mystic crusaders/ all are welcome to the study

I’ll probably join, but I want to know more about it, what is it you do exactly?

well as we are just starting out the possibilities are endless. to sum it up a bit this is a topic where a few people can stick together and study parts of dreaming and compare what we experience and discover in the dream about the current study right now we are studying dc’s next we will move on to the unconsciouse then after that maybe SD’s but we will see how things go. also we can give tips ask questions talk about a wierd dream we had ect… but the main point is for the studies the rest can come and go too though. we also have watcher which will help run this topic smoothly. you can be a watcher of the topic by being dedicated to this topic and posting the name mystic crusaders in your rank for show of dedication of the topic for now pokieokey and i are watchers. every thing else could be found on the first page of posts. as i said before we are just starting out not very much is set in stone yet. with that said i would love to hear questions suggestions idea’s or even debates. hope ur up for it and would be greatful to have u in the group. may u have the best of dreams.

i think i have found a great name for the group my girlfriend helped come up with it and i think it discribes the intentions and cause of the group with a name. what do u all think of. . . . . . . . . . . . mystic crusaders. look up the definitions of the words for the true meanings and let me know what u all think.

I like the name.
Couldn’t think of anything myself anyway.

My dream recall is kicking into high gear… so maybe i’ll be back to where I was before and start having LDs more frequently.

I spent about 4 hours playing black ops2 Zombies with a friend… and what do you know… I had a dream with zombies in it. It changed a whole lot… eventually there were no zombies anymore… just normal people.

Have any of you had a zombie dream? How about finding one in a LD?
There was a topic in the forum somewhere about zombies and what happens if you get bite by one… if you can turn others into zombies etc.

oh… btw…
Are you dreaming? Right now?
Do a reality check.

yes i have had a dream of zombies in a ld even. check out my dj on here i dont have all my ld’s in there but i will be posting all my ld’s in there from now on and nothing but my ld’s now. i have my personal dj for nd’s and ld’s. i have some nd’s in my dj on here but only in the any way check it out. i think the whole group should read each others dj’s on here it will get us up to speed with what each other are dreaming about well at least the ld’s lol. if they have a long dj or lots off dj’s we could at least read some or most. what do u all think is it a good idea.

alright i guess one vote is enough for me seeing as we dont have that many dedicated people on here yet. for a show of dedication i think we should show the team name on our rank under our user name like u said pokey okey. i have done this already as u can see. i will also change the tittle of the topic as well and replace dream team to mystic crusaders. oh and pokey okey i dont think my sister will have enough time to tend the needs of the team so u are 2nd in comand once u put the team name in ur rank. keep up the good work. 3rd is still open so lets see who gets it. pokey okey u will get say in who is 3rd too along with say of rules guidlines ect… u will be my right hand man for this group so i may have some tasks for u. i will also help with ur book as much as i can. let me know if ur up for this task. the odds could change however so again keep up the good . . . . . . . edit: there are no 3 in comand or what ever any more but there are watchers and yes pokeyokey is one

ill do it… lets start recruiting some more dreamers.
Ill try and think up some guidelines when I get a chance and pass them on to you for approval.

If there’s anything else… let me know.

I want to join.

So after a while of chained lds desperately pleading to my memory i finally got a chance on a personal task of mastering the mirrors. Here’s the account.


I dream spawned in my old house right around where my sister’s bedroom was. Then i remembered this was part of a chained LD and then i saw a really fat woman on the bed. So anyway i decided to go to the living room because i remembered a small mirror was there( about 11 * 9 inches). So i went up to the mirror and touched it with my two fingers with the thought of going through to the other side. Then suddenly just before i did there was an image of a young girl that looked really evil, baring teeth and all. However it was too late to stop myself so in 2 seconds i was on the other side. It was terribly dark and I could barely see what was infront of me. I called out for light and clarity and after a while it came. Just as it cleared up that girl came back again and attacked me. Just then I thought of restraining her so i could question her about some stuff that i could report back to the team. Unfortunately she wasn’t very compliant and was trying hard to kill me so i got fed up, lifted her up by a leg and smashed her all over the place. It was a disturbing sight, blood and organs everywhere. Seeing that was done i woke to take note of everything.

I’m interested in joining. So, basically the group is just about studying certain things in dreams, and what you’re studying right now are dream characters? This sounds like something I feel like doing.

well pokeyokey and mask pretty much summed that up for me about the seriously thing. take a look at the chronicalers their group is simular to this one and i hope sometime maybe this group can make it to its own member group on this site. for now this group is just starting out and i want other people in it to have some say on how it will go. any way thats enough of that… . . . . satan me and pokie okey talked and u are in. . . . mask i did invite u here i say yes but has to go through pokie okey too. i have talked with him about u before so i dont think it will be a prob. . . . . . . . . . . . . . edit: this topic will not be an official usergroup

night dreamer that was an interesting ld u had thanks for sharing. i too had an ld but got distracted then got woke up. . . . . i was on a boat in the water and i saw alot of other boats in the water. about 20 yards from my boat i saw a dock. then i started to sing the song rock u like a hurricane to keep my awareness and to prepare myself to create and summon. i started with the water that was in between my boat and the dock and turned that part of the water into grass. after that i hopped off the boat onto the grass. i was about to create a door so i can summon my sg but i was distracted by a white rabbit that hopped with two legs and said follow me. i was interested in what the rabbit wanted to show me so i stopped singing and followed him instead. then he led me to a village. i flew ontop of a roof then i recognized the village from another dream but this time there were no people any where. then the rabbit said come on and he started hopping down a path on a small bridge. i followed him by flying over the bridge. he started hopping threw an obstacle course that went up so i flew up with him. he stopped at a floating wierd looking cow and said something like do you want to have a cup of its milk it will give you power. i took a drink of some milk but while i was drinking my heater turned on and woke me up. oh well hope i have better luck next

I gotta stop playing Black Ops2 Zombies…
I had another Zombie dream last night… and I think because of the game that I miss dream signs.

No one should judge anyone by their LD count… it has nothing to do with their knowledge of LD or of their abilities.
I use myself as an example. I started learning about LD about 5 years ago. I’ve kept up the reading about the topic… read LaBerges (sp?) book… have a couple other books on the subject including suppliments and other aids.

Any smokers here?
I recently talked to a friend who was trying to quit smoking using the patch.
Apparently he has been have a massive amount of vivid dreams (he hasn’t had an LD… yet) and supposedly there is something on the box listing Lucid Dreaming as a side effect.

Planing on putting it to the test myself… been wanting to quit smoking for awhile.
If anyone is interested in using suppliments be my guest… haven’t had any luck with it but a lot of people say that it helps.

What kind of methods do YOU use when trying to have a LD?

If my text looks a lttile fnuny… mybae yuor deramnig?

i have used the patch before years ago to quit smoking did not work for me lol. however it did give really vivid dreams and i did get one ld not even trying to. one of the side effects is vivid dreams though u can get an ld from them. i would not recommend using the patch just for the vivid dreams but thats just me i dont judge though. i have done stuff like that too like when i drink double strength double caffiene rockstar drinks during the day i find its much easier to get lucid when i sleep probably from the crash or the b vitamins idk. a lot of the stuff that u eat drink or take i think is kind of bad for u specially before bed. like i said ive done stuff like that i even heard once to take a spoon full of mustard and eat a pickle before bed would help to have vivid dreams and get lucid. so i did it and yuk tastes gross but it worked. any way now i prefer to do it natural with techs. i do still drink rockstars though but because i like them. lately ive been doing the hands tech and the wild tech in the same night and its been working great i had 2 ld’s this week.

i talked again with pokeyokey. mask is in i will add to the list

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I had an extremely vivid normal dream last night that turned into a lucid dream ( details in my DJ, link is in sig). My dreams are normally quite vague, even the lucid ones, so I think the fact that I drank something with a lot of Vitamin C in it before bed might have had something to do with it. :happy: I intend to test this out somewhere later in the week by drinking it again. Also, I observed something about dream characters. It seems that their emotions are very extreme, like the sadism of the rednecks in one of my dreams, and the extreme attraction the girl that sat next to me in the dream had to me.

That might be good for the subconscious section that we are gonna do (right?)
I noticed sometimes in my dreams when I get in a fight with someone that instead of me not being able to hit them hard (like it used to be) I hit them really hard.
For some reason they don’t do anything lately.
I just keep hitting them and hitting them but they just take it.
One time I was going through a drive thru and some guy behind me rammed into my truck (I don’t have a truck… but in my dream I did)
I got out and for some reason had a hammer and started wailing on the guy.
I kept hitting him and hitting him but it wasnt doing anything…
All of a sudden he pulled a nail out of his pocket and held it to his head… beckoning me to hammer the nail into his brain.
All of a sudden I realized that he WANTED me to hurt him.
I almost went lucid realizing this and since then haven’t really experienced anything like it.

Maybe a part of me was fighting against myself? Wanting to hurt myself and at the same time wanting to be hurt.
Loving my torture.

Maybe there’s something hidden inside of you Satan… just waiting for you to figure out.

Yuor Deramnig

wkae up

those hostile dc’s could be part of you they could also be dream gods since every thing you threw at them had no effect and they had great power. i dont know though i have encountered such dc’s before too but they had pig heads like in one of the duke nuke em video game for ps. i havent played that game for yrs but i had that dream recently. i tried punching them because they were hurting my friends in the dream not real life friends though. no matter what i did they did not budge. i think when encountering these dc’s we should ask more questions like reveal yourself. find out what they really are and what they want or what they are there for ect. . . the key to this dc study is to ask questions and get answers. . . . . in other news i sent a pm to Q to make an arrangement or something on how i would go about making this group an official user group on this site or if its possible i am waiting for her response i will let ya all know what happends lets hope for the best. every thing else is ok in this topic i have talked with greendragon and made sure.

There’s a lot of great info in the forums about DCs (among many other informative stuff) Look around if you haven’t already or if you don’t know much about DCs

That’s a good link to check out.

Tonight you will sleep and you will dream
You will have a lucid dream
when you wake up in the morning
you will remember everything.