My recent WILD attempts and finds...

I’ve been attempting to LD since August. So far I’ve had 2 lucid dreams, all by accident. The first was kind of blurry and pretty short. The second was as realistic as it gets. The feelings, the smells and the laws of reality. No flying people or any wierd stuff like that. Lost my dream virginity as well. :wink:

Also, the entry to both the dreams had something to do with being woken up. For the first, I woke up on the floor of a hotel room. The second I was suddenly and violently dragged off of my bed, clawing and trying to get a grip, I could see the actual bed, then I hit a floor and opened my eyes to be in an orange room inside a museum.

I see all these people talking about how easy WILDing is with 5-6 hours of sleep. I find it quite difficult to even be motivated after 5-6 hours of sleep. Although I enjoy extremely vivid dreams when I fall asleep trying to WILD when I wake up. So I decide to dedicate my WILD attempts to just before I go to sleep for the first time that night. The farthest I can get is the sleep paralysis. That comes and goes and I return to my waking self. I don’t see any HI or any hallucinated audio during the entire experience either. Also, I can only achieve the right state of mind to reach SP through use of my MP3 player. As wierd as it sounds, the death metal I listen to keeps me focused and relaxed. I have made it so once I feel just about ready to enter SP, I turn off the music, so it doesn’t disturb me.

  1. What can I do to enter the dream once I hit SP?

Now here comes the wierd part. At least on 2 occasions I’ve had regular non-lucid dreams about lucid dreaming. I can tell it’s not a lucid dream because I have no control of my thoughts, movements or any feeling. The feeling is not that of my 2 previous lucid dreams where I get the euphoric feeling and being free to act and think as I like.
2) What is going on?

Before I got the idea of turning off my MP3 player just before I hit SP, I always left it on through the entire experience to keep me focused. I always wondered about hearing the music in the lucid dream. Which brings me to believe that a link between reality and the lucid dream can be created to which you can reach into the real world and change the “background music” in your lucid dream. I would love to listen to some Pantera while snowboarding down Mt. Everest.
3) Is this possible?

Hi Religicide.

  1. Go with the “flow of falling asleep”, (if that doesnt go when you do it in the evening, too bad, you probably have to do it with WBTB :razz:) or try to force a LD to open up by spinning and rolling your dreambody out of your bed. I wrote a guide on that here.

  2. Nothing, thats not unusual.

  3. Yes. There’s currently even a topic on finding out how effective sound is for inducing LD’s (in the Lab).

You have to remember to not think about what you have to do next…you dont have to do anything, let your body take care of it… Just let it flow, and when you feel yourself slipping try to either visualize a drem scene in front of your eyes, or try to ‘move’ into on (like the suggested ‘rolling’). Just let your concious slip little by little until you are almost gone…

Thanks for the advice. I’ll try that tonight.