Meaning of Life

What do You think is the meaning of life?

the most important way to ask is

do you know ?

Noone knows and i guess no1 will ever know he meaning of life, you can only draw your own conclusions, i guess thats why its what do YOU think it is, not do you know what it is lol

i donnt really think there is a meaning of life, tho i dont belive in destiny or anything likewise, i just think you choose your own paths day by day and make your own meaning in life

Hmm, well, I do believe that the definite answer to this, if there is one, may never be found. But the way I see it, I guess the meaning of life has two parts. The “one size fits most” part would be that I suppose the meaning of life is simply to be happy. The “subjective” part is just that–subjective. Each individual person can think of their own answer. Most of my life is about music (specifically drumming), followed by love. So music and love is basically the meanings of my life…if that makes sense. :razz:

mine is very close to yours, love(my long term partner… well long term being a year and 7 months as far but im only 17 so shh lol) and my electric guitar :smile:

The objective of life in general is to survive, to spread and improve.

As for the meaning…mine has no fixed meaning. I’d feel a prisoner if it had one. If someone told me “Ok, you’re going to be a human. Before you die do this, that, that, this, this, and that”. Or “You’re going to be a human, so you’re supposed to blah blah blah”. Hell no.

I find life having a set, universal, clear meaining and there being the same, definite answer to that question for everyone an old, needless concept. Why do people need to be told what to do with their lives? Why can’t it be that there’s no meaning to life?

And people always assume that if life is meaningless, then it has no value, blah blah crawling in my skin blah. While being blissfully ignorant about how much time and effort it took for them to be where and what they are now, just to name something that gives life what they think it doesn’t have if all of the above.

Meaning =/= value, worth, etc.

“Meaning” is a man-made concept. Nature made you, not the other way round. It’s not a given that all human concepts must apply to nature.

Life can very well be a sandbox. And it’s fine by me. I don’t know the “meaning of life” and I don’t care to know it.

Be a little creative.

“Meaning” of life is to enjoy it. Life is short, and death can’t exist the same time you do, anyways. Money has no meaning, it only means what we think it does. Life, now life is one of the few things that still has a meaning.

Meaning of life. Huh, to find your own purpose in this world.

I don’t think there is a meaning. Just an accidental occurence, followed by a sign saying “Sorry for the inconvenience” just after you die.

Well, okay, no sign, but I honestly think there is no meaning to life. After all, everything in the world will be destroyed some day by time or by a species, or indeed by the Earth being pulled into the sun by its gravitational field. So, all in all, every single bit of human endeavour is completely pointless because none of it will make a permanent mark.

Still, living can be fun.


The meaning of life is whatever you wish it to be.

damn someone already said 42 :razz:… oops i mean darn

oh and i don’t believe life has a “meaning”. I don’t think asking what the meaning of life is even makes sense. Does it make sense to ask what the meaning of a potatoe is? You could ask the purpose of life maybe, but the meaning? I honestly believe that there is no purpose to life, and IF there is a god(which i doubt) that it does not concern itself with the matters of humans, and we were created by the course of events caused by the laws which the god created.

Edit: I keep wanting to rant on and on about this :happy: got loads more to say, but I think i should stop before I get too carried away

Hahaha :thumbs: :tongue: Ofcourse!!

I feel like that sometimes too :smile: .

Oh, I don’t think there is a real meaning for life either, it’s just what you make of it.

Meaning" of life is to enjoy it. Life is short, and death can’t exist the same time you do, anyways. Money has no meaning, it only means what we think it does. Life, now life is one of the few things that still has a meaning.

People always say that and then they say…oh, i want to travel the world and climb everest, and do all this other stuff that you of course, need a ton of money to do.

Well as a Christian I’d have to say I believe the meaning of life is to glorify God and live in relationship with Him.

Hmm…the meaning of life is to live life to the fullest and never regret it. :cool:

I think the meaning of life varies with the person.
different peoples lives have different meanings. Thats why we all grow up different. If we all had the same meaning in life, then god would have made us all the same.

Personally I think my meaning in life is to make others happy.
I Also think My meaning of life is taking care of family. Looking out for others. I think Family is the most important thing on the Earth.

Whatever it is, if any, it is not universal.

Glorify him? Why, is he an egoist :eek: ?

short answer…

there is no meaning.
there’s no god telling you what to do.
you may as well find a few things that interest you here and spend your life doing them.