Need Help with SSILD

Twice during the last year I picked up lucid dreaming again and began with SSILD. Both times I achieved multiple LD’s and full lucidity and many other things but it only lasted a week and then SSILD just stopped doing anything.

With this initial success compared to extremely meager success with WILD and MILD and DILD, I know there’s something to SSILD as a more direct route.

How can I tweak it to begin to achieve results again?

(I’m still practicing MILD as a foundation during the rest of my time)

I think that the difference(direct route as you called it) between MILD and WILD vs. SSILD is that the SSILD is more active technique which actually helps you in becoming lucid. Not even one WILD tutorial has anything suggested that would keep you active as SSILD do, on a contrary it says to stay calm, not to move, passively observe and so on and on and many dreamers struggle with that because they either don’t feel anything or they fall asleep when through SSILD there are suggested actions which will keep you awake and conscious enough to go through this.

Although it’s the same as with WILD you need to find the silver line but why it stopped to work for you I can’t say, must be that you change something, either in the technique or something in your life, something in your routine, or you just don’t feel as motivated as you felt at the beginning. I really don’t know.

Reading over the instructions again, I think I keep forgetting to do it lazily and don’t let myself half fall asleep sometimes. It has worked when I have only gotten through half of it. Sometimes I only do the quick cycles and wake up an hour or two later thinking it failed. Then only to have and LD after that. A few times it let to a WILD accidentally/spontaneously. I literally summoned a dream around me once with a wave of my hands after SSILD. Another time I was in a place with several exits and I would walk into the exits to intentionally have a LD. I was able to fly, meditate, and talk to dream characters. I had not had anything near to those experiences until I began SSILD.

I did completely stop doing MILD and other work when SSILD began working, maybe I need that foundation for it to work.

I have also had some minor health problems that affect sleep, that could be it too.

That’s how it goes with dreams, sometimes some things work and the other times they don’t. But it’s nothing to feel discourage about.

I have a topic already written just about this whether to do MILD when doing other techniques too. I compared MILD with WILD but SSILD is practically WILD in the sense so I think that it applies to this discussion too.

Here’s the topic, read it and share you thoughts!

My next experiment with SSILD is to begin quick cycles and progressively slow the cycles until I sleep. Kind of a priming and attempt at WILD through SSILD.

I now think that SSILD is simply a technique that induces much greater awareness in dreams. But is not a dependable technique on its own, with exceptions. I think this is why I had such powerful results with it the first two weeks I used it. And then it all just dropped off. I stopped MILD and WILD work thinking that I found the holy grail of LDing.

I feel that SSILD is an enhancer like the LD herbal supplememts (which only give me a horrible fog). It’s a boost, not a replacement for the fundamentally established techniques.