r there any hypnotic type tracks(online)that

make it easier to keep you mind awake and body asleep
i can never seem to see HI.

You could try using the “Erotic Hypno fantasy in 3D” from www.hypnofantasy.com, which can induce more erotic dreams.

But there are 3 other files that induce more neutral LD-s, entitled:

Trance in the Night
curseluciddreams2 (found on WarpMyMind.com)

/me shivers at the thought of Cid’s first option. (I’m a clean kid, so sue me. :roll:)

You can try here or here for info on mp3s to play. Warpmymind.com has some too, though I don’t like that site much. :neutral: (I don’t like the ads and some content.)

You never see HI? Do you happen to think a lot when you sleep, or is your mind blank on your trip to Lala Land?

If there are any questions, feel free to PM. =]

I should try using audio files and music to induce lucid dreaming or just see if it effects my dream somehow.

The lucid_dream_induction file is on the first link Wolf just gave ya. :smile:

Have you tried any techno? It works for me and a few of my unusual friends :content:.

I can suggest songs by DJ Tiesto:

“Ice Rain”

Try these–I wouldn’t suggest music piracy (though, myself…:wink:)…Just try to download them from somewhere or find the CD. Techno is really good to get you into that trance :ok:.

Try the tried and tested bwgen: classic binural software.


bwgen is quite nice, i recommend getting some ‘bud earphones’ (small ones that sit inside your ears)

as it is hard to fall asleep/relax with big boofy muffs on your head.

Definitely. I forgot to add that binural beats (those produced by bwgen) are useful only when used in comination with headphones.

Im downloading it now.