Music to listen to

I am a LD newbie, only had 1 LD. I have no problem remembering dreams at all, I just started keeping a log of them. I hope to have another LD soon. I here their is some types of music that really help, does anybody know anything about this??. And has anybody seen the movie Waking Life?, amazing movie about lucid dreams.

well, if your looking for music to help than just type in a search on a p2p program for any mp3s with the word “lucid” in them. you’ll get plenty of peaceful songs having to do with lucid dreams, losts of techno/electronica stuff.

but, i’m not sure how much they’ll help… are you maybe thinking of songs which will tell you that you are dreaming?

I listen to a cd called “natural stress releif” Its got 15 mins of ocean, 15 mins of rain, 15mins of forest and wind. Its excellent

I tried searching for ‘lucid’ in kazaa, but nothing really good came up, yes Im just looking for something peaceful to inhance my dreams. Im having trouble having a lucid dream now, it sucks!!!. I can go to sleep with my mind totally blank, and be ready to dream, but once I dream its just me in a dreamworld, and I cant come to my mind to say to myself ‘This is just a dream, time to walk around’. Any suggestions

start working with different techniqes, you need to expect that something this good is gonna take time. i can understand your eagerness, but just keep consistent with whatever methods you are doing. if you want to just get a taste of LDing as quickly as possible than i’d start with a ton of reality checks, do them insanely often until you have your first LD… which shouldn’t be too long if you do enough of them (as long as you make sure you are fully questioning your surroundings). then, you can start with some techniques such as MILD, WBTB, VILD, WILD, etc.

Thanks for the suggestions. Does keeping a dream log help if you usually remember your dreams, how would it help you?. I heard if you write the word “DREAM” or something on your hand, then most likely you will look at it in your dream, and realize your dreaming, maybe that would work?

With a dream diary or dream journal, you have the ability to look through the dreams for dreamsigns. Apart from that, it just plain improves your recall.

Someone recently referred me to and I begin to check out a few of the sample tracks. One of them, Shamballa, I played before going to bed the other night. It is an 18 minute cut I think. Anyway, I dozed off before the song finished. In the morning I had an awesome lucid dream.

The next night (night before last), I played DNA #1 which is only about a 4 minute track, then I fell asleep. I woke up about 3:30, remembered the “wake up and go back to bed technique”, and downloaded the mp3 version of DNA #1 so that I could play it on WinAmp and just have it loop over and over at light volume. Sure enough, I LD’d big time, even waking and restarting the dream and staying lucid mostly throughout! At one point I was in a bathroom watching my face morph in the mirror, then turned to pee in the toilet… just then I noticed the music playing in my dream and I grinned and nodded to myself in acknowledment that I was fully aware of the source of the music in real time. It was great.

I’m not saying the music did it, but I’m not saying it didn’t either. Heck it was a free download so give it a shot. I decided to order the 1st DNA cd and am looking forward to playing the whole thing on my cd player next to my bed!

I listen to alot of Radiohead now before going to sleep, incredible vocals and the songs are composed so amazing, total relaxation. I suggest if you never listened to Radiohead to check out the song ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ I usually get to sleep before that song is even over.

i have a dream journal on my pc, i just type in my dreams,
but i usually just type the dreams which are either lucid, or almost lucid, or just fascinating,
i dont write every little bit of detail.

is it better to write EVERYTHING? like full detail? every dream?


Wow, do you guys really listen to soft calm music?

I’ve ‘created’ ‘my’ own ‘dream song’. I chose a song I liked, and could sing along with without having to really think about it. The song I chose is not clam, nor quiet. It is Korn, Alive (ironic, no?). Fast, hard rythm with a deep voices singing.

What I did, was everytime I read about lucid dreams (and that included coming to this site), I’d play that song.
I’d found in the past, that when I played music whilst reading something (usually a novel), whever I hear the song, what I was reading comes to mind (and quite often clearer and in more detail then when I actually read it).
So that’s what I did.

Every night, I play the song at least once, and maybe hum along in bed. I don’t know if it’d work, but I find my dreams are more vivid when I play this the night when i go to sleep (though it could be coiinceidnce).

And I became aware I was sleeping two or three times (each time a night after I had played the song).

Unfortuantly, I woke up each time strait away :sad:.

Also to note, I can play this song in day time, close my eyes and fall asleep. I’ve only managed to fall sleep once (a younger brother usually starts making alot of noise right when I’m dropping off… typical).

On the occasion I did fall asleep, I sudenly noticed I was dreaming. Not becuase of anything particual, but becuase the dream was very ‘weak’ and I only dreamt for a couple of seconds before waking again.

I guess Stravinsky isn’t that good a composer for Lucid Dreaming… maybe Vivaldi?

I listened to classical music for a long time while going to sleep. It didn’t help, but then again, I wasn’t trying to get a LD back then either! I would try again if I wasn’t sharing a room, darn it! My little brother makes it soooooo hard… heh heh.

As odd as it sounds, I’d suggest some Dream Theater, no pun intended. Some of their slower songs are pretty deep with some interesting sounds you can think on. The Dance Of Eternity is a decent example, although it gets a little fast towards the middle… :confused:

Of course, the ambient/electronica stuff is usually the best stuff to go with.

A sort of “classical” composer that I’d recommend for sleeping is Steve Reich… his stuff is just really amazingly calming and soothing. Check out his Electric Counterpoint and Music for 18 Musicians among others.

One of my friends supposedly astrally travelled to the “Left Door” while listening to the song Heresy by Nine Inch Nails. It could be true because he described it perfectley, and if you heard the song you could understand how it would lead you there. If you don’t know what the “Left door” is, it is where Godless souls go before going to utero and incarnated again.

I suppose you could try the WBTB method trying to fall asleep with the music,I guess when people suggest soothing music they meant that.I recommend some new age music, or something like pure moods, I find it easy to picture peaceful scenes with them.

son_of_salmon :

Left Door???Which belief system does it come from? I have never heard of that.

Chillout works best for me. Checkout the Breakdown - The Very Best Euphoric Chillout Mixes and the Chilled Out Euphoria Mixes by Solar Stone and Red Jerry. Also the chillout mixes from Stef (you can download them at his website - … ction=mixs ). They’re absolutely amazing and work perfectly to relax when you’re falling asleep.

Also, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is good to clear your head. Compared to most other modern artists, and certainly all popular artists.

I dont know if this will work, ive only tried for one night and i had a lot of caffeine in my system and little sleep so i will try again tonight, but I burnt a cd with all TOOL on it and between songs(not every song, just some in the middle and near the end of the cd) i had recorded my self saying “you are dreaming, you are in a dream” and it lasts about 56 seconds each time. I put the CD on repeat all so it lasts all night. Does it seem like it will work?

I made a binuoral beat mix with the lucid dream curse file, I’m going to try it tonight to see if it works like it did with toadstool.

The problem with me is that the head phones always pop off and this rap around your ears and are pretty tight on.