Do you play an instrument?

Classical and blues piano.

Plus vocals (rap).

But not at the same time.

I’m a composer/
songwriter and play a few instruments

<------- Bassist

Piano, guitar, and vocals. (7 years, 1 year, 1 year respectively.)

Plus I used to play clarinet. (3 years)

composer, play piano, guitar, drums, used to play trumpet

I play the keyboard and make music on the computer. :cool:Have any of you music-makers ever had inspiration from a dream? For me, it is hard to make the music sound nearly as good IRL.

I play piano (grade :cool:, guitar (grade 4) and vocals (dont do grades), I also write alot of songs.

I think that alot of ppl here will play instruments, Lding and such is kinda a spiritualistic type of thing, kind of links in iwth creativity and passion etc.

I used to play keyboard and composed songs a lot from age 10-20 and learnt guitar, 16-20. I really like singing as well. I would love to play drums but my wrists aren’t flexible enough :sad:

I never learnt how to read notation properly. I found it much easier to play by ear.

My favourite way of making music is by computer and keyboard which I did at college on a music course. I’ve been meaning to get the same thing set up at home for the last 3 years :confused:

Played saxophone for 3 years, have been playing bass for about 3 years, guitar and piano too but not very well

I played the french horn for six years… and sang in a choir for 10.

Don’t do much musical anymore though.

gonna learnt he drums oh yeah

I have a song in my head right now…arrgh, I have to go to work in 5 minutes! If I post here, maybe I will remember to make it in Reason when I get back!

I play classical piano. I can play the recorder too (just a bit). My piano teacher composed a piece in a dream I had once, by it was too complicated for me to remember it :sad: but it sounded awesome!
Waiting to know about your song, Siiw :content:

Yes, I play the Viola.

guitar, 2-3 years.

clarinet… like… 7 years… for school band.

piano, 4 years, but I DON’T REMEMBER A THING… can’t really play it at all anymore… damn :sad:

Dark Sider: I am making the song right now :cool:

8 years of classical piano, and some jazz too.

7 years of violin, classically trained.

3 years of alto saxophone, and I rock. :confused:

Got mah theory 3, got 99 on the first one which got me a medal.

Tiny bit of guitar…

So yeah. And I’m 14 years of age.

I play clarinet (7 years), flute(7) and bari sax(3, jazz band)

Author— F horn is my fav instrument

i dabble in some bass (4 years) and some acoustic geetar (couple months).

but mostly play the djembe and didgeridoo. dem’s more a passion :content:

great to see so many people using music as a medium to share themselves :shy: