MILD issues

When I attempt MILD, I have to imagine myself in a recent dream reaching a certain point and becoming lucid, though this is very difficult to focus my mind on this thought, I end up getting distracted with other thoughts and important things going on in life. What do I do?

I often have a similar experience, where I’ll be using a mantra and then get distracted by making up stories in my head and stuff. What I do is I try to just focus on my mantra for like maybe a solid 5 minutes where I try to really connect emotionally to the mantra, and after that, I let my mind wonder and fall asleep that way instead of trying to do the mantra until I fall asleep.


My MILD attempts are basically the same, too. I don’t manage to focus on the auto suggestion until I fall asleep and sort of give up because of that. I should try to do it as @Splash said, maybe it’ll actually work then :smile:

What is your mantra like? The traditional MILD is about continuing a previous dream and become lucid in that. But personally I find that very difficult and instead follow a more generic DILD approach in my MILD sessions, where basically any dream will do. What is your technique?

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I use a generic mantra (“I will wake up in a dream/I am dreaming”), then I try to calm myself for a bit, and I try to see myself becoming lucid in the most recent dream I had, typically I will repeat this for a good 10 mins, if I don’t get distracted that is :laughing:

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