Nap to LD

Ok…I want to start napping in the afternoon to have LDs. I’ve heard that you have a higher success rate, and plus, you don’t have to wait for 4 hours of no dreams to go by. Including NREM. So, I was wondering if any of you have done this before… Am I supposed to induce it normally like counting or something? If so…I should be having tons of LDs :smile: I usually come home tired and wanting to sleep.

Any info and help would be appreciated. :content:

little add on. if u know about napping LDs…i have another question.

lets say I go to bed usually around 9:30 - 10:00 PM normal time. If I took a nap at 7:00ish and woke up when I usually go to bed, would that work? or is that too late to nap…

once again…answers will be appreciated. thanks in advance!

Napping is a little hit and miss for me. Mostly because I seldom have time to practice it I think. However, last week I had 4 lucid dreams with a nap. I slept for about 41/2 hours. The dreams were very vivid and long.

I posted a little about my experience here.

I second that question. I take naps all the time, and I have the most success in having an LD when I can fall asleep in the 4pm hour. I am sometimes hesitant to take a nap at an hour nearing a normal “bedtime”, like anything after 8pm (even tho I generally go to bed in the AM hours). Can you still quickly enter REM past a certain hour? Is there a cut off hour for taking naps? I know there are more efficient times of day for meditating. Body cycles or something like that… So why is it that when you go to bed regularly it takes 4 and a half hours almost for REM, and a daytime nap no time at all. Where is the line?

im going to have to say im in the same boat with robotFrank. I wonder that too. :smile: I dont even get why naps work for LDs…I would think that you still have to wait 4 hours of no dreams. but i guess not?

this is for milod789:

Ok…let me get this straight. The WILD method you use is just picturing yourself going in to a dream? I dunno if that would work for me. Do you think that the counting WILD would work for a daytime nap? I dont know because that might keep soembody too concious…and that adds on to you already going through a day and having so much energy [if that makes sense].

Im going to try napping tomorrow…and see what I get. I’ll try the counting method and fall asleep in the 4 pm or after dinner. so yeah…thx all…and milod…please respond :smile:

No I don’t visualize myself being pulled into the dream. I just observe the HI in my mind and the dream pules me in.

I agree with you about counting. Personally I don’t use counting that much for the reasons you stated.

ok…sorry for the questions…but what i do is just concentrate on what I see in HI…and i will be dragged in a dream? or…do i look at the HI…and picture myself in a dream…im confused. lol

Basically yes but, you do not want to get to involved with them or think about them. Just observe what is going on. Alternatively, You can just visualize a simple object or symbol. You will start to see HI forming but don’t pay much attention to them just be aware of them you stay focused on your visualization.

I for got to mention with counting. When I use it I just count until I start to generate HI then stop counting and switch my focus to HI.

Another I technique I found works pretty good is to put your self into a state of relaxation then imagine your self spinning you will go into a trance very quickly. Then just keep spinning until you realize you are dreaming. Dm7 taught me that one. You can do the same thing with falling.

Hope I made things a little more clear. I am very tired right now so I hope I am making sense.

crystal clear :smile: thanks a bunch milod! ill try napping tomorrow…i didint get to today. ill also try your last method posted when i WBTB at night.

I usually cannot fall asleep in daytime, because it is awfully light in the room. But sometimes I had WILDs at about 1 p.m. And it was either without any techniques at all (just waiting until I am pulled into a dream), or by counting (it fact, it was the only case when counting worked with me).