Free Lucid Induction CD Download, part II

color=red This is a continued topic. Part here can be found here.

The cd can be downloaded here … uction.mp3[/color]

Whoa!! After listening to the mp3 right before I fell asleep… I had a very vivid (not lucid though) dream! Except that it was in the morning… because when I woke up from it, it was already light outside. I’ll try this again tonight and see what happens.

I tried it again yesterday, and I actually fell asleep before it finished! (I don’t remember it finishing) But I notice that the dreams I get with this induction mp3 are actually trying to give me clues and tell me to do a reality check… for example, once I had this graphing calculator that never exists, or yesterday, I remember going in a bus down the street I live now, only to find that the house I went to was a house I lived in 2 years ago… hehe. And another clue was, I had two tv’s side by side in the living room… when in RL I only had one. But I can never understand in the dream that I have to do a reality check! How can I remember to do this?

I tried it while falling asleep, but the headphones don’t let me to fal asleep (i can only sleep on my back, the headphones dont let me to sleep in other positions). but ill try to WBTB with it, but only in the next week ;/

phoenelai, Thanks You are awsome.

But, does anyone have this one without the voice?

Or, can I, with some software, “remove” voice and record my voice?

English is not my “first” language.


I think the best way to remember to remember to reality check, is to get into the habit of it in your waking reality. Choose targets (like whenever you brush your teeth, or when you see a certain roadsign, a clock, etc…) and try your best to remember your targets and when you remember, REALLY feel what it’s like to be awake. Feel your breath, feel what it’s like to look at things and how it feels inside your body. Habit in waking reality, I think, is the easiest, fastest and sure-fire way to a lucid dream!

Good luck!

Hey, where do you find the soundtrack “Trance in the Night”? (Not trying to bump, this is in relation to MP3 Induced LD-s.)

does anyone know the name of the song in the stephen laberge interview at 1h38m15sec?it comes on after the doors.tnx

HI , after one minute listenig to Lucid_Dream_Induction it already said that You Are Dreaming and so on… i cant understand how do you guys fall asleep like in 1 minute ? :confused: in mp3 there are alot of speak that you are dreaming and so doesn’t that bother ? can you guys give me any advice ? sorry for my bad english … btw first post here

Hi mihkeL!

Glad to have you with us! :content:
Well for me anyway falling asleep within ten minutes is natural. I’ve always been able to do so. A Semi-Truck could roll through my room and it wouldn’t bother me a bit. Sorry, but I can’t really help you with that. Anyone else have any useful advise?

One more question. When you guys listen to the mp3 do you have it on repeat, or do you just let it play through once?

I found it best to overlap the sound file over a meditation track. makes me sleepy and yet hear the voice.

That must be the most Funny Lucid Dream Story I have ever heard in my life lololol. :happy:

After Much Time I have decided to try and re-animate a Lucid Dream I had a few months back, I stubled upon this by accident, and for some reason I cant reproduce the experience no matter how hard I try.
But this music file you have given for free might have given me a starter.
I listened to it last night and found it hard to try and fall asleep
to ( I am not use to falling asleep to music, I never have been)
after half an hour off numb echoing voices of you are dreaming, youll remember etc, I took the earphones out and nodded off. With the noises and sounds still repeating in my head, And what a night it was I remembered 4 dreams and they were all incoperated (amazing), went to sleep at 12 and awoke naturally at 4 which I have never done in my life. Ive always slept deep. with this I stayed awake for 15 minutes just staring at the bedroom ceiling in the dark, then fell back to sleep and to my amazement entered the same dream I left phew! I didnt know that was possible. Im absoulutely well gutted that I didnt stick the earphones back in my ears at 4 o,clock this could have well induced a lucid dream I know it for certain, I nodded off quite well at 4.
Never mind Im going to Try it again Tonight

I dont remember the first dream much listening to the music file,
but I awoke at five and thought this is my chance to attach the ear phones and see if I could go lucid, for the last couple of hours of sleep, once again I didnt sleep listening to the music, I couldnt.
no matter how tired I was. I had a light dream after the music session, really odd indeed as I didnt know whether I was awake or not because everything seemed real in the dream. But there wasnt enough strange happenings in the dream to go lucid, it seemed too real. gutted really gutted. but I suppose with time and patience it will come hopefully, I think all I need is a real freaky dream to realise that im dreaming and to be able to go to sleep with the earphones on, I might try and leave the recording of tape blank for an hour then introduce the music mmm
ill give it a try.
your music is working wonders though as a starter to the night
its my fault though not being able to drifyt off to music, my ears are to sensative i suppose.

Thats Awesome Somniumdominus. I hope for something like that. im gonna try it tonight… wish me luck for my first LD :content:

Do you guys think it would work if i recorded my voice on my mp3 player saying “i am dreaming” and then playing that for about half an hour when i go to sleep, and then turn it off?
Thx for any answers

I dont know ? I might give that a try, can you imagine how your dreamstate is going to work that one out, if it heres your voice telling you, you are dreaming are you going to see yourself in the dream telling yourself. Personally I think that would freak me out a little and cause me to wake up. But i bet its worth a try, just to see

Hmmm… I see what you mean.

Even though this cd does sound like a good idea, beware light sleepers. I tried it three nights in a row. As i listened to the cd in my bed, i got the feeling when you were about to jump into a dream. You know, you start to feel heavy and all. It woas a pretty exhilirating experience. But no matter how hard i tried, I could not get to sleep. Maybe it was just me, but I hope this reply answers any questions. :wink:

I can tell you where I have had the best luck. I made this CD for when I return to bed after getting some water say (3AM)
At that point it’s usually easy to fall back asleep. I leave the track on repeat so it plays from 3-6AM. Usually it produces a lucid because in my dream I hear the voice which is the reminder. I have to make sure I can hear the CD or I will just dream like normal. Headphones work great or play it on a loud volume. I’ve never had success playing this at the beginning at the night. Maybe once, because you sleep too deep at the first couple REM periods. I hope some people continue to have great success with it.

Cheers! :peek:

I listened to this last night, and I find it’s actually quite easy to fall asleep to. I did it at the beginning of the night, and I remember I had some kind of brief dreamy sequence as I was drifting off, where I saw somebody speak those words, and then I woke up, took the earphones out and went to sleep.

I think maybe tonight if I drink some water before bed and hopefully wake up in the night, it would work really well then.

Perhaps I could drink mint tea immediately before bed? This could increase dream recall and also get me up in the night!