My combination of scattered techniques(:

So there have been these new ‘methods’ popping up ( not ___LD’s ) that are lucid aids to help become lucid. I’d like to combine some lucid techniques with these methods to see if it can help newcomers achieve lucidity.

The first few are GENERAL stuff.
Step #1: Dream Journal ( no duh. )
Keep a journal always. This is the most important step to any form of attaining lucidity.

Step #2: High Quality RC’s
Your typical RC might be failing you, do a step process like checking around you to see if the things are there that you can remember. Count your fingers, and feel things. This one always works.

Step #3: Lucid Supplements
People say that drinking apple juice or milk before bed helps them get lucid. You can get other over the counter supplements like choline or you can brew different tea’s… Milk because dairy products are said to enhance vivid dreams, and apple juice because vitamin B6 also enhances dreams which is found in AJ.

Step #4: Breathing Practices
Presence of Light’s method seemed to have worked for many people so I am going to put it here. … order=asc& &start=0 It is a simple method when you falling asleep to lie down and close your right nostril and breathe in with only your left for 50 breaths or so.

Step #6: FILD
Finger Induced Lucid Dreaming. I know many people who have succeeded, and I myself have one time also. Give it a shot, it may or may not work.

Step #7: Auto-Suggestion
Mantra’s! They are so important for lucid dreaming, they are a must…

Step #7: Senses Initiated Lucid Dreaming
Testing out your senses combined with WBTB is also another great idea. This seems to have one of the bigger success rates for those ‘made up’ methods. :smile:

Step #8: Incubate Dreamsigns
This has worked for me as it is my experiment. you can choose a dreamsign or create one, then you can make it a powerful dreamsign by watching videos, reality checking every time something you see is relevant to it, or you think of it. This also helps you practice becoming more aware of your surroundings, because I am always looking around for my dreamsign.

Step #9: Keeping a Day-Journal
Or a diary. I have done this method twice and those two nights I had 2-3 LD’s which was great. I get lazy, but if you are committed and have the time at night, before you go to bed you can write down your whole day. Once you start from when you woke up, it’s actually easy to remember what you did the whole day. Pretty cool…
Got this one from another lucid dreaming forum.

Have any more techniques you want to add? Please comment below and if it is not too famous or primary, I will add it in. Thanks!