My first LD, really wierd one...

ok, i had my first LD for about 1 and a half year ago.
i had been drinking a lot of alcohol during last night and hadnt got a lot of sleep, when i woke up i went to a friend because he asked me to head over to his place when i woke. after spending some time there i got this huge hangover and told him i needed to get some more sleep, he told me that he would wake me up in a couple of hours so i went to bed and tried to get some decent sleep. the last thing i remember was seeing some cartoon on the tv and then i was drawn into a really strange sense of awareness, then i suddenly found myself at the party i was on the last night. everything happend exactly the same way but something was different, i could walk around in the whole house and see the party continuing and it seem’d like nobody saw me. as if i was invisible or something, anyway. i ran around there playing for a couple of hours or some it seem’d. then i suddenly found myself in the middle of nowhere and i had a strong urge to jump, so i did. and i flew right into the sky, i got really scared because when i started falling down, i could almost grab the clouds as and i was way up high in the sky. anyway, when i hit the ground i simply bounced up a little then i found myself on some road, looked around a little and then woke up.

my question is, how can a huge hangover cause such a strong LD? and has anyone else had their 1st LD this way? got any suggestions on how i should continue training? any recommended method?

ive been trying to experience LD since that day, but i havent had much time and i dont get enough time studying techniques eighter.

i really want to master this, even if it will cost me a lot of time and reading. its 100% worth it.

// Christopher

oh, i just remembered something.

ive had really wierd short dreams before that aswell, it feels like you cant move and you see something in the dark which looks like a middle age female, but it felt more like a vampire or something simular…

really wierd, feels like your completely paralyzed.

To the latter post that is called “Old Hag” phenomenon. Essentially what it is is that you woke from a middle of a dream but your body hasn’t had a chance to get out of sleep paralysis. Thats why you feel like you can’t move.

As to the “creature” your seeing that is typically caused because you are in a half dream state, your eyes are awake and seeing but your brain is still trying to dream.

Because your in a half dream kinda state this is a great time to have an LD. Just relax and keep gently thinking so that you stay conciouss mentally as you fall back into REM sleep.

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About your second post, you’ll find more accounts of this experience in the BIG Sleep Paralysis and Old Hag topic.