My "first" LD goals

My goals for my first LD that i have goals now, and understand them a bit more

  1. Create a planet that looks somewhat like nagrand off wow, but there will be difference but the general idea of it.

  2. Create the Time god. He will be able to change my time preception in dreams so i stay under the in the dream world longer.

  3. Create a summoning god. I will go to him to summon things, or people for me till i can learn to do it myself.

  4. Create a teleportation god. He will be able to teleport me anywhere i want till i can also learn to master this skill.

  5. Create my own dream world in which i rule my own kingdom in the this dream world with other kingdoms in it also

  6. Have sexy time with selena gomez

There’s a big topic about LD to-do lists already… better post it in there! :smile:

haha love #6