new idea, chatroom with voice communication

Ok folks, i have just thought of the coolest thing, but it’s probably been done before, i thought what if we were to all use msn messenger, trillian or yahoo messenger and make a private chatroom where you can come in and talk using a microphone or type, and talk about LD and OBE

I think coming in and talking every now and then or even everyday will probably make you have Lucid Dreams

who thinks that’s a good idea

Why will that induce lucid dreams? It’s just like a chat room although slower and with only one person speaking at the same time.

There are already some people listening to the chatroom converstaions through mirc speech, but it would be cool to hear real voices! If I only could speak english decently…:cool:

I think it would be a neat feature but, I do not see how it would help with lucid dreaming though.

okay, firstly i don’t like the chatroom here at ld4all, i find it slow, it was a nice idea but it is not very sophisticated, you cannot use a microphone which is ashame, but connection throug a chat client like yahoo messenger or others will be much better and easier.

Now quite a while ago there was a thread about how some guy went over to his friends house and they were lying on their bed and listening to some music and chatting away for a few hours about lucid dreaming. Then the friend decided to stay over for the night and had a lucid dream. He thought it was a good idea to chat for a few hours with a friend who also believes in lucid dreaming and then it might trigger a LD. So i thought by talking about them on a voice chat program may induce them even if it does not work for everyone, at least it will be a better program to connect to than the chatrooom, still who ever designed the chat room here, i thank you for that, but i am just saying it is better if we could talk in a voice chat client. It’s so easy to setup, i could be talking within a few minutes with you all. Except my microphone is broken, but i am buying one soon so in the mean time i can type.

Anyway this is for r3m0t who said chat rooms are slow and only one person can speak at a time.

Well r3m0t chatrooms are very quick especially the one in yahoo, you can all type away together at the same time and speak on the mic. You can also open up a private chat and talk together and then drop back in to the main chat window and talk with everyone at the same time. Of course you speak, then the other guy speaks, when you are on the mic like in a phone call.

I think this would work and we should try it.

Make your mind up.

On the public chat, only one person can talk (as in audio) at a time. Also, with audio you can’t look back at what people said.

I have already made my mind up

I said that the the chat room here at ld4all is slow not chatrooms as in chat clients like yahoo messenger or at least that’s what i meant.

Yes in chatrooms like on yahoo, when you speak on a microphone only one can speak at a time but someone can butt in and talk, and of course with audio you can’t look back at what people said.
But i believe that when you write things, you do remember them more easily. But when i see something visually or hear something those things are what pop into my dreams more easily than something that i have read or written. So i just think that talking on the mic would be better, we have to at least try it, you don’t have to chat on the mic you can type while somebody talks or vice versa, or just type away with somebody else.

That is a good point.


You are going to have the ld4all chat addicts rain fire down on you for that one. :smile:

I don’t think the chat room here is all that bad. It probably seems slow to you because it seems like lots of people chat privately most of the time rather then in public.

Sure adding audio to it might make it more fun. Perhaps I will finally learn how to pronounce Siiw’s name. :lol:

While it would make things better it also does have some drawbacks. While many people here can type in English quite well, speaking it is another matter altogether.

Also, perhaps not everyone has a computer capable of participating in the audio chat. I have talked with some people here who are still using very old computers.

Also, what would it cost be? Q has provided us with this awesome forum for free!

I know you feel strongly about this but, you sound almost hostile. I am sure Q appreciates input and suggestions but, you do not need to insult people to get your point across. Just remember the next time you feel the need to criticize that this forum and the chat is FREE.

Now, overall I think your idea is a good one. So long as everyone will still be able to participate and it does not make things more confusing.

Different people, different taste. That’s why there are so many different chatrooms. I’m a total addict, though. :cool:

I am sure you can do it better than that mirc speech does. I had to change it to “sieve” in the lexicon.

The chatroom itself isn’t slow. It might be you were using a slow client, or you might have been in at an idle time. The stats page for the channel will show when it is most active.

It would be fun to be able to talk to someone from in here in a voice chat, at least if the language barrier isn’t too great. It could maybe be possible for people to discuss a scheduled meeting time here or in the chatroom?

Trillian is a free voice chat program for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It allows chat rooms with many people in.

Edit: Meant Skype.

I understand that the software for the chat is free but is there a cost to setting up and maintaining the chat room its self?

I think it will be interesting an thing to try. If it does not work then we could always go back to the old chat room.

So long as people can understand each other and it is not a lot of work for Q to set up.

Perhaps you should PM on of the mods about your idea and see what kind of response you get.

No, it’s all free. We can start one with no work at all.

I’m not sure that we can actually “reserve” a channel, or have operators on it, but I don’t think that’s important at the moment.

Same for Yahoo.

Be sure to PM a chat mod, not any normal one.

If it is all free then that’s cool. :cool:

Hey milod789

Why do i have to be sure to PM a chat mod, not any normal one?

Chatting in yahoo should have nothing to do with the mods here.
I use to use yahoo chat rooms a lot to speak with my cousin and friends, it is very easy to use, i just login with my username and password which is free to obtain and takes only a few mins to get direct from yahoo and then i log in and create my own room which is better than reserving. Then i allow either private or public access, it would be better to have private access with a username and password posted here so only Lucid dreamers can log in, then were set. If i log off then the room will close but that doesn’t matter we can all open a room one for each day of the week. and we can take it in turns who will keep one open each day. theres no charges nothing, it’s free and it would be so cool.

I said that, not milod.

The chat mod list is here. They are responsible for the chat. (Most of) the forum mods aren’t.

oh yeah it was you r3m0t, my mistake sorry.

but you still didn’t answer my question Why do i have to be sure to PM a chat mod, not any normal one?

I shouldn’t have to PM anyone as they have nothing to do with it, i can just go freely and create a chatroom using a chat client like yahoo messenger.

If you want it to be “official”, to get this topic a sticky, to have an announcement done, etc… you’ll want a mod. :smile:

Chat mods can’t do that, even in the chat section. You need a real mod :tongue:

Ld4all is owned by Q so if you want a voice ld4all chat you need Q’s permission to use ld4all. That is why I thought you would need the help of a mod. As siiw mentioned approaching a forum mod would be your best bet. Hopefully, it can be set up in a way where you do not have to create a new chat room everyday.

Ok i have looked at that list posted on the first page of this thread, and i cannot find how to contact Q the owner of LD4all.

Is Q also known as pasQuale, if it is he does not have an email address link in that email, so how can i contact him?

also milod789 I don’t need to create a chatroom on Yahoo everyday, just once and when i log out the room stays there but no one can connect to it while i am not online.
But of course it would be better if there was a way that it could stay while i am offline, but the only way i see that happening is if somebody else creates a room while i am offline, but if we get a sticky and an offical annoucement done then i am sure people would make an extra room while i am not online. But to tell you the truth, this was just an idea, and i have not got much time to be online.