My first LD! (Sorta...)

If anybody read my last post, or stalks me, they’d know that in the past years of my life, I have had 3 LD’s.

Anyway, last night I had my first LD after I did research on what they were and how to do them. I wasn’t afraid like the other ones… I was excited! Here’s a play by play.

I was sitting up in my bed. It wasn’t a false awakening, because I’ve had those before too. So I was siting up when a thought instantly hit me. “I’m dreaming!” It wasn’t like “maybe I’m dreaming” I KNEW I was. I have a loftbed with a fouton on the bottom, so I hopped down from my bed. This is the point where I thought to do a reality check, holding my breath, but it didn’t work. I blew it off though, because everything started to… fade. All around me. I started rubbing my hands together, but it didn’t seem like it was working. So I started to spin around. I could tell that everything was becoming clearer. While I was spinning, though, I felt my feet leave the floor! So I figured I could stop, and when I did I was hovering 3 feet off my floor! I couldn’t move, and I fell a couple of seconds after I reliazed I was hovering, but it was nice! I tried to jump in the air twice and hover again, but that’s when I woke up.

Here’s the weird thing. Last night I wasn’t trying to LD, or WBTB, or anything. I was just going to work on my recall. The LD was actually my first dream of the night. I didn’t even remotly WILD, but when the dream started (I’m pretty sure I’m not forgetting anything before was sitting in my bed) I knew I was dreaming. I’m guessnig that this counts as a DILD. On a side note, I woke up after every dream I had and remembered each one. I was much too tired to get up, get down, and write them. (I’ll be keeping a notepad under my pillow). But I had woken up to remember each one. I’ll stress again that I wasn’t TRYING to do anything. I woke upi naturally after each dream last night. I don’t say this often enough…

Man, what a crazy night!

Congratulations! :smile: I love it when I get lucid like that, for no reason at all.

Keep it up! Now you have proof that you CAN have LD’s (even without trying!)

Go ahead and have another one tonight! Believe you can and you will (don’t get to frustrated if you don’t :wink: )