:

How exactly does electromagnetic fields affect your melatoin levels?

Recently, I had a very intense experience happen to me. I’d fallen asleep with a subwoofer on my bed, next to my head. The subwoofer is not magnetically sheilded and has a very powerful magnet inside. I went to bed after staying up way past my bedtime. but as I went to sleep it felt like I remained conscious until I entered a dreamscape. I thought I was just perfecting my WILD method, and was impressed. The moment seemed very intense. It was almost loud and powerful. I felt like I was being drawn out of my body, up out the top of my head. I thought I was about to have an OBE, so I just tried to relax. Milliseconds go by until the moment was so intense that I just instantly woke up and sat up. I looked around and seen my head was lying next to the subwoofer. I was certain that the magnet was affecting me and I slung it in the floor.

It was a wild experience but uncomfortable, kinda like talking on cell phones too long or standing next to a microwave. I just felt like I was warping my brain. So I assumed my “intense experience” was either induced by my fear of “micro/electrowaves” affects on the body, or it was the actual magnet warping my head. :shrug:

PS. I should mention, that I was aware that the subwoofer was by my head as I went to sleep. I first thought to move it, I didn’t like the thought of the magnet that close to my head, but I was too tired.

I think thats when you swallow the pill, when taking under toungue its more dangerous with high doses, cause your body cant get rid of it.

taking too much one time isn’t going to kill you. But in the future, you might want to try a smaller sublingual dose. You won’t get the good effects unless you do it sublingually anyway.

somebody asked where I get this stuff… some of it is from personal study, but the vast majority is by talking to other people (doctors, practitioners, etc) and reading research studies, some of which are available online, others at the library.

:confused: Uh, yeah. .? that was me.

So, how does electromagnets effect melatonin?

Is it harmful or helpful?

Duh! Silly me. I forgot to ask my main question.

Is walking barefoot in the grass good for your melatonin levels? Or are you suggesting that it “grounds” you out from the magnetisim?

This is strange.

Luckily I walk barefoot most of the time, even in the snow sometimes … it feels funny.

Does it have to be grass though? or can it be bare dirt?

If only my feet had a handy “degauss” button like my monitor. :wink:

Dreeam Addict : You mean to tell me that your feet don’t have a degauss button?. . . I thought that everyone had one?. . . :cool_laugh: I was wondering about the same thing with the whole grass deal but I never saw Davion write any more about it. Maybe instead of walking without my shoes on in the park, I could just take all of my clothes off and roll around on the ground or down a small hill. That would most definitly increase my melatonin levels. . . right? :eh: I’m not sure if people around me would enjoy it to much though.
Anything for a Lucid Dream!
J05h :shy:

Hey Josh,

Remember me? I am PVD from the irc chat room. My name is Josh too and we talked once. I just wanted to let you know that Melatonin can have a really bad side effect. I use to take about 3mgs a night. It helped at first. Than after a few months I couldnt get to sleep as easy any more unless I took them. Once you stop taking them you are probably going to have trouble going to sleep without them if you take Melatonin everynight. Well that is all. I just wanted you to know about that before you get too crazy with Melatonin :wink: .

Yeah, and that is because your body has stopped producing melatonin because it became accustomed to the fact that you were feeding it melatonin regularly.

That is what we refer to as CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY.

It’s hardly worth doing it regularly, isn’t it?

Woohoo I had a lucid dream!
I didnt take any melatonin last night either…I dont think I am gonna mess with the melatonin any more. I don’t want to mess any of my sleeping up. I am so stoked about the Lucid Dream. I wasnt like fully lucid but I was like hey I think this is a dream. And then I was like yea it is!!! :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: . I looked at my hands and my voice sounded all funny. I was on a trampoline and not jumping but it was swaying up and down. I got really excited and the scene slowly blacked out. I started seeing another scene with a street light. Well I woke up and fell back asleep. I had another dream (not lucid) where fred durst was hitting on some girl and he was singing some song about (without you) and it was bad ass and it had a cool tune to it. I woke up again and fell back asleep this time I had like 3 false awakenings in a row. After the first one I knew the second 2 were fake cuz I saw the clock all fucked up. I got lots more to write and i hadone other dream after that but I got to get to class.
Me and Melatonin Final Verdict: Don’t need it. Case Closed :happy:
Im so happy I got a LD :cool_laugh:
J05h :shy:

Ill be happy to have the leftovers you have there then:)

Well done Josh:)Congratullations!!:slight_smile:

I am thrilled you have discovered you don’t need substances to help you. There is nothing wrong with some of them, but it’s so much more fulfilling to enjoy a lucid dream through mental work, not the ‘quick fix’ of drugs/herbs, etc.


I’m in love with melatonin