Most Important Question! Ask Yourself!

So what it REALLY boils down to is this…

The question is simple; subjective or objective? To simplify…

Do dreams take your mind to a place, or take place in your mind?

… I wond3r

Wow, you’ve been pretty philosophical these past few days (referring to Doubt). I will definitely, both scientifically and figuratively, go for the latter option.

WARNING: Don’t read this next part unless you want a headache!

Dreams take place in the mind, and you become a person in the place that is your mind…

My head hurts now. If yours doesn’t, then think about that statement for a minute or two till you realize that it actually does make sense.

Dreams take our souls to a new world where we can freely express all of our emotions in a completely safe manner.

Dreams take our mind to a new place in our mind. :happy: It’s not so bad if you can think that there’s a direction at right angles to the three that we know of.

Well if we’re being figurative and colorful, dreams do take your mind to a place. But not literally. If we’re talking seriously here, dreams most definitely take place in your mind.

I don’t buy the whole OBE/astral projection nonsense. That would be a whole lot more fun, but unfortunately I doubt its scientific merit.


That’s true, but do you realize that you have a mind within your mind in order to be inside your mind as your dreamself, not at the moment consciously being every person around you?

I think that’s the key to LD control: realizing that everything you see is your own mind and is therefore just an extension of you.

Wow… I’ve been reading too much Noodle. I’m even starting to sound like him.

Ha ha, I know what you’re getting at, but my way of looking at it is that since you’re in your mind, you know what’s going on everywhere inside it. People most often happen to take the viewpoint of themselves, but I think this could be why some people remember dreams from multiple viewpoints (sometimes I’m not sure if a dream I had was in first-person, or third-person, with me watching myself. Most dreams seem to happen in first-person, but I remember the majority in third-person).

Your mind is the place and the place is your mind.
Your mind creates its own reality seperate from this one. It seems entirely real yet nothing happens to your physical body. It is all in your mind.

This spatial element seems to only cause confusion. Dreams don’t “take place”. They are hallucinations. All you see is an image produced by your brain. Just compare it to your waking experiences! Do they take place in the physical world or in your mind? They actually HAPPEN in your physical brain, but does your mind exist in the physical world? Is your mind a “place” in any way? It seems like an odd definition of the mind. Is the mind a thing? an object? Can it be taken from place to place? And if so, what are dreams, if they take the mind-object to a place, but the place it takes the mind to is the dream itself. So the dream is the destination and the agent that moves the mind. That seems very complicated. It is so much easier to just see dreams as hallucinations that happen when we sleep. It strips away all these odd concepts that don’t seem to make sense.

Okay, um yah… all of you, right. I merely asked to prove this. Either answer is incredibly brilliant and magical. Either our minds construct a beautiful world with no limits. Or an inner body travels to a place (space I figure) and each has their own.

We’re playing God here people.

In christian teology God is loving. Wanting an Earthly kingdom of joy and the love of a family. Sound like anybody you know… yah everybody. We all ultimately want a house and a family, all the other stuff is extra.

Like ice-cream… do you really need the hot fudge, the strawberries, the jellybeans, gummi bears, caramel, nuts, and whipped cream. (Referring to life and its clutter of course… ha)

That is a very psychological way to look at things. Life is indeed like that, we are all greedy, and we all want everything, in addition to life.

Dreams are in our mind, we control our minds, thus controlling our dreams (after realizing we’re dreaming of course). Then, we become a character within our own dreams.

I would have to disagree. Some people in this world simply drift; they wander where the moment takes them. Vagrants.

In any case, I think dreams are what you make of them. If you believe that dreams are a place of peace, of meditation, then they are your sanctuary. If you believe they are a place to have fun and experiment, they are a playground. If you believe they are an artistic expression, they are your studio. Thus, dreams are what you make of them, simply because your mind controls the entirety of them.

I like the comparisons (experiment/playground stuff). But I don’t think you really disagreed with the first quote. Some people do drift, but only at failed attempts to find out what they really wanted, a kingdom and family… Do not be distracted we have been put here to practice for enternity. Do any of us deserve godliness, are any of us worthy?

I could argue that-- I don’t necessarily want a house, and I have no desire to start a family. None. Granted, I’m still young, but I am pretty sure I’m not going to change much in this regard. Although, your quote applied to Christian theology, which I have no part in.

However, if you’re merely talking about wanting a place to belong and wanting the love of the family/friends you’ve already got or may obtain, then I could say that yes, it’s probably not a stretch to assume everyone wants that. But only if you use “family” and “house” very, very loosely.

Agreed ^

Also, drifters sometimes drift to gain knowledge. Or to just experience the world. Not every human on earth wants the same thing; that’s just unrealistic. Also, eternity isn’t that long. Humankind will most likely destroy itself even before our sun goes super nova. And even if we remain alive that long, then what? We have no home. Thus, we’ll drift.

Tonchiki I do use the terms loosely. Or more symbolic. A house being a form of control and like a personal space. And age aside I hope u want a family. We were put here to learn to love. The family being the greatest of joys.

Not necessarily, Wonderland. Lone wolves do exist. There are people who don’t want a family, don’t want acceptance. Surely you can’t say that they wander, then, to find acceptance and a family. And if we were ‘put’ here to learn to love, then we’re doing a terrible job at it. If you look at human psychology in general, aggression is the dominant emotion. That’s hardwired in our brains, it’s not subjective.

Exactly, making love the answer… and agression the problem. And to the lone wolves, I love to be alone. Bust just as emotions are harddwired so is the desire to procreate and the best way to procreate is with a family. Who would try to debate this???

Excuse me? You speak of ‘why we were put here’ as if it is hard and fast. I was under the impression that is subjective, also, please don’t assume that we were ‘put here’ in the first place thanks. That is your opinion, not necessarily others.

There are plenty who would debate your point, since it revolves around purpose of being here. It can be argued that those drives are remains of age old herding instincts, and natural selection. (Those with the strongest desire to mate, being the ones who do so. Those with the best territory, being the most likely to mate. Those with traits to protect their young and mates being more adept to survive certain circumstances… etc etc) In that light, they are left-over patterns, not necessarily the point of being here and/or being concious.

This topic has gone way off course and on to a religious debate of the purpose of existence. Wasn’t the original question posed “Do dreams take your mind to a place, or take place in your mind?”

My answer to the question, is that dreams are an experience. To answer one way or the other requires assumptions about the nature of the mind and the nature of places. I’m no sure I could answer comfortably one way or the other.

To me a dream is a change of our area of focus and in many cases a change in the nature of that focus. Maybe the focus goes onto ourselves, maybe it goes onto other things, maybe a mix of the two. So I guess you could say I believe they take place in the mind, but I feel that isn’t 100% accurate.