The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXI

Thanks :smile:
I really hope you forgive my loose mind,
I have a lot of mind trouble lately…

It’s okay. :hugs: I hope evrything is okay.

Thank you. :smile: That’s why I got so interested of LDing… I know for certain I already met my spirit guide, not in a dream, but in imagination, and I need his advice, but can’t seem to contact him through my imagination anymore…

Hi Matt, I’m Matt! :twirl: Welcome. You’ll like it here, it’s really fun. Sarah and Huey are cool peeps…Hope you can LD soon too, it sucks but I still can’t.

Aw… Don’t worry, I’m confident you will, eventually, I for once got to remember my whole dream today and start my new Dream Journal! :happy: I once had an LD but I got into the same trouble a lot of ppl get to, I woke up because I was excited…

Anyhows, I’m off to school… Cya guys later, very nice meeting you. :smile:

Hey Tywald, I’m from Sweden as well :smile: and yeah, wow, 4 LD’s a week! Are they spontaneous or do you use induction techniques? Congratulations on that, either way, it’s awesome.

And welcome to the board! :wave:

:welcome: Fredrik, Matt

I hope all the new members have a great time here! :happy:

Hello Matt!
Nice to see other swedes here.
I don’t use any tricks so it’s simply recognsizing i’m dreaming. In short DILD.

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:wave: hello DeadSource
it’s no problem if you make a mistake when posting, the mod team can quickly and easily move it to the correct place :boogie:
welcome to LD4all :welcome:
I’m sorry I missed your arrival but we have the nightshift welcomers when I’m not around :wink:

Hello! I have delurked :open_mouth:

Foobar Overview:
My first LD (that I specifically recall, at least) was at age 7, though I didn’t know there was a specific name for it then. I read ETWOLD in 1996, and have been working at it on and off since then. The past two years have been hectic, with nonstop school and starting a computer repair business, but my busy-ness has come down and mental energy available for LDing has returned :wink:

I’m blessed with a delightfully photographic memory. It’s rare that I don’t remember at least one dream per night. Of course, that’s annoying if said dream contained a blatant yet missed dreamsign! Without any effort I’ll have a spontaneous LD every other month or so (been that way ever since I was little). I’ve found taking an early evening nap when I’m tired often results in a lucid nap.

There’s another Foobar registered here, but they haven’t logged in for more a year. I don’t think my underscore will cause too much confusion.

I’ll post some dream journals later. See you all on the forum and IRC!

Hiya, I’m Matt! Hope you like it here, it’s pretty cool and the people are too. It’s weird, I’ve only been here for like 4 days and I’m already welcoming others. WARNING: This place can be extremely addictive.

Hi guys,
It´s nice to visit this topic from time to time and say hello to everyone, also to listen about other´s experiences in LDs and even NDs. I´m still trying to remember all of my dreams, I still remember a little amount of them. I will start my DJ in brief but I guess that I´ll start it with some NDs that I remember having while I was just a kid, and not so old ones. Unfortunatelly, I didn´t keep a DJ then so I can´t remember dates.
As The_Mat_boi said, this thing comes addictive (absolutely agree), and the mods are kewl guys. So enjoy it and express your self.

:welcome: Foobar_ and DeadSource! :wave:


I’m back! :razz:
Well, since this is a “Hi” topic, and I already said hi, any suggestions as to where should I go first?
<Try to narrow them down, I’m afraid I can’t handle a large selection… My head aches when I try>

Hello everyone :welcome:

Hi there! :smile:

I might tell a bit more about me later, but first of all I gotta open a thread about this amazing LD-experiment I´m in lately.

catch ya later :smile:

/me waves to Raftaman.

:wave: :welcome: :handshake:
:wave: :welcome: :handshake:
:wave: :welcome: :handshake:

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Welcome Raftaman :wave: