My own trance/meditation method... Jeff, do you know this?

:eek: heh, i have tried this before, but not on myself. I was too scared to do that :bored: I could actually see my friends face become “evil”, though he said that he could not see anything at all. After that, i have been scared of looking into the mirror when it is dark.

BUT! has anyone tried to do this exersice while LDing?

not yet. but that’s cause i haven’t had that many long and vivid LDs yet. So I still have a long list of things to do in my LDs.


Hey…I got a weird sensation like that.

As I inhaled my vision became very clear but as I exhaled the vision got sort of misty and clouded. I found that I had to concentrate a lot for my vision to be clear while both inhaling and exhaling.
How strange!

Woah! I gotta try this. Sounds like you guys are gettings some results. :cool:

When I was in India my Uncle gave me quie a few of these little booklets to read of Osho. I only read a few pages on the meditation books :sad: Should have read more.


:smile: Hi Fabi,

Yes I know it, you can also look into your eyes in the mirror and you see
after a while different faces in the mirror. Its a way to induce a light trance. Same with forehead because you fix at one point.
Looking into an other persons eyes its an all or nothing method used by hypnotist
in the old days to induce trance. I did it long ago and sometimes i still do it.
I also did this in my lucid dreams, I looked into a dream mirror
Then i looked myself deep into my eyes
and i succeeded to hypnotise myself in my dream, was fun.
Its easier in a dream because you are already in a suggestive mood
and much of your body is ofline already,

Walking through a mirror is also very wierd!
The first time i was in a different dream scenery.
The second time i was in a silver liquid, in witch I could c what i wanted to
see, everywhere around me. like a liquid tv screen all around me.
Third time when i walked through a dream mirror i saw a endless deep pit,
with a staircase above it spiraling down in to the pitch black deepness.

Always wierd walking through a dream mirror :smile:
So try if you can.


I will try walking through mirrors the next time i have a chance, jeff. Thanks for the suggestion. :smile:

I just sat infront of the mirror in my room for twenty minutes or so. It was fun. :content:
Maybe I’ll do it some more later on.


I tried the mirror gazing today for about 20 minutes in the bathroom (not the best place to do this… there was way too much light…).
After 5 minutes my face started to deform (first it appeared to be black, then turned into a babyface :smile: ). After 10-15 minutes I saw myself in complete negative. It was almost as if my whole body radiated distorted light and colours (kinda like an aura).
I told my mom about what I saw in that mirror. She looked at me and started to worry. “Please stop this nonsense before you begin to hallucinate. People in mental institutions do this kind of stuff. Are you one of them?” I should have known she was going to tell me that…

I too tried this last nite but not for that long. I have question, do u guys find that you can only concentrate on one eye in the mirror? Like not at both at the same time? Or is it just me :eh:



You people have really really great ideas!!!:)Just read up on all the posts and it seems fascinating:)Indeed something for such a freak like me:)Gonna grab my huge mirror from hall to my room and stare in it till i get insane,whoa…never thought theres and easy way:)
thx…i sure post about what i saw:)

I also heared about this technique (although not in connection to OBEs).I tried watching myself in the mirror, it really can get freaky to see your own face “morphing”.In fact, even if it wouldn’t change at all it would be freaky to stare at yourself, since you also get stared at…


Yes, I think this is the natural way and maybe the only way!
When you are looking someone else in the eye (or yourself in the mirror) you can only look at one eye at a time or scan from one eye to the other. Unless you are a freak and can take in two seperate visual stimuli at once.

:confused: Sorry if I offended any three, four or five eyed people out there.

:eek: Does the exercise actually ask you to stare into the eyes…or just at the face in general? Anyway, I think as long as you are staring at something on your face it should work. The method for OBE employs staring at an ‘object’ so any-which-way will do I guess.

i never got that thinking in words speaking to yourself stuff… i never think in word…thinking has always been hmmmmmm hard to explain… does anyone else know what I mean?

I think a lot of thinking goes on in words. i mean, just think about all the dialogs you have in your mind. other stuff might just be images and ‘movies’, but you are still not neutral to what you’re seeing, you are still evaluating the input you get. I think the wordless thinking he meant, might be a kind of thinking that is not even interpreting anymore, but just absorbing…


If you follow the exercise as been explained by Osho (the tratak mirror gazing) you must stare into your eyes. That’s what Osho says… but I think you’ll get some results too if you just stare at another part of your face :smile:

Exactly, you just are there, sitting and staring and you get these nice sensations in time to time and youre using more brain capacity, just like in a trance. You could say that you don’t have any kind of thinking, maybe a little backround thinking but it’s so deep that you barely notice it. Instead of your face morphing and blending into the backround, objects start to morph and blend into the backround and your field of visual gets vider and better, you can see 180 degrees almost without problems and you you see all in one. Hard to explain, you have to experience it :smile:

Whoa! That is an interesting subject to read about! I did that several times like one year ago or something, but I lost interest. I didn’t know that it can be used to induce an obe. I will try tonight to see if my face changed… and maybe if I’m in mood enough, I will try and induce an obe by that method. Hopefully it will work.

last night i tried it for the first time with hardly any light… it was really interesting, because my face/head did actually seem to disappear. There was enough light for me to see myself in the mirror, yet where my face was supposed to be, there was only darkness. :cool:
After a while everything turned black and I didn’t see anything anymore. kind of cool, actually. Also, when the flame moved, it seemed as if the whole room was moving and changing shape and stuff, it was really cool. :alien:


Starring at yourself or an object causes sensory adaptation in which you eyes’ visual neurons lose their ability to fire off chemicals temporarily and no more signals are sent to the brain. I do this sometimes while starring at a light bulb and I get tunnel vision to the point where I cannot see, although it is really hard to focus to get to that stage. I’m starting to use this method to calm raging thoughts before meditation, and it seems effective so far.

Pilot, your eyes have no “visual neurons”.

I actually posted this method about 5 months ago, but I don’t think anyone ever commented on it.

There is another technique that has interesting results and is good for focusing yourself. I posted this also, but can’t remember where. If you have a room in your house where the cieling is kind of “grainy”, you can lay on the ground, stare at an abnormality (for me, it is a hook in the cieling) that is relatively small but blends in with the cieling. The cieling will start to shift around it!

i have been thinking about something quite similar, but i can’t find a decent ceiling i’m afraid… :neutral:

But i’ll try it anyway.