mystic crusaders/ all are welcome to the study

this is a topic group which i will call the mystic crusaders.
a topic of which we will discuss certain studies about dreaming and compare our results also we can post questions tips or we can talk about a dream you had ect. anyone can post in here but to show dedication to this topic please put mystic crusaders below your user name where your rank is you dont have to though.
this will just show, you will continue to contribute to the topic.
there will be a few watchers of the topic we are not claiming superiority of the topic.
the watchers will just make sure the topic runs smoothly and will really be dedicated to the topic.
i am one watcher pokeyokey and knightdreamer are too im still looking for more if you are interested.
we are currently studying about dc’s and will eventually move on to the unconscious self.

the frist study for the topic is about dc’s. here is the general aim for the study and some questions we could ask this study is ment for the higher powered dc’s such as teachers watchers spirit guides and dream gods ect. . .

general aim:

  1. to see if dc’s can or will tell or teach us any useful information that we dont know to use in our waking life on earth as an individual or for mankind and to test that they can with a deck of cards or any other technique that you know of.

  2. to see if we can pinpoint dc’s by their eyes or if the different dc’s eyes have any meaning.

  3. to see if they can tell us more about themselves or the dream gods.

  4. dc’s can lie so we may want to ask the ones that dont lie…
    to figure out how to find the dc’s that wont lie with a technique maybe a deck of cards or something else.

  5. also we can find out which dc’s are real and how to identify each dc.


now for some questions we can ask aside from the questions Q wrote within her topic pokeyokey posted the link in page 3 of this topic. note you can put these questions in your own words.

  1. what is your purpose here, in this setting, or in my subconscious, in my unconscious, and in the dream realm? ect. .

  2. how many other realms are there?

  3. are you a spiritual guide? if so then ask… do you watch over me in my waking life on earth?

  4. can you or will you teach me anything?

  5. can you or will you teach me… (specify whatever you want the dc to teach you.)

  6. questions about dream gods…

A. can you or will you teach me anything about dream gods?

B. who are the dream gods?. . .

C. how many are there? and what is their purpose?

  1. (this is one technique i know of that might tell if a dc can tell you unknown knowledge or if they are telling the truth.)

(before you go to sleep shuffle a deck of cards and be sure you dont know the top card then go to sleep and when lucid and confronting a dc say.)

  • i have a deck of cards can or will you tell me what card is on top?

(most importantly ask about the eyes. i noticed dc’s have different looking eyes.)

  1. questions about the eyes…

A. do the eyes of dc’s have meanings?
if so,

B. what are the meanings for some of the individual type of eyes?

C. can i pinpoint a type of dc by their eyes?

D. if not, how can i discern the different types of dc’s?


any of ur suggestions for rules or any ideas for this topic would be great. i think maybe we should start with an experament i love those. any ideas or do u think we should start with something els. i always wanted to test the unconsciounce self on what it realy knows. i dont know just a thought. maybe we should start smaller like with dc’s what do u think.

Signing up…

ok knightdreamer ur in. let us know ur intrest’s on dreaming. also what u would like to know more of maybe we can help.

pokeyokey1 is in when ever he can show up he is a very dedicated dreamer for that he maybe a watcher. i would like to help with his book too. maybe we can do that here along with some other goals we will have. watchers will help the topic run smoothly like for one i cant come up with all this stuff my self so i need some help with guidelines or what not and such. the watchers i think should be the most dedicated and go above and beyond one post a week. thats what i have so far. any suggestions for anything ur help would be great. thanks to all who help in all this and the best of dreams to all.

In short the very topic of dreaming interests me. However i am more focused on the nature of dreams, the building blocks, the rules that govern the dream world and most importantly shared dreaming.

knightdreamer i tried to view ur profile but it said u were inactive or something. i wanted to now if u r guy or girl sorry ha. if i were to do a shared dream it would have to be with a male cuz with a girl that would not be good for me or my girlfriend unless they are family hope every one understands that. although im not going to get into shared dreaming just yet but i will some time soon… . . . other then that would u be interested in some experaments with dc’s or the unconsciounce or anything like that. we could compair what we find out.

guess u were too curious lol. That was a minor problem it’s solved now though. I wouldn’t mind part taking in your experiments just give me a detailed version of what we gonna do.

ok lets start with testing some dc’s then move on to the unconscious. i cant give u a link but if u have read or will read the topic testing the realness of dream characters in the lucid lab or u can find it within all my posts on my profile. it will be like that in a way. finding out what are all the different kinds of dc’s and seeing if their real, or someone that has past on or from a different universe hope ur open to that. ask them questions to find out what or who they really are if their part of ur subconscious or something else. also i would like to find out if we can pinpoint the different dc’s by their eyes. i have seen one with solid black eyes and heard of others with cat eyes, and swurls. i know there are more then that but have not seen or heard of any of them though. i will tell the types of dc’s in my next post and explain them the best i can. if u have any questions or suggestions let me know or just let me know what u think.

types of dc’s . . .

  1. the stupids. these are basic thought forms they will have a blank look on thier face and will have little or nothing to say. if u want rid of them so they dont get in the way u can say all thought forms disappear or be gone.

  2. hollows. i dont remember much except they dont really like to talk unless they have to and they may send messages to the subconscious im not sure though.

  3. helpers. these dc’s can help u with tasks and have a bit of power to them they will also talk to u.

  4. teachers and spirit guides. im not sure if u can say teachers are spirit guides or not but i think they play a simular role although i think sg’s could be either part of ur unconscious self or some other world i dont know ive been trying to contact my sg. any way teachers, well they can teach you things and have quite a bit of power and can give u very helpful info. or watchers. this type will protect u or just watch over u or observe u they have great power but i think they only use it when they have too mosty they just watch and may give u power but u probably wont realize it at the time i know they did that with me any way.

  1. dream gods. these dc’s are unknown except they could be good or bad and have a very great amount of power so be carefull when u see one.

well thats all i know so far if any one can give a better description on any type or think they have found a new one let us know. thank u have fun and best of dreams to you all.

I would love to be a part of the group. Thanks for having me.
I have a lot of ideas that I have been working on myself… some for the book i’m writing… others just to test out things in the dream world that I haven’t heard a lot about or experienced yet.

Most of the DC’s in my dreams are very active… as active as I am… but not to the point where they were guiding me or giving advice.
It happens quite a lot that they start out as someone I know and then eventually change into something faceless or start talking to me even though I can’t see them.
I have also encountered in one dream multiple levels of DCs.
Some who are there but don’t say or do anything and the others are quite active… I can ask them questions and they will usually answer. Where others just continue saying what they were saying or doing ignoring my question.
In one LD that I had my wife entered the room with another man and stood in the kitchen that was in my dream. Her face had a huge red rash on it and she looked scared. I asked her “Whats wrong” and she answered “You were screaming while you were sleeping and I couldn’t wake you up”. The other man disappeared around that time… almost as if he was just a watcher. I then decided after both disappeared for some reason to try and make a phone call. When I walked toward the phone hanging on the wall there was the dark shadow man (that i’ve encountered before) with a dog. I immediatly looked away ignoring them… hoping that they would disappear as well.
When I turned to look back there were 3 dogs now and they attacked me waking me up.

The dark shadow man doesn’t like me trying to control my dreams and comes every once and awhile. I know he is a part of me somehow but I never get the chance to talk to him or get rid of him… because usually when I see him he makes me wake up.

I know quite a lot about LD even though I haven’t been able to use all the technics myself… so I hope I can give as much advice as possible.

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thank u pokeyokey1 glad to have u and u helped me remember another type. the gaurdian or watcher i will edit my post above. as for the ones that change form i have seen them too but have not been able to talk to them so not sure what type to put them in or if they are thier own different type. as for the one with the dogs i have heard of some dc’s dont like it when ur lucid they could be a bad dream god or something cuz they most always can over power the lucid dreamer. not sure though just a thought. that was good stuff though keep the posts coming.

We should also think of a name for the team… we could also put it in our profiles or maybe even under our profile names so it shows up when we post.

What do you all think?

thats a good idea i thought dream team was a good name but i think we can get more creative then that so how about a vote and a list of possible names. i think um well not sure yet. any one have any idea’s.

If you can read this… then you most likely AREN’T dreaming.
Look away from the screen and look back just incase.
Has the text changed?
Then you’re awake.

I’ve been drinking a lot of water before I go to bed lately so that I can have chances like these.
Have to wake up and go to the bathroom.
Stay up a little longer and think about LD the whole time.
Use the WILD method when I lay down again.
Conciously think of what I want to do when I dream.

I’m sure you’ve heard of something like this before…
Maybe you’re just imagining that you’re reading this.

Maybe you’re sleeping?
Better check again.

i have heard of techs like that. i think im going to try the dild hands tech again. looking at my hands before bed and when i wake up in the middle of night and say to my self i will see my hands and realize im dream. repeat for about 5 min. then sleep. when u see ur hands in ur dream u know ur dreaming. this has worked more then once for me.

i dont remember much of my dream last night only that i was driveing a sports car through a back yard trying to get away from a bear i ran over some fences and made the car fly and then got stuck in a lots of missed dream sighns there but ha what can ya nothing on dc’s yet or any help with the book.

Like I said… with me the brakes usually don’t work.
Helped me with a LD once… but lately I don’t notice when the brakes dont work.

u know that might be helpfull for ur book cuz any time i drove a car in my dreams the brakes dont work right eather. there was one time when i was semi lucid where i was about to hit some one so i pushed on the brake and it went to the floor and did nothing then at the last second i said wow stop and really really wanted to stop so then it did.