mint tea

i got a bedtime tea that has peppermint and spearmint leaves in it.

my question:
will this tea work okay? or should i have gotten an all mint tea?

the reason i got the bedtime tea is because i am cutting back on smoking and i’m finding it difficult to sleep.

thanks in advance.

I think this has been asked like three times in the big Mint Tea thread. The answer, however, seems to be “I dunno, maybe.” So try it and find out! It isnt going to hurt.

i’ve heard that tee help because of caffeine. it shouldn’t be to strong…
sorry, but my english isn’t very good… i understand allmoust everything, but, when i have to say smthg…

LoL Shade:)
Very true:)

True. For this reason, this topic will be locked.
Here you can find the (locked) mint tea topic part I:
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