Insomnia - Can't sleep!

I dont know I think me I fall asleep more quickly…

At least for AP im sure because its proved that relaxing get better and better after time.

Hahaha, i can only feel asleep in my dreams!

If i try some techiniques told here, i can get a 3 hour sleep!
(I happened…)

The night seems to be most active part of the day for me, even if my body is exausted.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

hahaha, I think that noticing Im asleep may work as a RC for me!!

The key is not to think about trying to sleep. If you keep thinking thoughts like, “I just gotta get to sleep or I’ll be useless tomorrow”, you’ll only stress yourself out. It’s actually good to let your thoughts wander when you’re tired because you’ll often wander right to sleep.

Odds are though, if you can’t sleep you just aren’t tired physically. You said after school you are exhuasted, well it’s probably just your mind is exhausted and your body feels the same way. I get that same thing after work. The best home-grown, Bona-fide way to solve that issue is as simple as it is challenging: exercise! I always, whether I feel like it or not, go for a mile walk after work. It not only eases my worktime stresses but also effectively uses up my excess energy. Motivation is the only problem with this, so you’re just going to have to force youself to get to it. It’s well worth it in the end, and I can fall asleep with no drugs or intoxicants in roughly a half hour almost every night because I don’t have the day’s stresses hanging over me and I am physically exhausted.

ok, just wondering, I had a case of not-sleeping until 7 in the morning the other day, then i had an LD, then last night I didn’t sleep again. (which was annoying, as I have an Arctic Monkeys tonight, and i go back to school tommorow) :wallhit:

Anything significant?

I’m like that to, I feel like I get more done after midnight than during the rest of the day. I think part of the reason is that there’s nobody else awake to distract you. It’s also a lot easier to get to sleep after staying up until 2:30 doing your English homework.

I’ve been giving up LDing for a while, because I have a horrible insomnia.

I’ve been couping with an increasing number of sleepless nights due to insomnia. I seem to find some relief in Tylenol PM but I think I might be borderline addicted to it, and it’s not the placebo effect, I tested it. I can barely stand these summer days spent idle, in fact going back to college in August will be a godsend. It’s just the lack of brainwork, I need to have something to work on you know? I’ve had to go to a larger library since I read almost all of the books in the science section since the summer began…I just don’t know what it is, I think I need a quiet vacation. My favorite retreat is Camden/Rockport, Maine.

I don’t usually have insomnia problems, except for occasional nights when I wake up at 2-ish and don’t fall back asleep for hours and hours on end. However, I do have trouble falling back asleep if I awaken when there’s light in the sky. Even with the shades totally closed, I can tell if there’s light outside and the sun being up makes it difficult to fall asleep again. I suppose it’s mostly psychological. I’ve always had a hard time taking naps for the same reason. Any suggestions?

I searched for Kava at wikipedia and I must say, it sounds fantastic! I’ve been having trouble sleeping a lot and use melatonin and warm milk, but I still have trouble sleeping. This kava herbal tea thingy sounds like just the thing I need!

Normally, when I sleep in my bedroom it takes me about 2 hrs to fall asleep but as soon as I change environment (i.e. sleep on couch, in a hotel, at a friend’s place) it cuts it down to about 10min.

Does anyone else get this? Any ideas why?

I expereince the same exact thing. Now normally it doesnt take me 2 hours, but the prinipal of taking less time to fall asleep when somwhere else still holds true for me. To be honest i have no idea why this is. Never really thought about it… :neutral:

I bought some today. I had a cup earlier, and am drinking a cup right now before bed. The taste isn’t that good, but it is relaxing and makes me tired. I’ll post again tommorow to tell you if it affected my dream recall (which has been bad lately) or anything like that.

I did fall asleep quicker than normal, but it had no effect on dream recall or lucidity.

The fact that it took you nearly 3 days to reply may indicate that it REALLY helps you sleep!

I have the same problem. I usually manage to fall asleep in 1 or 2 hrs. When there’s been a problem with my room (like when a nest of wasps invaded) and I’ve slept somewhere else, i get to sleep almost instantly. I have no clue why. :confused: I think I’ll do a little research into it…

I’ve struggled with insomnia my whole life. If it didn’t take me 3 to 4 hours to go to bed, I would wake in the middle of the night and take a couple hours at least to get back to sleep. It’s not mental really. Doctors will tell me it is all in my head, which may be true. For me it isn’t. I can be daydreaming stress-free not thinking of a thing and not fall to sleeo. I can see some nights when it stresses me out that I can’t sleep, because I’m worried I won’t fall asleep or get enough sleep.

Doctor of mine told I just need a habit to fall asleep. We discussed the placebo of how I needed nighttime tea to get the sleep every night. Tea does work! Chamomile, Passion Flower, Lavender, Valerian, St. John’s Wort-- all herbal remedies whether Tea, Oil, Bodywash, or whatever to help support sleep. Melatonin, an OTC to help build melatonin in your body right before bed (supposed to be used in the morning, so your body builds enough of it for at night). Tylenol PM, knocks you out before bed, yet dependable and if continued --I got some side effects. Exercise, Working, Hypnosis, Reading books, hot baths.

All/Any of these things work well with anyone who have low-mild insomnia or just a struggle to sleep. For those with mild-to-severe insomnia, perscription drugs may be the only help people can get. If that doesn’t work, like my dear good friend of mine, there’s antidepressants and ESP. Those don’t work often either.

The root of mild-to-severe insomnia isn’t often stress. It’s just how somone as human has shaped your sleeping to form it is. Somehow, they or their body has made it that sleep isn’t option. Sleep is required as a normal functioning human being. Scientists and the NSF have done extended research that sleep wasn’t as psychological as they thought it was. Some people just cannot get tired.

I read some articles on research studies shown that people with insomnia can workout and exercise all day, solve mathematics, not drink caffeine, have a healthy diet, have fun, and yet even without knowing, they are filled with energy in their body by the time they’re suppose to sleep. For some, their heart beats really fast or they during testing for any nerve shocking, many detections were found throughout the whole body. People may need to find a way to lower their energy levels.

Like dreams in sleeping, like anything in Psychology or science, the root problems and cause of insomnia is unknown and nothing is 100% sure in the science world. There could a be a variety possibilities for the cause of it, the cure of it, overall diagnose.

As for me? I solved my insomnia by NOT having habits before sleep. I do take a shower at night, but I don’t take hot baths and drink tea like I use to. After years and years of trying to find the cure through all this lavender and melatonin, drugs, watching TV and reading a book(I still read a chapter once every 3 days), I found out for me not having a specific habbit before bed helps.

To cure my insomnia in the first place, I used brainwave frequencies for a week. I noticed results the first day. I have a couple sites. I use a shareware/freeware of BrainWave Generator: It’s under the download. If you download the program, use “Sleep Induction” and “Relaxation”. You could prolly use sbgen Hz wave files (like delta for sleep) too if you dont like brainwave generator. Also, another little secret to cure insomnia, “White Noise”. I talked to my psychology professor about it. He said there’s something about White Noise. I’ll post a topic about a White Noise later.

I used to have trouble trying to fall asleep, but that went away. What did it for me was when I first found out about Lucid Dreaming a few months back. I found that as soon as I had something to look forward to in my sleep, I found that it was a lot easier to fall asleep. As soon as I got motivated, it never took more that 30 minutes to fall asleep when before it hours sometimes.

Well on the rare occassion it can be difficult for myself to sleep… but I find that’s just when i’m overly excited about something, or due to poor nutrition and even back/neck pain (poor posture is related to this).

I recently learned of an excellent breathing tehnique that has helped some friends of mine. What you do is pick a number, say, between 15 and 50. Then you focus on a nice deep breath in through your nose, and a nice slow exhalation throught your mouth. As you exhale you count, 28, 28, 28, 28, 28, and on the next exhalation 27,27,27,27,27 etc. My friends said they got to sleep in just a couple minutes.


Everynight it takes me atleast 30 mins - 1 hour.

To get to sleep.

I just wont sleep. I think I have lucid dreams on my mind to much with result in me not sleeping for a long time.

Someone please help :cry: