The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXI

He has been a member for a very long time…I often am sitting alone by myself(okay, okay, I’m usually watching TV or reading :smile:) because he is on several times a day…

I moved this Here Since I didn’t want to spam this topic :content:

It looks like we finally have a resposible new member! :content: That goes to show you how different we are already. :tongue:

Oh my. You poor, disillusioned kid. I’m always around, and I will always know. Prepare for the fury.
:cool: :dark: :rip:

Oh, it may have taken awhile for me to get to you, but the fury will strike when you least expect it.

:wave: hello Katie and NuKhar
:lol: Katie I am 99% sure i guessed your boyfriend correctly ( link ) I hope you don’t end up fighting over the computer now :tongue:
:thumbs: Good luck with the LDing NuKhar … I hope we see a post about your first LD really soon :boogie:

:eek: Where did Fiver come from!?

Oh…and :wave: new people! :happy:

Hi !

I am a 47 years old French male. I did some interesting lucid dreams, but the last one was years ago. I hope to have lucid dreams again !

I got my REM-Dreamer and will write my experiences with it here: … 621#263621 ) . I am happy to find a community about lucid dreams, here :smile: !

:welcome: bien venue promeneur :smile:

merci :smile: Thanks :smile:

Hey promeneur, welcome. :smile:

You’re french, that’s cool, we don’t have enough french here. :tongue:

Have I seen you on a french forum before ?
Where exactly do you come from ?

truits himself for asking to many questions

You’ll like it here, feel free to post on anything! :smile:

:wave: and :welcome:

/me waves to Promeneur. :wave:

:wave: hello Promeneur
:yay: you gave us lots of links to check out :happy:
/me rushes away to read them :boogie:

:wave: Allo!

You’re going to enjoy it here, I assure you. :content:

I should say hi! I’m new :smile: joined a few days ago after finding this website when I searched for lucid dreaming forums. I’m from Scotland and kind of between college… studying computing so not much to say there. I had an almost lucid dream a few years ago, I knew that I was dreaming but I couldn’t really do anything. But after reading Exploring The World of Lucid Dreaming it got me REALLY interested in it… for about 3 weeks I’ve been trying the techniques to become lucid. So far I’ve had one real LD but it was over so fast! I’m hoping reading about everyone elses experiences will help me have more and make them last longer too

So hi :smile:


Hello, syu001!

It’s fine if your first lucid dream is short, most firsts are. With plenty of practice, you’ll master it in no time. :good:


Hey there! Feel free to post and ask questions, we’re all friendly and open here. PM and message if you’d like too. :grin:



:wave: hello syu001 :happy:
Even though the LD didn’t last long, we would love to read about it in the sticky “My First LD Collection” in the dream diary forum. Also feel free to start your own dream journal topic in the diary forum if you wish to share your dreams with us. :content:

Hey syu001! :handshake:

Hi my name is Wissam :smile: and i have been interested in Lucid dreaming since about September 2005. I am 15 years old and i have had a couple of lucid dreams when i was younger and i have had a few nowadays. I am hoping everyone will be warm and welcoming and will help me get more Lucid dreams!