Yea yea! My first lucid dream! And this was a doozy!

So last night I burnt a cd with the LeBarge LD trance CD as the first track, and this LD induction CD on the cd twice after it. This is the fourth day I was trying to get a lucid dream (and the fourth day I’ve been using the second mp3 I linked to).

I fell asleep to the second one playing, and woke again when it was playing the third time (I had it on loop). I took off the headphones and fell asleep counting “1 - I am asleep, 2 - I am asleep, 3 - I am asleep” all the way to 60. I woke up at about 6:30 with a small ND stuck in my head (I went to bed at 9:00). I wrote it down, took a piss, and went back to bed.

So here’s where I realize I am dreaming: I’m sitting in my house. It’s just one big “mango-ish” colored room. The room is GIANT though… the ceiling must’ve been atleast 25 feet high. I was sitting at a table by the corner (where, if there had been rooms, would’ve been my computer in my room) talking with (I think) some friends. I decide to do a random RC, and oop - It passes. 5 fingers. I count again (because I’ve made it a habit of counting several several times when I do this), and find 6 fingers! woot! For some reason, at this point I didn’t get so excited I’d wake up… I just thought “Yea, lucidity!”. For some reason the 6th finger de-attached itself and I showed my friends and they laughed at it. I tried counting again and just random fingers kept popping inbetween my other ones. Very hard experience to describe.

So I think “Fly”. I’m standing in my house, so I decide to try and go through my wall instead of looking for a front door. No no - not that easy. I just layed on the wall, not going through. I COULD, however, manage to push my hand through a little spot (that was like a little box in the wall), so I did that and tried to force the rest of my body through. Nope, didn’t work. So this time I tried grabbing the walls of this box/hole my hand was in and stretch them out. This finally worked, and I pulled the wall away enough I could walk through.

I step out onto my lawn (which is normal), and look around. It’s beautiful out… the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the trees all have thick green leaves. I try and just run as fast as I can and try and fly. NOpe, doesn’t work… I just fall to the ground smacking the grass. This time (walking out onto the pavement) I remember to try and imagine a pill in my pocket that will make me fly. So I reach in my pocket and There was no pill, just a wrapper with pill-like things in it. I pull out one and it’s an irregular mix between a pill and a lifesaver candy (because it came out of a lifesaver-like wrapper). I decide it has to do, and put it in my mouth, and try flying again. Doesn’t work. I realize that I’m still sucking on the pill (because it tastes like lifesaver), and swallow it. This time I try again and right before I’m about to fall, I feel myself propelled by my feet. This was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced. It was amazing. I flew over the top of a big leafy tree by my yard (that’s not there anymore :razz:), and fly over my house looking down on it. This is an amazing feeling. I begin to grin because I’m so happy, and I start laughing. What’s strange is that my laughing sounded all muffled and muted… I could’nt hear myself laugh really. No matter, that’s fine - just enjoy yourself now.

I decide to land and try to do something else. I remember to try and clarify the dream, and look for something with texture to touch. The pavement looked like it would work fine, and I layed down on the street, feeling the pavement. Everything got more into focus, and little details I didn’t see before that came into veiw. Specifically, there was a nice red car by my neighbor’s house, and the minute I did that, I could see the curves and the lines of the car get outlined by the shining sun. It was great. So now I try to fly again, and do so, but again find it a bit hard to hold my balance, so I keep swooping down, catching my balance and fly up again. A few times I think I hit the ground and it didn’t hurt. One time I hit the ground hard and woke into a FA. I woke up in my living room and looked out the back door, seeing rain and clouds. I thought “Aww, it was just a dream :sad:” and then sat on my couch and closed my eyes again.

This is when I woke up into real life :smile:. Man, I cannot wait to have another lucid dreaM; that was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done!

Estimated elapsed time: 7-10 minutes.

Very impressive, squakMix ! :cool_laugh: I’m really happy for you. It was a very long first dream and you had an excellent control. Welcome to the LD world ! :grin:

It was perhaps Siiw’s :cool: red car ? :tongue:

awesome! sounds great man :smile:. It’s interesting to feel textures in dreams.

You should have taken it :content:.

Heh, you know - in retrospect I probably should’ve :cool_laugh:. I’m still not quite thinking like that yet.

The thought didn’t even enter my mind :smile:.

haha, well maybe next time :smile:.

Grand Theft Auto:Dream City :lol:

Hah, nice :smile: - I actually read a few Lucid dreams on this forum recently that they described as “like Grand theft auto” .

Wow your first ld was an epic story compared to mine.
Thanks for the mp3 link.

Heh, I found them both on this website

Hey SquakMix, good job keep them LD’s comming :smile:

haha… was it a blue or a red pill you toke in the end?

wow, I didn’t think about it that way.

It was red! :happy:

Thats pretty sweet for your first LD. You must’ve been really focused on not waking up or loosing lucidity and everything.
I bet you can’t wait till your next LD :cool:

No, I can’t :smile:. I’m going to try the suneye technique tonight. That very small WBTB In the morning I had the LD seemed to have done it, so I think I can combine the method I’ve been doing with Suneye (Suneye technique specifically talks about trance induction (the first mp3 I listen to falling asleep), AND intention setting (or listening to something like the second Mp3 I’m using)) to get a good LD.

I don’t expect a lucid dream the first night… patience is important for stuff like this (as I’ve heard/experienced).

By the way, that LaBerge audio file, is that the one that comes on the CD with his new book? I ordered the book and CD, I can’t wait to get it. I’ve been waiting for a new book from him for a while.

I’m not sure… Found the link on this forum; they didn’t specify.

What’s the name of the book (I’m interested in buying it)?

Hey, congrats! :cool_laugh:

To have your first LD for that long should really give a great anticipation toward next LD-s. My first LD (when i knowingly started to have LDs) was relatively long also :content:

Congratulations squakmix nice to hear you enjoyed yourself. I didn’t have a proper active LD until my 5th (and currently last) one.

Its called Lucid Dreaming; A Concise Guide to Awakening in your Dreams and in your Life.

You can buy the book and cd here;

Or just check out the lucidity institute.

Awsome, thanks! :smile:

No problem :smile:
I ordered my copy like a week ago. I hope it gets here soon.