My first LD

Hi, I am a newbie here (see my presentation here: … 615#263615 ).

My first experiences with lucid dreaming were when I was a very young boy. Each night, I did the same dream. I was flying high in the sky, flapping arms, and a lot (several hundreds) of little men were flying with me. Invariably, at one time or another, all the little men fled away, and I was alone, flying. Then, at the horizon, a lot of big monsters, improbable walking dragons and snakes, came fast and covered the entire landscape. I had just to stay high, afraid…

One night, flying, I finally remembered that I already did that, and it was in the dream I did every night. So; I reasoned, little men should soon flee and the monsters should come. And when the monsters come, I was not afraid. Because if I was dreaming… Well, a dream is only a dream! I landed, sure that monster could no nothing to me. It not occurred to me that maybe I was able to erase them. I just waited the en of the dream.

With years, I sometimes got other lucid dreams, but very rarely. It was always a vivid and interesting experience, and now, I feel motivated enough to train myself and try to have lucid dreams again!

Welcome! If you’ve already had numerous lucid dreams, you’ve got a head start, and training yourself shouldn’t be too difficult. I wish you the best of luck!