New lucid induction method

I think I may have stumbled opon a new method of lucid induction. I had 2 lucid dreams in one night doing this :unk: :woo:! What you do is while you are falling asleep when ever you get a random thought (or you can prompt one, such as… flying, sex etc) you then treat this thought as a dream. After doing this, you then manipulate this thought as if you were lucid in the situation you have created. You would then fall asleep doing this, and 90 minutes later you become lucid. Also, what’s weird is that when you become lucid in your dream, there is obviously a realization, but you start the dream being lucid. This is an actually entertaining way to fall asleep, and pretty much any one with at least a sliver of imagination can do it.

I am going to try it again, and see if it wasn’t just a fluke/coincidence. Please, if you can, give it a shot and get back to me if it works or not.

Sounds good to me. I’m gonna try it tonight and get back to you.

Sounds interesting.

I’ll try it tonight… I’m fairly sleepy right now. :razz:

sound good, ill try it.

This sounds like dream incubation, or a variation of CDILD, and it’s indeed an interesting technique, because it’s much easier to fall asleep while visualising something entertaining instead of counting to infinity… I’ll try it, but just one question: do you actually incubate a dream, or you became lucid in another random dream?

I did not “incubate” a dream (If your looking for a method to incubate a dream I used auto suggestion, also this is the only way that I have gotten lucid intentionally) although i have incubated one before. In the LDs that I had from my “method”, I was in a semi-state of consciousness. I could not completely control the dreams scape, only warp it due to the lack of total realization.

Yeeeeeeeeeah, so i tryed it 2 more times and it failed… If it worked for you guys get back to me. On another note, I do believe I caused those dreams to happed that night, rather than it being a total coincodence. My “method” took place in the greater scheme of what happend that night. Again, (sorry) I would appreciate if you guys could help shed some light on this.