most important moment in SP/WILD

Recently I have been learning to use to WILD to reach quite reliably a 'sleep paralysis’state. Problem is…I’m not really sure about what to do then. I know that i DON’T have to fight the 'sleep paralysis’feeling, but what I’m not sure about is…Do I have to think to the kind of dream I want to enter into or do some other tought?

just go a bit deeper
when I did this, imagination becomes vivid and you can push your perception out and a dream forms around you
or instead of moving your real body try moving your dream body and roll, fall, float or get up
even opening your dream eyes, feels the same as your real eyes, can get you into the dream

what’s your technique to get SP?

To get to SP I use some WBTB plus WILD…I tried doing just WILD without WBTB but it’s much harder.

Pilot is right, and if you like, you can find a technique I use to do this here:

A WILD variation

Good luck with it :smile:.

Hello Davide,

Xetrov has a very good technique but a link is still missing.

When you feel paralized just concentrate on a point above your head. This will detach your dream body.

If you’re not deep enough you have to pressurize yourself upward. Simply move your eyes upward and try to move yourself into the direction of the top of your head.

Breathing in and out through that point or moving it further away along the length axis of your body works well, too.

To avoid tensing up, be sure to relax even more with every subsequent exhalation.

After you start to hear some buzz and feel mild vibrations you can spin.

Even if you couldn’t lol…you still can turn very, very slowly like a rolling log on water. It may feel just like a strong imagination, however, after you have turned at least 90 degree, you can make it a real spin by abruptly reverting the direction of your movement in a snap-like manner.

I call this snap-back rolling, a very good technique to trigger the final stage of separation.

i feel some kind of tingling thing when i’m trying to wild.
i don’t think it’s the vibration they talk about on OBE’s nor those your talking about now.
i think it has to do with relaxation!
i did a very intense relaxation exercise the other night “yog nidra” and i felt that vibration or so to say quicker and more intensly!
yeah i had a lot of HI and i felt somehow paralyzed but i then wanted to move and i moved.
what’s this?

Hey Popov, that’s a new idea to me aswell, I’ll try to include that into my technique and see if it helps me. Seems like an “exit” procedure technique to start a LD as an “OBE” to me (which isnt strange considdering you frequent AP forum :smile:).