My own trance/meditation method... Jeff, do you know this?

Here’s another strange experience that I’ve made…
I have noticed that when I look in a mirror and concentrate on a freckle between my eyes, after a while my face starts to change shape. It’s not actually moving, but it’s just as if I was seeing it as if it was a stranger’s face.
After a while my vision seems to get wavey…
Also my face starts to look different in other ways. For example, sometimes my goatee seems to disappear, but when I move my eyes and look at it directly it’s back where it belongs again. :grin:

I have been doing this for a couple of years now, but not all that often. Do any of you know this, have you done something similar? Is it useful for self-hypnosis or just as a meditation technique?
Jeff, you seem to know so much, I bet you’ll have something to say. :content:


OMG, i just remembered! A few years ago I remember watching a story on 20/20 (a news show in america) and it was about out of body expieriences. This one guy whos an expert has this special room which is really dark and has a mirror, and he says looking in the mirror is a good was to have an OBE (if you do it right.) And barbara walters (may have been one of the other reporters) went into that room to try to have an OBE (but was unsuccesful). I would say your method is very good.

I have done this before…kinda.
I sometimes would be staring at my own reflection from maybe a couple of feet away from the mirror. As I stared, my own face would go blurry and I could see the features of all of my family in my own face. Like their faces would ‘morph’ with mine and I could see a definate family resemblance. That probably doesn’t make much sense!
I have also stared at my face in a mirror, in a darkened room!!! <–under candle-light only.
Yikes…you see all kinds of freaky images and your face changes into skeletons and monsters and other weird stuff.

Haven’t tried the close-up staring at freckles yet…maybe later when I have more time on my hands. Will report back to you then.

Well, I am not that close up, either, but the freckles give me something to concentrate on so my eyes don’t start moving again, know what I mean?


I found a little something online…have a look at it and see what you think of it.

.:confused:taring Method:. :wink:

sounds interesting, thanks for the link. hasn’t happened to me, yet, but i haven’t done it often enough, either, I guess.


By focusing on an object farther away you are shifting your focus away from your body and that is a good method. I’m interested to see what happens if anyone wishes to try that ‘staring method’.

I’ve done this before when i was really young.I would be half-awake and staring at a bunch of clothes that would be on my drawer.After staring at them for a while the clothes would turn in to dogs or people sitting on my drawers.I’d then realize that what I’m seeing isn’t really there,and then I’d see clothes again and wake up.

Usually when I do zen meditation, at certain point when Im just staring at nowhere and concentrating on everything, everything get’s wavey and objects start to disappear and reappear. You can’t say it’s a trance, but usually at this state your thinking stops completely. It is the none-thinking mind, the thinking becomes so deep, that you don’t even have to use word-kind of thinking to think. You just know what’s on your mind at that moment. By training this mind it will gradually become as your regural state of mind, and this is the state of mind is where the realization called “enlightenment” occures. This state of mind is called “hishiryo” consiousness in japan. It means “absolute thinking”.

If someone want’s to read more about it, check the link in my sig.

thanks for the info, Dead, I checked the link out. Sounds interesting, I think I will try it sometime. The problem is that I find it hard to look at ‘nothing’ because then my eyes move quite easily by themselves. It is easier when i have something to concentrate on.


hey, do you know any other sites with info? I’m really interested in this topic.

This is EXACTLY what you can expect if you practice the tratak technique. Some believe you can even see faces of your past lives.

Here’s a link with an explanation of this Eastern technique:

mystic… :thumbs:

First class linkage, dear.

~A little quote from the site which scared the heck out of me~

I gotta try THAT!

yeah, i still blink sometimes… but it’s strange, a lot of times a couple of minutes pass where i don’t blink simply because i don’t think of it, but instead concentrate so much. :content:


Don’t mind about your eyes moving, let them move where they move, they will calm down after a while. Concentrate on everything you see, and in time you will see everything around you clearly and your eyes wont strafe anymore.

I wouldn’t go for those kind of mirror things, you can go mad if you start to see different faces than your own and yet, if you don’t even see a face :smile:

Edit: Oh I just noticed when cheking that link out, that it drives the same purpose as the link in my sig, to see and realize your true nature and existance, it’s just a scarier way (when thinking about seeing different faces) :eek:

Well, my face has already looked different a bit… different forehead, no goatee, bigger eyes… all kinds of funny stuff. :grin:


Yeah I’m going to try this too, probably during the Easter holidays. But first I have to find a big mirror to place in my room…
Let us know if you don’t see your face anymore in the mirror :grin:

fabi, I’m doing this all the time and it always scares the hell out of me…
Fascinating that I’m not the only one doing this… :eh:

Yup…I’ll report back on any progress I made.

It’s going to be hard though…I tried it last night before turning in.

I lasted maybe only 5 minutes before I started to get impatient though.
The method seems to be easy to do…if you can handle doing nothing but looking at yourself in the mirror.

OK…Here’s what I seen in my first session.

  • My mothers face.
  • My face, but somehow I looked like one of the ape-like characters from Planet of the Apes. I had huge big old sad eyes too so it wasn’t too scary.
  • An alien-like appearance…like one of the characters from Star Trek…Klingons (or whatever).

I also thought I seen my reflection blink a couple of times, but no blinks on the real me…I think maybe that was my mind playing tricks on me though…it is impossible to ‘see’ yourself blink! lol

I tried the candle positioned in a few diffrent places.
The best spot for the visions seemed to be with the candle behind the mirror…so the face was pretty much in darkness but for a soft glow. I found the candle in front of the mirror (still out of the line of sight and not reflected) was too bright for seeing much.

:eek: Will persist with this…it was fun and easy to do.

i just finished my session, too. i don’t know how long i sat there. between 20 to 40 minutes i guess. i hardly blinked, too.
i saw a number of things:

  • myself whithout goatee, again
  • myself with a long black beard
  • a child’s face
  • a woman’s face

also, as numerous times before, after a while it seemed as if the world and my vision was inhaling and exhaling, ie expanding and getting back to normal again.

it was fun to do :content: