The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXI

A big :welcome: to all new members! :smile:

Hi, you guys!!! Hope you like it here, I’m Matt! :content: :handshake:

:welcome: Everybody! :wave:


Bruno? Huey? Wolf? Magnus? TMB? HB? :confused:

Think about the ages…I’m thinking it’s Bruno or Magnus…

Nope :smile: hehe

Sorry guys!


:wave: Welcome Katie and NuKhar :content:
Have a great time over here,

I wonder if he also is a member for a few years now :hmmm:
And she lives in Ontario,
Can you give a hint? :bambi: (come on, you can’t resist that smiley)

He has been a member for a very long time…I often am sitting alone by myself(okay, okay, I’m usually watching TV or reading :smile:) because he is on several times a day…

I moved this Here Since I didn’t want to spam this topic :content:

It looks like we finally have a resposible new member! :content: That goes to show you how different we are already. :tongue:

Oh my. You poor, disillusioned kid. I’m always around, and I will always know. Prepare for the fury.
:cool: :dark: :rip:

Oh, it may have taken awhile for me to get to you, but the fury will strike when you least expect it.

:wave: hello Katie and NuKhar
:lol: Katie I am 99% sure i guessed your boyfriend correctly ( link ) I hope you don’t end up fighting over the computer now :tongue:
:thumbs: Good luck with the LDing NuKhar … I hope we see a post about your first LD really soon :boogie:

:eek: Where did Fiver come from!?

Oh…and :wave: new people! :happy:

Hi !

I am a 47 years old French male. I did some interesting lucid dreams, but the last one was years ago. I hope to have lucid dreams again !

I got my REM-Dreamer and will write my experiences with it here: … 621#263621 ) . I am happy to find a community about lucid dreams, here :smile: !

:welcome: bien venue promeneur :smile:

merci :smile: Thanks :smile:

Hey promeneur, welcome. :smile:

You’re french, that’s cool, we don’t have enough french here. :tongue:

Have I seen you on a french forum before ?
Where exactly do you come from ?

truits himself for asking to many questions

You’ll like it here, feel free to post on anything! :smile:

:wave: and :welcome:

/me waves to Promeneur. :wave:

:wave: hello Promeneur
:yay: you gave us lots of links to check out :happy:
/me rushes away to read them :boogie:

:wave: Allo!

You’re going to enjoy it here, I assure you. :content: