Free Lucid Induction CD "Download"

This is a CD I made, that I think works quite well. It contains some excellent lucid dreaming intentions from the Frank D. Young Ph.D, (Tape) Relax into Lucid Dreaming, A program for designing your dreams. There is also some excellent wave washes and sutle drones from the double cassette: “Space Distortion” by Tamas Laboratorum - which contains Hemispheric Synchronization Signals.

Running time: 24:05

Statements are:
" I am aware I’m in a dream! "
" I am aware that I’m dreaming! "
" You will remember to check your reality, and indentify that you are in a dream state! "

Definately something we should check out!Good idea ,i was allways keen to prepare one like this myself but could never find all “ingredients” or haveenough will to turn all differents formats into one.
I havent downloaded it yet but after you post i assume its a compilation of relaxation music/technique along with hemisphere thingo and suggestions.
Should work:)

I’ve downloaded it, will give it a try :content:

I agree. It took me some time to mix it together and find all the stuff I wanted. I was putting it off for ever.

This one has been affective for me when I wake up around 3-4 AM then play it when I go back to bed. That fist sleep period your just too tired and relaxed to concentrate. I think all the elements work pretty well and it defintely can get you to dream land!


Thanks Phoenelai!!

No problem, glad I could share something with the fellow lucid folks!


so i haven’t download it yet, Still %30 but i want to know the feedback from the Phoe’s CD.
Have helped you to get lucid?

I would really like to download and try it, but I do not dare to. What about your bandwidth - 30MB multiplied with a lot of downloads - that can be expensive… So I would like to ask if it does cost you anything or not ?

why do you not dare to?

IM sure if it was a virus someone would have realized taht by now and said something.

Cause I do not want to raise his bill due to too much traffic…

oh okey dokie

has anyone tried it?if you have could you post feedback

I dont think it would cause a traffic cost issue. We have plenty of bandwidth so feel free. It’s an mp3 I made on my machine which I scan daily, so virus free!



Well, I plan to use it tonight. But eben over a cable modem, it still takes a bit to download. Thanks for taking the time to compile all that info, phoenelai! I hope several ppl will post with positive results tomorrow, even if I don’t. :content:

downloading now :cool_laugh: lol

im at 4.11 mb out of 34.4 mb done!

15% YAY Lol. :content:

What, my DSL is actually good for something?

I was done in a few minutes :content:

mine finished like 30 mins ago

i listened to the whole thing.

I’m just glad I could contribute something to my fellow lucid dreamers out there. Again, which works me and and your good with WILDS; play this around 3-4 in the morning with your ententions set to go lucid. I bet you walk right into the dream!

If you play it at the beginning of the night you’ll probably just snooze hard.

Stay Lucid!


Well, I slept like crap last night, just like the other night… I think it’s because I’m sick. The CD sounded like it would work, though. Although, it might help if it were my voice, i don’t know. Anybody have success?

Thankyou for that input. It was invaluable.

So far i’ve only listened to it when going to bed which i found relaxing, but i’ll have to try it after waking up like suggested.