Merging with a DC

I’ve seen on another post that Bruno talked about a “gestalt method” according to which you enter a dream character in order to know what he thinks instead of trying to discuss with him.

I don’t know if this is really a gestalt method cause I’ve already heard about it before. One year ago, Flo talked about this on the forum I think. She used to call this “merging with a DC”. The technique she used was asking it to merge and bringing her head nearer to the DC’s one so that they will merge or sometimes exchange their role.

From this time, I didn’t see anything like this on the forum. Perhaps Julian Iron tried this method. I haven’t. Did someone try this?

I can remember a topic about this on the old LD4all forum! It was one of the first ones that i posted in.

The technique was about merging with a DC to gain access to the DC’s memories. Experiencing those memories, and seeing the dream worlsd through the eyes of the DC, could apparently make the dream seem very long, as you would experience all of the DC’s memories as a dream memory. How it was done “physically”, I can’t remember. I don’t think there was any clear explanation of it, and the member who posted it (James, I think?) doesn’t exist on this forum.

Well, I have tried. It’s quite private, the whole thing, I rather not share. I didn’t try the exact gestalt technique, but rather a meditation exercise in which I tried to visualize from a DC’s point of view…

Maybe it was something similar to what Flo did, I’d like to read more about that, do you have the link to that old thread or a backup of it?

The result was increadible, but it took me loooong time to manage to feel like the DC. It was one long afternoon.

I found some of her posts. They are not so many, you can find them all easily. She said that transfering your conscience into a DC is very easy. Here are some of her posts:

[url]dream characters killing - #36 by flo]
[url]Has anybody done this before? - #13 by flo]
[url]dream characters killing - #30 by flo]

She didn’t give here many precise directions on how to do this. :sad: What I said to you above is what I’ve read from her french DJ. Yet this girl is very interested in fantastic books and movies with monsters like Alien, Dark Vador, etc. so don’t be surprised too much by the content of her dreams. :wink:

And I wouldn’t say that all what she says is absolutely true. I think there are some strong beliefs about dreams in this (but I’m far less experienced than her! :content: ). She could have reviewed some opinions but I’m not sure.

By the way, it can really be a gestalt method cause she met Paul Tholey indeed.