Music in LD's

I looked arond a little but didn’t see any topic about Music in LD’s, but i guess it’s been discussed more than once before :razz:

Anyway, do you hear music in your lucid dreams?
I never heard about it, but I had a LD this morning and in it i met one of my favorite artists, Marilyn Manson, seeing him made me realize i was dreaming, the band was just about to play a song when the phone woke me up!! :open_mouth:
After I had answered the phone I went quickly back to sleep and luckily i came lucid right into the same dream :happy:
Manson was already singing and what i heard was a COMPLETELY NEW song, one that does not exist in real life!
I don’t remember what it sounded like but I remember I really liked it. It was an amazing experience! I didn’t hear the whole song because it was interrupted by something and a lot of strange things happend…
I didn’t know my brain could create a song like that in a dream… I’m impressed :razz:

I believe i’m definitely not the only one hearing music in my dreams, so tell me about your musical experiences while dreaming :happy:

well i havent had a ld yet but i hear music in my NDs alot…
i play a guitar in WL and i am curentlly making some music so music is on my mind all the time during the day… so sometimes also in my dreams…

it is alway really clear in my dreams and first few minutes after i am awake but i didnt manage to write it down yet when i wake up…

it is really interesting how you made the whole new song up… do you play some instrument in your real life?

No i don’t play, but i listen to music every day, in school and at home. So music is really on my mind most of the time too.

But iv’e been thinking this morning, and maybe the song in my dream didn’t sound so good, maybe I just thought so at the moment because I was excited and I knew i was dreaming and I knew I had made it up myself.
I don’t know… at least from what i remember it was good ;D

btw: hope you get your first LD soon :happy:

Once in a ND I dreamt I was playing a videogame that was just like Def Jam (wrestling game where the wrestlers are rappers), but instead of rappers, there were heavy metal bands, most of which I had created. And not only did the bands looked really cool, but their music (that’d play in the background) sounded completely cohesive. Now, as you say, that could’ve just been an impression that the music was good, but I don’t know, if I recall correctly, I woke up with one of the tunes on my mind, and it was actually really catchy.

I rarely hear music in my LD’s, but I often hear music in my normal dreams. It seems that they are never real songs, but actually corny, made-up ones that seem to try and get me lucid.

I remember one time I saw my friend and her boyfriend kiss in a ND, and after going “Aww…” some really sappy tune started playing out of no where, with lyrics about realizing that you are dreaming. Funny how I had that song stuck in my head all day, and didn’t find anything odd about it until I had been awake for nearly twelve hours already. :razz:

Well, I personally have never heard anything, but there’s this one composer who dreamed that he heard the devil playing the violin. He wrote down the song when he woke, approriately called “The Devil’s Sonata”.

**Note to self: In next lucid dream, box with Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth.

music in lds are awesome. im not a fan of good charlotte, but one time, (in that state, where u slip in and out of dreams) they were playing motivation proclamation, and it wasn’t like the real life version, but more melodic, and way better than the original. sometimes i can be running, or swinging around, and have music in the background which is cool :smile:

I hear music in dreams and LD sometimes. I also thought about whether the music was actually good or that it was merely an impression. My experience is that the music was actually good, because sometimes I could record the melodies when I wake up. I almost never remember any lyrics in the songs.

I dream with music all the time. I compose and arrange music, jazz mostly. The other night in my dream I heard the most beautiful Monk-like music in my LD. Only I could see the ntes as they where played. Golden eight, sixteeth and quarter notes flowing like water. I also saw the chord changes. They where like juctions in a railraod station leading to new musical places.

The only time I heard music in a LD was when the song “A Whole New World” (from Aladdin) was playing as a “themesong” to one of my LD’s. It sounded pretty much like it sounds IRL, with the lyrics and all lol (although I wasn’t paying that much attention to the lyrics I guess so I can’t say that 100% sure). It was really nice though. :content:

I would think that whatever song your thinking of, it would only play the parts you know, or make up something that sounds close to it… idk … :eh:

but i think your mind could make new music also… so :neutral:

I Here It All The Time In LD’s And N’Ds I Had A Dream That My Chemical Romance was Playing Live And I Just Heard This Great Song In The Dream It Was Call I Dont Love You
I Was Curious Typed It On Youtube And The Song Was Exactly The Same Freaky Huh And I Never Heard The Song Before The Dream

once i heard the song that my alarm clock was making

it was actually an awesome dream, even if it was about sports

it was the end of a basketball game and i had the ball, and the timer was about to go

I start running up the sideline and i hear the music and it’s slow motion and epic (as epic as sports can be) but i wake up early.

oh well

I often hear original, perfectly constructed pop music in my dreams - some even have hit song potential. The only thing is as the above poster mentioned, membering the material after you wake up is almost impossible.

Once, I had a dream where I heard a Black Sabbath’s guitar riff : Sabbat Bloody Sabbath.
The riff was perfectly clear and the tempo was the same as in real life, it lasted about 5 seconds.

And in other dreams, I played guitar and I was playing very clearly, very rapidly, without errors, I knew perfectly my handle.
The sound which came out was clear too, rapid, perfect, it was the better music in the world.

I wish I could play like that in real life !!!

I heard the greatest song ever in a dream once. cant remember how it went, but I remember waking up crying, because it was just sooooo amazing

There has been a couple of times where i’ve played guitar, and jammed with some DCs, but i never remembered anything.

This was in an ND, but last night i had a dream that Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins was singing the new song in the crosswalk outside my school, and the lyrics/music were exactly the same. I was singing along, and he said “What? Already?” because i knew the words already and it was just released.

I probably listened to it way too much.

I’ve summoned a piano in an LD before, (I play by ear, I can’t read music so having stuff jumbled wouldn’t be a problem,) because I wanted to see if the piano sounded the same as it does it real life and it did. Then I wanted to see what kind of music my brain could produce so I ordered the piano to play by itself and it did. The music was so beautiful! I made it play a few times, (it was a little different each time but basicaly the same thing,) and I practised on the dream piano for a while and then went on with the rest of my dream. When I woke up I tried playing the song in real life and it worked! :content: I played it for my friend and she really liked it, (I can barely remember it now, :sad: ) I keep forgetting to do that again because it was awesome. I could probably play anything I hear, (or watch the piano do,) because that’s how I play in real life, I hear a song, then I can “see” in my mind what keys to push and I can usually play a song the first time I try so the piano in my head is very accurate. (Though I must admit that classical music is very hard because there’s so much going on so it’s very hard for me to “see” it, those I can’t get right away, those take time. :nuu: )

I once heard music at total random in my 2nd? LD.
Its was very pretty sounding, it reminded my of “Teardrops” by Massive Attack(the strange thing is I never heard that song till after the LD), in the song the lady said something about “sanity”…