My own trance/meditation method... Jeff, do you know this?

Thats right, it’s “ceiling”, not “cieling” :slight_smile: “i before e except after c”… It works really well on any chaotic-patterned ceiling. For a ceiling that is an array of polka dots that are ordered, it probably wouldn’t work. If the polka dots were small and chaotically ordered, it should work. Also, the same way you look at yourself in the mirror, you have to look at the ceiling that way.

I almost did it, but I freaked out… but anways here is my experience.

While I lay on my back, I stare at the wall for a very long time. My eyes start to feel heavier and heavier. I try my best to keep staring even though I have an urge feeling to close my eyes. I find my body becoming numb quickly and my mind becoming very quiet quickly. I find my eyes closing and a HI of white hammer quickly appears, about to strike me. I jerk. I find myself staring at the wall again. Then, the next thing I know is that I realize that I’m now seeing through my eyelids, so I try to “get” up. The vibration surges through my body. It freaks me out because it comes so quickly that I am snapped out of the trance. I find myself waking up in order to try again. I stare at the wall, but my arms are being cut off of blood’s supply so I am about to move when a stranger screams, “DON’T MOVE!” I smile evilly and elevate my left hand up to rebel. I sit up quickly and scream for no reasons. This stranger mumbles something under her breathe and goes back to sleep. I laugh loudly while I get comfortable to fall asleep on my back. I wake up, realizing that it WAS a FA so I decide to stare at the wall again, not to move at all. I find myself having a nasty throbbing headache so I roll over and fell asleep.

Then this afternoon, I decided to do staring thingy at the mirror. I ended up seeing void of myself as if I’m entirely black. Then… I got a gimplse of strong, elderly chinese/japanese man, a young girl (sad-looking), and then everything started to wave. All of a sudden, everything (including the small source of light) went out (black)… and then there is a strong purple aura around me, I almost see two purple beings standing by me. It was so deep purple that I almost thought I was passing out. Then my eyes dried out so much that I had to stop and blink. lol! :smile:

What do you think of it? :smile:

This will have to do for a coment right now: Far out, dude. :grin:

I did the mirror thing few times,sadly with no such spectacular effects like rest of you:(I think ive been doing it for about 20 minutes each time and all what happened were my eyes itching and soaking.Sometimes i saw black void instead of my face but in seconds from there i had to blink what caused vision to get back to normal.
Hmmmm,really dunno why i havent seen anything insane there,especially that i thought i would.I know some belief is required while doing such things so i allways put all my scepticism on the side.Dont really know why i dont get any results then.
Anyways…good luck for the rest:)

try it with really hardly ANY light at all. the darker the room, the better, and sooner, you’ll see results. the first time i did it in a nearyl dark room my face disappeared after only a few seconds.


I remember a few years ago, reading a book on witchcraft, sorcery, spells, and incantations. In it they used this mirror staring technique claiming that when you no longer see your face in the mirror, it is because your body has disappeared and you have become invisible to others . Just thought I’d mention it.

*the brains’, thanks for correcting me kmcdonald

Wizard, that is very interesting. I repeat, that is very interesting. That would be VERY nice if I can make myself invisible! Just imagine how much I can do if I’m invisible! Umm… :smile:

Lol dm7, you could give jeffo an invisible hug lol :happy:


gives Jeff an invisible hug SURPRISE!

Hi dm7 lol i am so busy lol with skating and friends that i still have to read your mail…i will do that after this post :smile:
Big lucid pirate hug for Dm7 T_T

Pilot did you know that monks in tibet sit in front for a ring of stone (stone donut) with a empty space in the centre and that they look at this little space in the centre of the ring for seven long years meditating the whole day!
They do it for learning to stay focussed at one point. It develops dmt in the brain and theta waves. It takes them 7 long years of sitting and just watch the whole day while meditating at that one spot. But after those 7 years they beat my ass in concetration lol damn if i had not cystic fybrosis i would have chosen to be a tibetan monk…no joke! :happy: Would fit me good!


I did this one day after smoking :bounce: one day with one of those curved magnifying mirrors. It scared the hell out of me, I kept seeing myself but not realizing it was myself, I didn’t look like me. It was very fun to see many people in this little mirror. I would have never thought to do this if I wasn’t stoned, so I give lots of credit to anyone who has done this on their own(especially Fabi for posting it). I think I’, going to go stare in a mirror now.