For the past 3 nights I have done MILD when I go to bed, telling myself things like, “I will have a lucid dream”, and , “I will become lucid while dreaming”. All three times my internal clock decided to wake me up about 6 hours after I fall asleep. The first night I barely got out of bed, went to the bathroom, then went straight back to sleep thinking about lucidity. It worked :grin: . But the past two nights I wake up too much and cant fall asleep again for a long time. My question is why do you think my MILD is causing WBTB and what I should do to either fix it or make it work.

ps I really don’t like getting up for half an hour at 4am to read about lucidity then go back to bed. It doesn’t work well for me.

Well, first, you may associate MILD with WBTB in your mind (it is very reasonable, for increased chances), so you set yourself up for waking up in the middle of the night.

Besides, if you wake up too much, you only have to stay more still when you wake up :tongue: and do a roll over or two if needed to get your sleep back. If you’re still too awake, there are plenty of useful advices on the insomnia topic, particularly relaxation techs.

Thanks. I’ll try that :smile: