MILD Mantras

What does everyone use for your Mnemonic when attempting a MILD?
I find
“The Next Time I’m Dreaming I Will Remember I’m Dreaming”
“I Will Recognise The Next Dreamsign I See”
work rather well.

well, i like to keep my mantras short, so i dont forget what the word is and start traveling off in thaught. Mine go liek this

if im attempting to get my recall up, i do
“i will remember my dream” or “i will remember my dream when i wake up”

If im trying to go lucid, i go:
“im dreaming” “I will know i am dreaming”

I also use short mantras. Something like “100… This is a dream [or sometimes “I’m dreaming”]… 99… This is a dream…”.
When I reach zero, I just start again, but I’ve never got to that point yet :smile:

When you do MILD, do you rather stick to “mantras” or do you also do visualisation?


I usually do Mantra’s, but tried a visualisation the other night (earlier that day I saw a jack of hearts on the sidewalk, and did a RC automatically, because it was so weird) So I used the image of the jack of hearts on the sidewalk.

Grizzled, you didn’t tell us if the visulization worked for you.

For MILD I use the mantra,“The next time I am dreaming, I WILL remember to recognize that I am dreaming.”

I always use vizulizations as it greatly reinforces the MILD technique. WIth visulizations I have about a %95 success rate. :cool:

Without vizulizations I have maybe a 30% success rate. :sad:

Sorry about that. Unfortunatly the technique did not work, but I don’t have an amazing LD rate, (maybe 1-2/month). I am improving on that I think though.

I had this really long one once… it went a little something like this…

“The next time I fall asleep I will dream of a white dove. When I see a white dove I will realize that I am dreaming.”

I would repeat it over and over and hold a vision of the white dove. I did it for a week… repeating it to myself all the time. I was having a patch of bad dream recall however and I don’t know if I actually dreamed of the dove or not.

I think a more reliable way to do MILD is to remind yourself to do a RC as you fall asleep. You will have to urge to do it, but you remain asleep and when you enter a dream you will eventually remember to do it. I also try to visualize myself doing the RC and getting the usual results that I would if I was dreaming. In my case, everytime I see my hand, the fingers are all wavy when I stare long enough.

Hey, could you please tell us what kind of visualization do you use, lucidity master?


For LDs I use:
“Next time I’m dreaming I will realise I’m dreaming”

For recall I use:
“I’m going to dream now, and when I wake up I will remember my dreams”

I usually accompany recall with visualisation, haven’t tried LDs with it yet though. My visualitsation often gives me an FA, helping me to remember my dream in the real awakening.

When I do MILD as I’m falling asleep, I use “I’m going to dream now, I’m in a dream, I’m aware of my dream.”

I usally just go “I willl remember my dreams, and i will realize that i am dreaming”

however so far i have had no LD, but i will tonight!!!

Usually “next time I’m dreaming I’ll realize that I’m dreaming”. Strangely I say this in english in my head :smile:

Another thing I like to remind myself of is that, “Inside this room, all of my dreams become reality”. My favourite quote from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory :smile:

Right now. I am writing a story and I need to piece parts of the story together so I try to LD. When I want to LD, my mantra usually is “I am (Enter name of character here)” and then “I am dreaming”. It hasn’t been that successful… Yet…

any1 here achieved an LD from this mantra mild technique yet

I have. Without any reason at all, the idea that I’m dreaming pops into my head and off I go.

Wow MeZergy, that’s a cool idea!

I love to write too, and I was trying to think of how I could use lucid dreams to help with that. So I intend to play out “scenes” from the story in my LDs and see how my unconcious thinks the characters would act since it probably knows them better than my concious mind.

What are you writing about?

I find to use the MILD technique I have to be very tired. Almost like im fighting to stay awake. This way I instantly fall asleep once i let myself.
Doing this is how i got my first LD.

and i usually just have the intention of having a lucid dream.