Mirror and dream incubation

I modified the title so it’s more accurate now.
Someone told me today that they had heard from a few people that if you look at yourself in the mirror and concentrate on a dream/scenario you want to dream, and that night you’ll have it.

He said it (to his surprise) worked for him, but I have no idea how accurate this is.

ANyone want to try it? Has anyone heard of this technique?

I think I read that somewhere else but I’m not really sure. I should try it though

You could do the same technique without the mirror… just concentrate on what you want to dream about and there is some chance of success this will happen.

This is an actual self hipnosis technique…

you look at the mirror and your subconcious is like “hey thats me!” then you say something like… “I will have a lucid dream tonight”
and your subconcious, will be like,
“if thats me and he’s talking to it… he must be talking to me!”
“oh he’s talking to me, I should listen… ect”

It works something like that…

hmmmmm if that is so… it may explain why i feel like i’m not “me” when i stare into the mirror… because… i’m staring into myself… turning my mind inward, therefore my outer body doesn’t make much sense, as i’m more in tune with my subconscious?

i don’t know.

who remembers the episode of rugrats about mirror land, where there is a world in the mirror, but your … “shadow” (that’s not what they called it, i just don’t remember what they called it) is always in the way to guard you from entering.

Hah, I remember that.

Man, that was a while ago. Surprised I still remember that.

that was an awesome episode, and the mirror level on the video game was even better :smile:

…not that i ever played it or anything of course…


whoa, videogame?

i played one video game, i think for ps1/2 or … something… it wasn’t that good.

Hehe, that was a while ago… man rugrats was a good kids show, and mirror land was one of my favorites. I’m surprised I remember aswell. Anyways, I think i might try talking to myself in the mirror, it won’t hurt to try thats for sure. Dream incubation is something I need to work on, I have the mind of a “dreamer” rather than the mathematical type and I find my mind wanders quite a bit.

i just remembered also the rugrats where chuckie has a false awakening and his dad is a clown, then he THINKS HE’S DREAMING AND DOES CRAZY STUPID THINGS

wow, that was a cool episode, kind of scary though.

oh yeah that was a good one, i miss being a little kid, oh well i guess weve got the simpsons to keep us happy now :smile:

oh yeah and i was like 8 when that video game came out, and i rented it for my sistar, so its not liek i you know…

yeah… my brother rented it, i just played it…

blush but it was a new game… hmm… like 3-4 years old…

anyway… the mirror method worked for me last night.

Have you ever stared in a mirror so long that your face starts looking strange, and changes.

Yeah I do that often, it’s funny. Its a slight form of trance, i can induce this in a few seconds now.

I have never done it in a mirror. But I have done it looking at my girlfriend’s ceiling. After staring at the tiny dots for awhile, they seem to move in and out like the ceiling is breathing. Also sometimes the dots seem to move in streams. Its awsome. It seems after a long run, the effect is amplified.

wow this is very interesting…
*writes down to try it later

Kind of related


The only thing I don’t like about that is Osho makes it sound like you have to try to keep the eyes open. Don’t strain yourself. It’s more like you have to let them relax so that they stay open without you trying.

Practice makes perfect though! Mirror gazing is cool, and sometimes straight up terrifying. You sometimes might see things you really won’t expect, so be grounded, clearminded and at ease, and let it just flooow.

I’d warn though if you do it the right way for very long you may open your third eye up REALLY “wide” and see your world change as you would have never imagined. I never had any firsthand experience with anything “psychic” (unless you consider LDs and OBEs psychic) until I tried mirror gazing, and now I know there’s a lot out there that most of us are just not aware of right now.

i don’t know what he means by this

Then put a small flame by the side of the mirror
in such a way that it is not directly reflected in it.
Just your face is reflected in the mirror -
not the flame.

like this box [] is a mirror

and you are staring straight at it… and the x is the candle

so its like [] x

and the candle is sitting beside, but no where in front of, the mirror? what is the candles purpose? Can it not be substituted for a “near dark” room where you can still see your eyes, or just having a small light on in the room?

i’m going to go do this right now.

"…and now I know there’s a lot out there that most of us are just not aware of right now. "

This is very interesting.Can you tell us more and how was it achieved?Sounds scary and intriguing.

For me it was allways really hard to see anything but beauty in the mirror:)

I think the point of the candle is that it will create some ambiance and the right amount of light for the mirror gazing to be effective. Also, candles flicker alot so the light source wouldn’t be as constant as a lamp for instance - so it would perpetuate your reflection as continuously modifying.

I have done this befor and I have seen myself age 50 years in 5 seconds! Some freaky stuff.