The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXI

Welcome to the forum! I hope you´ll enjoy it.

:wave: hello Foobar_ and Raftaman

That happens to me a lot :help:
I’ll look out for your dream journal :content:

:eh: oo secretive :tongue: and mysterious :grin:

I hope you both enjoy your time at LD4all :smile:

I would suggest the “choosing your technique” topic in the lucid library and the spirit guide topic in beyond dreaming (since you have an interest in your SG).
Apart from that … just be spontaneous, just read the topics that catch your interest :unk:

Should I start my DJ in a topic apart or just merge it with other? As I´ve seen that every DJ has been kept in separate topic makes me confuse.

:welcome: Hi all new members!! Welcome!

Start a new topic for your own DJ and then just reply in that topic when you post further dreams :boogie:

:content: Hi everyone! I’ve been a member for a few weeks now, but have been busy with other stuff!

Anyways, since my last Forum degraded to the point that I quit, I have decided to make this my new home.

Anywayz (again), My name is Shem Gyll, I’m gasp 15 years old. I’m interested in pretty much everything paranormal, including Aliens, Other worlds, Parrallel universes, etc.

My main interests are Tarot cards (I use them frequently) and also Astral Travelling. (I also had a go at Rune Stones, but i don’t think they were for me… :blush: )

So yeah…hi!

Coolness, Shem! :wave: Welcome, you’ll really enjoy it here. All of the people are cool and supportive… :content: So…don’t hesistate to post where you want… :handshake: :wave:

hey, im new here and just found out the term “lucid dreaming” 5 minutes ago. I’m a teenager, and im sure i’ve lucid dreamed before, but now that i know waht it is im going to actually try it.

Welcome Shem :wave:
I saw that you started a DJ. I didn’t read it yet, but I’m going to do that soon :content:

This forum is truly an amazing place and I hope you will feel the same way about joining as I do now.

:welcome: marlow_
I hope you have some great Lucid Dreams you will share. You can start a DJ in Dream Diary section.

If you have any questions about Lucid Dreams, or anything else, you can always ask people. This place is filled with friendly people who would like to help you.

Maybe you both want to try to join the quest from this moon in your next LD.
Unfold your wings and fly!
Flying is one of the simplest, but greatest experiences in dreams according to me.

:dream: Sweet dreams to both of you,
and off course also to all the other new people :content:

:wave: Shem

:handshake: marlow_


:welcome: Shem and marlow_
:unk: marlow_ 5 minutes then you join LD4all, I think you joined even faster than me :lol:
I hope you both enjoy being part of our LD4all community :grouphug:

YAY! Two new people…

Welcome marlow_!!! :happy:

/me waves to Shem and marlow_ :welcome:


Welcome Marlow_ and Shem :happy:




:lol: Wolf! That was…:unsure:I don’t think Fiver’s aroundrandom :razz:


My name is Katie and I’m new here :smile:

I don’t really practice lucid dreaming per se, but they do occur naturally for me from time to time. I find the whole topic interesting, but I lack commitment and am not self-disciplined as you would have to be :content: . My boyfriend introduced me to Lucid Dreaming a few years ago and is actually a regular here on the forums(let’s make it a game, try and guess :wink: )

I am currently a University student (finishing 2nd year) and I’m going on 20. I enjoy reading, music and I am acutally a singer.

Well I guess that’s about it. I don’t know what more to say! I’m looking forward to talking to you guys!


Welcome Katie :wave:

Hey, guys! :peek:

I just joined your forum, because i wanna find out more about LD and the stuff one can do while aware that one 's dreaming :cool_laugh: . I first heard of LD about a year ago and i’ve been trying to become lucid ever since.
I 've been recording my dreams for quite a while now (not regularly though, cause i don’t remember them every time :neutral: ) and i ‘m on my way to lucidity. :cool:
I’ ve been checking out the stuff available here on the forum and i have to say - keep up the good work, guys. :clap: :thumbs:

Welcome Katie, NuKhar (and everyone I haven’t welcomed so far for that matter)! :wave:

You’ll love this forum. :yes: