Most creative/favorite thing to do in an LD?

Hey, I know this topic was posted, but I cant find it =P. Any opinions? Most creative would be nice, not like flying, but something rarely done, like using psychic powers to pants people :tongue:

Whenever I have an LD… I like to check out THIS THREAD.

Thats not most creative, its favorite. Im looking for new Ideas =P

Actually, that’s very creative. I don’t think anyone has ever checked out that thread in an LD.

I thought you were meant just oging to that thread, which you probably are. would you even be ablle to read it in an LD?

I believe my favorite thing to do in a lucid dream would be to realize I’m dreaming - That’d be quite enough for me. Once I get past that, I’ve already posted in the link above…Creative? I don’t know. I wonder if I could draw decently in a dream - right now I can make stick people, and sometimes even stick puppies…Occasionally I can make the stick flower and the stick stick.

hey! Good Idea. Favorate thing is flying, but It’s not origional, talking to DC’s,looking at the sky, eating exotic foods, travilling to cool places, you could try meditation if you’re into that, having super-human powers, transforming into an animal… I haven’t tried all of these, but they’re on my list of things to do :tongue:

One thing that is high on my “to do” list, is to teleport right into The White Tower and do some cool channeling and have fun with all the Aes Sedais, that probably would be somewhat confused by a male channeling at that place with them powerless to do anything about it.

(Yes, I’m currently reading “The Wheel of Time”)

anyone play blitzball? Look too too fun.

How about raid Walmart with baseball bat? Would be much fun yes?

LMAO, Raiding Wal-Mart would be great XD No luck with LDs last night =/

One of the finest things to do in LD is create some larger-scale changes on the reality reflected in a dream. E.g. wipe buidings down, form more than just one sun into the sky, create an imagined scene of the world after mankind’s death. If the limits of imagination inside LDs are widened, it can most certainly bring new possibilities and emotions to dreaming. This kind of major manipulation however - as you may have noticed - requires a great deal of control over the dream.

You could also try looking at exotic foods, travelling to the sky, talking to cool places, and eating DCs.

That posted wrong o_O

For some inexplicable reason (and it’s happened twice now) I’ve turned the entire sky red, simply because I couldn’t manage to remember what I wanted to do before. Like really cloudy, stormy, blood red.

Edit - My other big idea is to go into my bedroom, but to have myself also in the bed sleeping. Like two of me. And I could watch myself sleeping. And maybe wake myself up and see what happens. It might be like Time Cop, and we’d both disappear simultaneously. Wouldn’t that be weird? Well, I don’t know. But I’m sure the results would be thoroughly unexpected, and interesting.