Beginning Mantras

Beginning Mantras

Many people suggest that MILD is the one of the best lucid dream induction methods. After all, with MILD, you only need to relax a bit, and recite a mantra. What could be simpler than that? :shrug: The truth is, a lot of things could be, if you don’t know how to recite a mantra successfully. Soon, you’ll be able to get that MILD you’ve been waiting forever for.

Before we even think of lucid dreaming, we need to know how to use mantras. So, I have set up a beginning exercise for you. Tonight, don’t set your alarm clock. :clock: Instead, use a mantra to wake up. I know it sounds crazy, and you’ll probably be very cautious to do this, but it will work if you believe. (If you don’t think it will work, set your alarm, and try waking up before your alarm goes off.) So, first we need a mantra to recite. Go ahead and use this pre-made mantra, “I will wake up at ________.” (Fill in the blank with the time you want to wake up.) You may want to relax a bit, but not as much as you do when you WILD. Say, or think, the mantra over and over again. It helps to visualize you waking up in the morning. After you feel you have recited it enough times, clear your mind. Don’t think about the mantra at all. If done successfully, you should wake up at around that time. If you have failed, you probably didn’t believe the mantra would work enough. :no: Now, let’s move on to the lucid dreaming!

If you have practiced the exercise above, and had success with it enough times, you should now have gained the confidence that your mantras will work. It’s time to start having lucid dreams! :woot: The mantras you recite can be anything from, “I’m dreaming,” to, “I will soon be dreaming. I will then realize it.”, maybe even, “Next time I am dreaming, I will realize I am dreaming.” Pick your mantra, (More MILD mantras can be found all over ld4all. :ld4all: ) and do the exact same thing you did with the beginning exercise – recite the mantra over and over again. Remember to clear your mind, too. There’s a high success rate with MILD, and, with the addition of WBTB, you’ll have even a higher success rate.

If none of the mantras you find are working for you, you can make up your own. Your mantra needs to be specific; otherwise, it may not work, or could produce unwanted effects. Mantras may work spectacularly with some people, but, may fail miserably with other people. Your mantra doesn’t just have to be specified towards lucid dreaming. It could be towards enhanced dream recall, or inducing Out-of-body-experiences and astral projections, but, it may not get you that new video game that came out. (Well, unless you had a dream about it! :tongue: ) Go ahead and create as many mantras as you want!

If you have successfully gotten a lucid dream due to a mantra, you haven’t any need for this tutorial anymore. So go ahead, and explore the rest of the world of lucid dreaming. I hope you enjoy the world of lucid dreaming. :universe:


-Try not to visualize too hard… you may end up incubating a FLD, or a FA.
-Wake up time may vary.
-Don’t be down if you have a premature awakening…
-You really have to believe it will work. Sometimes you’ll still fail. Just try again!


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