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In the past, I have rarely experienced LDs. After my first one, I looked it up on the internet and was very excited to know it’s possible to control my dreams.

The past week, however, I’ve had a few. Some with good results, some with bad. I’ve been sleeping over at my girlfriend’s apartment, which is not unusual, but since the summer has started, and her classes have ended, she’s been working mornings at her job. So now, my sleep schedule has changed a bit. I’m still having normal dreams during the night, but now I wake up at like 7:30am and come home. I then stay up for about an hour or 2 before going back to my own bed and taking a nap. I really think this break helps out a lot. It’s been 3 days I think and every time I have incredible dreams.

What happens is that I have this tingly feeling that at first scares the shit out of me because it’s almost as if I’m being paralyzed. I can feel the transition between being awake and being asleep, but it is as if my body is falling asleep faster than my mind, or visa versa. It is kinda scary and I’m not sure if I’m already asleep when I feel it or if I’m awake. It’s hard to tell dream from reality once i’m asleep. Is this normal? It does go away at some point, but does kinda scare me because I think, in some way, that it’s hurting me beyond just the physical “pain” of it. I put pain in quotes because it’s not really pain in the sense of being stung by a bee. It’s a full body feeling and I feel almost paralyzed. Every time I feel this, I try to wake up.

OK on to the dreams. They’re amazing. I tried FLYING today in my dream and it was the most awesome experience ever. I flew straight up and then let myself fall. I could feel that anti-gravity feeling in your gut as I was falling. You know, the kind you feel while riding downward on a roller coaster. I was even able to make myself go up and down in mid-air so that I could constantly feel that anti-gravity feeling (sorry, I’m no scientist. I don’t know what it’s called). I also created this gorgeous HOT woman tanning in a tiny bikini outside and of course we got undressed (don’t tell my girlfriend. I love her too much).

I think at this point I got too excited and had a “false awakening” but it really wasn’t. I can’t remember the details but I do remember running on a dirt road through some woods. I now feel like I wouldn’t have been so scared (or whatever I was) if I knew it was a dream. But then my middle and ring finger started hurting like CRAZY, and it felt like someone was biting them! Like it only hurt right under the knuckles closest to the tip. OK this is weird because then I thought maybe, in real life, I swung my arms out while I was sleeping, and hit the person who was next to me, and they decided to bite me. I should have realized I was alone in bed but I didn’t. But this means I knew it was a dream. Maybe I wasn’t happy with the scenery in my dream (being the woods) so I was trying to escape it.

Well, lots of other stuff happened, which I won’t even try to sort out, but I know I really did have a real false awakening. I was at home (the one I grew up in, not my current apartment). My girlfriend was there and she admitted to biting me while I was sleeping. I got incredibly angry because it hurt so much and I started crying. HAHA then a skunk sprayed my cat outside. I saw it all and I was the only one who cared!

All this makes me want to wake up really early every day for a couple hours before going back to sleep.

You don’t have to reply if you don’t want, but I would love to know what the deal is regarding that weird locked-up feeling I get when I’m falling asleep.

Oh and Hi. This is my first post.

edit: i just read it over and I apologize if some of it doesn’t make sense. I wrote it quickly.

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Anyway that feeling you are getting where you are awake and asleep is called WILD which stands for wake induced Lucid Dream. For more information you can go here or to the The Big WILD Topic

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Thanks for responding. Next time I have that WILD feeling, I’ll embrace it instead of fear it. I really thought I was going to go into a coma or something :smile:

I’ll give an update after my next LD.

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In my opinion, it seems you were subject to a slight form of sleep paralysis. In your case, it is perhaps due to your unregular sleep schedule or your naps. So you’re right when you say that your body is falling asleep faster than my mind, or vice versa. It’s exactly what happens with this sleep trouble. This sleep trouble is not dangerous at all and about one person per six experience it. An explanation could be that in some cases, you enter immediatly REM sleep, that is called SOREM sleep. It’s likely to be related with the melatonine cycle and it happens generally when you’re about 17. As many people who experience this become interested in lucid dreaming, you can find many of those on LD’ing forums. :smile: